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Breville Tea Maker BTM800

Breville Tea Maker BTM800

3.5 from 39 reviews

love it

We have had ours for about 5 and half years now, use it every day, sometimes up to 6 times a day on my days off. Set it every night so I wake up to a fresh pot of tea. Use it for black teas as well as green. Yes expensive but if you like a perfect cup of tea then its worth every cent.
It has moved house with us 3 times from the remote desert back to Perth.

Date PurchasedJan 2012

Unproved stainless steel material, bought two and both stop working in 1 year

First of all it is not durable, it is not cheap but stop working in 1 year. I bought the second one and the same happened.

When the second one broke down, I read the instruction and package in details and surprisingly found that there was no description of the stainless steel material it use. In cookware industry, all stainless steel for food and water consumption should be made of 304 food grade stainless steel (the very least requirement).

I wrote to Breville, and the staff member ensured me that the jug was made of 304 stainless steel but was unable to provide any proves, including factory certificate. I then lodged a complaint to NSW Fair Trading and a manager from Breville produced a certificate about electronic parts, without a single word mentioning its stainless steel material.

I was told by NSW Fair Trading that if Breville do not mention 304 stainless steel in their products, there will be no case for misrepresentation.

Do you know industrial stainless steel is harmful and I am using it in the past two years for my kid?

Truly ugly and irresponsible.

I can produce all emails if anyone have enquires.

Date PurchasedJan 2017

Great concept. Limited practical use

The product works as intended and does brew herbal teas very well at different temperatures. When brewing aromatic teas such as Japanese sencha, much of the aroma escapes from the spout of the tea pot. For very strong teas, such as Earl Gray, the tea pot retains the smell of the bermagot.

After 3 years of ownership, I find that I mainly use it as a variable temperature tea pot, for which it does a great job. I will then use a Japanese teapot to brew the tea. I do find that it is useful for tea-parties and brewing large volumes of tea and ensuring that I don’t forget to take out the leaves.

Date PurchasedMar 2014

Great until it broke

I've had this tea maker for about 3 years and while it worked I thoroughly enjoyed great quality teas.

The problem is now my base has decided to give up. I've contacted the Breville customer service number and was shocked to hear to replace the base there's a cost of $140.40!! Not only am I surprised considering I'm better off purchasing a complete new unit, I was told that I would need to wait for two weeks for the part to arrive in the mail while Breville transition to a new warehousing supplier of some kind.

So I now have to pay $140 to wait two weeks for a part to arrive, to replace a part that is known to be of poor quality (based on other reviews on this website). All other kettles i've used have never given up on me.....ever. For the price I paid for this unit I expect more and received less in terms of quality and reliability.

I don't think I'll be purchasing another expensive Breville item in the fear it will break in 2-3 years time and it will become a throw-away item - just like it seems has happened to so many people here.

Date PurchasedOct 2014

5 Years+, 3 pots per days, sadly its died.

My drug of choice is Tea, our BTM800 has been my main supplier for over 5 years without a problem until it gave up this week.
Roughly 5000+ pots, never a problem.
We rarely gave it a good clean, some good solid rinses after using a Tea which left a flavour behind. The basket got a more regular clean but never sparkling.
Great machine, now to find a replacement!

Date PurchasedOct 2012

Love it!

I simply LOVE this! I actually use it every single day, it keeps the tea warm, you can set it to do it automatically in the morning so you have tea ready in the morning. I love it and I don't think I can go back to the normal kettle. The ONLY downside to this is cleaning it.. it's not a cleaning-friendly!

Date PurchasedDec 2016

Excellent tea pot.

We are big tea drinkers and we find this tea pot very useful, you just put in the water add the little basket with the tea leaves & press the buttons to control the water temperature and the infusion time and nothing else to do. You can also use it to just boil water and I find it easy to clean.

Date PurchasedMay 2017

Green tea / hot water - does a great job

I drink a lot of green tea and prefer warm water. This unit still functions great after nearly 2 years of daily usage several times a day! Boils water in a jiffy and makes tea at the desired temperature. The keep warm button does not keep warm for too long however and at times the controls gets erratic - the basket lowers and raises continuously until I hit the cancel button and reset the whole thing. Unit will operate fine for a while and then for no reason go through this defective cycle that requires resetting again! But as long as I'm able to defeat this function blip I'm happy. Experience has taught me not to not pour the water completely out of the unit just after boiling or the bottom of the pot will get stained/burnt. When this happens, I simply get it back to shiny new with one of those magic eraser sponges!

Date PurchasedAug 2015

Excellent product, been solid for 5 years

We have been using the tea maker on average twice a day for the last five years. I have found it to be solidly built and its been working perfectly since purchase. My only criticism of the product would be if the warmer function lasted for more than 1 hour.

Date PurchasedMar 2012

Amazing Appliance

I don't usually like gadgets, but because I'm a big tea lover my kids got this for me for Mother's Day. I've had it for 2 years, no problems at all. Best features are that it doesn't over brew or "stew" the tea, also the keep warm feature. Love it and use it every day.

Date PurchasedMay 2015

Breville make some great products

Perfect cup every time. More than one cup, with 'keep warm', the second is as good as the first (not over stewed). Wake in the morning to a fresh pot, ready to pour. Had to up the brew time from the default, but this was easily changed. The unit gets heavy use also boilling water for coffee, milo, bag herbal infusions and cooking hot water.

Date PurchasedDec 2011

Works as specified, but not durable and unrepairable

Have 2 of the the tea maker in 2 years. It works functionally as per specification, but both base plate units die after a year. The base plate unit is non repairable and has to be replaced as a whole. The second one has been used as a kettle only and not for making tea.

Currently ordered a replacement base plate. This comes as a spare part and the warranty is only 3 months. If this new plate dies again within a year, will never buy it again.

Date PurchasedOct 2014
Hi Peter - the design team receives these notifications and appreciates feedback. Thanks, the Breville teamWhat I expect the tea maker controller should at least be able to use as a normal kettle if the tea maker functionality is down. It happens that it just dies with no apparent reason. As The second one we used it only as a kettle and made tea very occasionally, it should last as long as other Brevilke kettle.

Two Breville Tea Makers quit working.

I really loved this tea maker, for its ease of use and it makes a wonderful pot of tea. The problem? It has a very limited life span. This is the second Breville Tea Maker that I had purchased. The first one lasted 2 years, the second purchase lasted 8 months. It did get heavy use, every day a great pot of tea. When the first one broke, I thought it was a fluke, so I bought a second tea maker. Just as with the first tea maker, it was cleaned as often as instructed, I was always careful never get the heating unit or bottom of carafe wet, and I even hand washed the basket. Emptied and rinsed the jug daily. Since I have several Breville products, and I am happy with all of them, I was, needless to say, very disappointed. Yes the warranty will cover the second tea maker, but what about the next one. How long will the third one last? Sorry, Breville, fool me once, etc.

Replacement still working

Every time I see that 5000+ people read my original review that the kettle stopped working I feel bad because I did get a replacement and that one is still working fine. I love all the different teas that it makes. Tannin stains don't look the best but I don't think they affect the flavour very much and if I were a fussier person I would use vinegar or a kettle cleaner more often. We have a water filter on our tap so lime and scale build up are not a problem. I note that some more recent standard looking kettle seem to offer a variety of temperatures but don't match being able to use loose tea and being able to keep the tea warm for up to half an hour. Very helpful if one starts to make tea and then wanders off to do something else or if there is more than one person likely to have a cuppa.

Best thing i ever purchased

My wife and I bought this unit back in Nov 2010 and have used it 7 days a week ever since. It makes the same cup of Tea time after time and if anything I love this Tea Maker more now than the day we purchased it. Some light cleaning every-now and then to keep the tannin stains under control is all that's required. It's been bullet proof and has hopefully many more cups of tea ahead of it. I've even been thinking of buying a second one just in case!

just perfect

not only looks, it is the best tea maker. The settings are vast and helpful. It is well designed to be a beautiful piece in the kitchen and has the best flavor and taste outcome you seek in a soothing cup of tea
I freakin love it !

Broken after 2years

Same story as with others, was great while working, still love it, still remember taste of tea, but only two years for this price, that's not good !?? There must be some very specific technical issue or production problem. Go dead timing is too regular. Would like to hear from people who successfully replaced it.

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Hi Richswie - our customer service team can advise local service agents if that's of interest. Please call 1300139698. Thanks, the Breville team

broke just after warranty ended

I would suggest the review is on Breville its self. The Tea maker lasted only 2 years, and like so many others in this review, it just stopped working. Breville staff gave a corteous, "too bad, its just out of warranty. There is nothing we can do". Well, if I have time I will follow up with Choice for their opinion. As somebody mentioned, very expensive cups of tea!

Perfect tea maker

We are tea lover and this tea maker provides the best quality tea with natural taste and aroma. It has various options to match individuals taste and preference. In spite of various functions it is easy to use. Most importantly it is safe and easy to clean. We r really happy with this product.

For the serious tea drinker.

I read all the bad reviews but decided to have a punt because there just isn't anything with the same specifications on the market. So far it has delivered everything it has promised. If you and your friends are big tea drinkers this is for you, as long as you all drink the same tea. Simply fill it up take it out to the BBQ, plug it in, press the button and "hey presto!" You have 1.5 litres of tea at 80 deg C for as long as you want (just press the "keep warm" button once an hour). It will stay at the same strength and give you the perfect cup of tea until you run out. No tea cosies, no super strong dregs, no constant refilling. A thermostat and a plunging basket in a jug, what a clever idea, as good as wheels on a suitcase. I will let you know how it lasts.

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It seems to be stuck in the basket cycle. How do I get it to grew?
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I have had my Breville Tea Maker for years and all of a sudden it doesn't turn on? Can you help or advise please.
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Mt tea maker has mostly been used to boil water however it now appears stuck on the brewing setting.Can you tell me how to correct this.I have tried unplugging it but it didn't help. Thank you
1 answer
Hi Debbie sorry I haven’t had this exact situation occur to me. Perhaps rather than throwing out your unit you can hit the cancel button once the water has reached the set temperature?


Tea Maker BTM800
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Release dateOct 2010

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