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Breville Kitchen Wizz Peel & Dice BFP820

Breville Kitchen Wizz Peel & Dice BFP820

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Throw away most of your old slicing and dicing equipment. This does it all.

Breville have put together a masterpiece here with multiple functions and a very VERY powerful motor. I have used most of the parts for different needs and what I like most is how perfectly the machine cuts and dices various food items. It is surprising quiet for a processor considering how fast it spins. It even has a geared spindle to reduce the speed for other operations.
The Kitchen Wizz comes with a very clear manual but you do have to take a little time to read it (as you should with any product). I do find that I only use it for big cook ups as it can be a little tedious to clean. One of my only disappointments is the handle of the main tub gets water in the clear hollow part which I'm assuming over time might become yucky. Given the quality of the overall product I would've like to have seen this properly sealed. Some parts are dishwasher safe but they recommend you don't do it often to increase the lifespan of the blades.

Overall, very happy with the purchase. Aesthetically pleasing, fairly practical, great Breville standard of quality (besides the handle) and makes chopping a thing of the past.
*Hint: Shop around. I was able to price match with JB HiFi for a sale that Myer was having. 1 minute of looking saved me over $100.

Purchased in September 2018 at JB Hi-Fi Retail Stores for $559.20.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance
Noise Level
Product is used: Rarely

Fantastic investment

I love this product. It's made cooking a breeze. Easy to operate, super sharp blades and pretty quiet. I love the peeling disk, I usually put 6 med sz potatoes in for 20sec and if need be will do 5 sec pulses which is rarely necesarry. I know they say it peels like 7 potatoes in 25sec but it actually depends on the sz and shape. For a large family who loves all sorts of potato dishes this is is definetly worth the investment. There is no food wastage with the dicing disks like with my previous processor, shreds a block of cheese in like 20 sec, adjustable slicing disk is fantastic too, tomatoes don't come out soggy after slicing, mincing meat is a breeze and our burgers are now to die for. Haven't tried the wisking disk yet but do love the dough blade. The motor part is solid and pretty heavy.

Purchased in February 2019 at TVSN (TV Shopping Network) for $679.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance
Noise Level
Product is used: Daily
Used for: Dips & Condiments, Dough, Ground Meat and Soups

The things you find out AFTER you buy this machine!

There are several downsides to this machine that are not all evident before you purchase it. I have been waiting to buy a decent food processor for many years so was excited to buy this one that promised so much in terms of its ability to peel and dice. Unfortunately after I bought I found out:

1) The dicing 'kit' that it says that is comes with only has one dicing size (this is clear on the Breville website and here but not on the David Jones website where I bought it. If you want the extra two sizes of blades then be prepared to fork out another $140. Add that to the base price and you can get better quality machines for the total cost.
2) You can't dice sweet potato in it - this is the main thing that I happen to dice (for soups, to roast for salads etc.) and so this was a serious downside for me. There is a dedicated pamphlet alerting you to this problem once you open the box but not before. Sigh!
3) If you want to dice things like pumpkin or carrots then you are expected to par-cook them first! Hardly a time saver. Double sigh!!
4) When I used the peeling function to peel carrots it took a significant amount of carrot away but not all of it was peel and there was still a fair bit of peel left. If I had continued to peel them in the food processor I would be losing way too much of the carrot. Given that you have to wash the peeling disc I can't see that it saves time above and beyond just getting out a peeler!
5) It is super heavy and massive. So big! So heavy! Can't emphasise this enough. You need a whole cupboard dedicated to the one machine and all of its attachments. On the plus side you won't have to lift weights at the gym.
6) The dough hook overmixed compared to the KitchenAid. I think I'll be sticking with the KitchenAid for any dough prep.

Essentially this machine would be great if you are keen to dice fruits and/or potatoes. Beyond that it's all hype and no substance for the extras. In terms of the pros, it has a very wide chute, a powerful engine and does the basics really well (grating and grinding). I would recommend it for doing massive bulk cooks mainly of potato (!) but not for the everyday home cook who wants to use a variety of everyday ingredients. If I had my time again I would stick with a base model and use my peeler and knife for the peeling and dicing!

Date PurchasedNov 2018

Be very careful of what you get

I have had a very traumatic experience with Brevil. I first got a Wizz 11 Plus food processor. Right from day one there was a banging sound that would come every time we started the processor. Not only that, the content from the inner bowl leaks into the external bowl, so you end up cleaning two containers every time a small quantity of food needs processing. I wrote to Brevil and they asked me to go back to the distributor (Myer) for a refund/replacement; which I did.

I the meanwhile, I researched the Peel and Dice, and was impressed but what Brevil put on their website specifically the dicing and peeling bit. The peeling bit works well. The dicing bit works well, but that is what I give the one star for.
The rest of what's the website says about dicing is a con.

This from: https://www.breville.com/au/en/products/food-processors/bfp820.html

DICING - No longer difficult
Breville’s new dicing discs take ease and precision to the next level. ”
This clearly refers to disks. Not DISK.

I made specific trips to Myer and David Jones, and saw the product boxes showing three dicing disks. I wanted to inspect the disks, but the accessory container was locked with a cable. I also didn't think it necessary to look into it in great detail.

I also read reviews on this website that warned users of the con, but the way the box is presented, and the fact that you can't inspect the product throughly at purchase you can so easily be misled.

I consider this a con of cons and am seriously considering returning the food processor. Am definitely not going for Brevil.

If you don't care about dicing and peeling then you might as well get a cheaper option.

The chopping, variable slicer and reversible shredder are good. I appreciate the timer option.

I sent an email to Brevil for an explanation, but no answer.

Date PurchasedDec 2018


This is a great product, however, I really don't need all the slicing discs and I have found it difficult to slice potatoes!!! I replaced my old Breville Pro Wizz, which came with a hard back recipe book with this new model. So disappointed that this top of the range food processor did not come with a hard back recipe book. The Magimix comes with a hard cover book.

Date PurchasedNov 2018

Perfect score of 10 out of 10 Breville

So far happy with all accessories of this fantastic machine . Although took me a while to find a couple of parts hidden in the bottom of storage of discs. You have really impressed me Breville with this machine. More receipe ideas would be great though . Thank you Lorraine

Date PurchasedOct 2018

Very excited when purchased but extremely disappointed with the results

I did purchase Breville Peel and Dice food processor 15days back.
And I am experimenting every blade...so far only the shredding blade and dough blade works as advertised.
Very disappointed with the Dicing blades...
I tried eggplant, okra, tomato and beans, all of them struck on the Dicing blade...it's a double task for me to use a fork to remove them and the other time consuming job is clean so many accessories to do just Dicing....
Next, the Variable slicing blade bad experience, I want to cook potato wedges....I took medium size potatoes, cut into 4 pieces and then used the Variable size blade...as advertised it took few seconds to chop BUT the outcome was a disaster... the pieces were chopped in to different sizes.
Another disadvantage is, Every time I am using the product, the blades are sharp and I am cutting my fingers, that is one more time waste as it bleeds forever....and I have to stop cooking and sit.

Date PurchasedOct 2018

Shame on you Breville

I decided to replace my 20 year old Breville food processor and really liked the sound of the new Peel and Dice model but was put off by reviews that stated that all the dicing discs were not included. Then I saw that JB hifi were selling the processor for $699 including the dicing accessory kit. I double checked with the very helpful assistant at JB who assured me that the discs were included as stated on their website and in store. Once I got home and unpackaged the box I immediately noted that there was only one dicing disc. I contacted JB who contacted Breville and was advised that the single disc made up the dicing kit!!!!! This is blatant misrepresentation especially since their brochure shows a picture of the dicing kit which contains the two other discs.
Luckily Tracey from JB HiFi in Charlestown has been amazing and has offered to drop the price significantly to make up for Breville and their unwillingness to do the right thing.
The sad thing is that I haven't even used the unit yet and it is likely that every time I do I will think about how disappointed I am with Breville and their sales methods.

Date PurchasedAug 2018

Expensive Machine, additional 8mm and 16mm dicing kit not included

I was looking for food processor with dicing capabilities, and decided to go with BFP820BAL. The machine looks sturdy and meet all the requirements I was after but upon opening the box, I found out the 8mm and and 16mm dicing blades not included in the purchase, despite having recipe cards mentioning the use of different dicing attachments.

I contacted Breville Australia via email and phone for assistance. I was responded with a straight off answer, complimentary dicing attachments are only available for purchases in US but not Australia.

Date PurchasedJun 2018
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I found out, Breville Australia did offer complimentary attachments to some of the purchasers via a facebook post. This is certainly not fair to all other customers who purchased the same product, but not offered the complimentary dicing kit.

Two Dicing blades not included in this very expensive unit

My wife likes Breville products, we have plenty of Breville products at home and they all perform really well. With that in mind we started to hunt for a food processor that can dice. There were plenty in the market and we decided to stick with the tried and tested brand. After looking at BFP800 ($419 at Harvey Norman without dicing function) and BFP820 ($699 at Myer with the dicing function) we decided to go with BFP820 because my wife really wanted the dicing function.

It is a very expensive unit at $699, we didn't notice it initially but on the box it says in fine print that the 8mm and 16mm dicing blades are sold separately. At $699 they don't even include all the dicing blades for this price!!! The other comparable units with dicing function had one blade as well but they were a lot cheaper. (E.g., KitchenAid Artisan with dicing function is $399 on 30/05/2018 from Myer - dicing function is a limited time offer) I mean $300 more for an extra peeling function? Sounds unreasonable.

Just keep this in mind while buying this product. Don't waste your money on this particular unit, it is better spent elsewhere in my opinion.

I have now returned the unit and bought the kitchen aid.

Date PurchasedMay 2018

Revile Kitchen Whizz Amatuer BFP820

Useless .Broken 12mm dicer in first month. They said 8mm and 16mm dicer available mid-March.Now availability not known. This machine is a con. I have arranged to return with full refund. Consequently I will never buy another Breville product and my recommendation to all others is steer well clear of over-priced rubbish.

Date PurchasedFeb 2018

I am normally a huge Breville fan but for such an expensive item this is very disappointing!

I am normally a huge Breville fan but for such an expensive item ($699) this is very disappointing! Do not expect 3 dicing attachments there is only one.

For a start, only the 12mm dicing attachment is included - when you watch any videos regarding the product it shows you all three attachments so I had a shock to open the package and search repeatedly for attachments that you figure out aren't available when you read the fine print. For a product retailing $699 you expect decent attachments. I called Breville customer service who were not initially aware of this and had to look this information up to advise the dicing kit is a separate purchase. Frustratingly it is currently out of stock, and I have been told they may be able to work something out for me given my concerns. I don't actually know what that meant!

The instruction manual does not explain how to set up the dicing attachment, and how to pack them away. I have to allow lots of time/a first aid kit for this task and often lose my patience and leave them on the bench for ages. I contacted Breville customer service via email and they told me to look for you tube videos re this - to date there are none that demonstrate the dicing attachment use. This is concerning given it is unsafe and causes significant cuts.

The one dicing attachment I have dices pineapple perfectly, and I was happy with the result. I sliced grapes and they were also perfect.

Another reviewer on Amazon has provided some instructions on dicing attachment use, after like me slicing my fingers numerous times during use and packing/unpacking. Their review is helpful in general. https://www.amazon.com/product-reviews/B075J3XQRY/ref=acr_dpx_hist_2?ie=UTF8&filterByStar=two_star&showViewpoints=0

Here are the other reviewers instructions re packing up:
"1. Dicing blade (make sure it is clean - food particles often get stuck in it!) - put arrow pointing up, facing spindle for peeler. It will still rock and seem wrong, but it is correct!
2. Safety cover goes on top of dicing blade.
3. Dicing disc, with its own safety cover and the thing with no name or discernible purpose other than storage (circular with 6 spokes) on top of the dicing blade's safety cover. I put the dicing distributor on top of the dicing disc as well.
4. You're almost done! PEELER is tricky until you notice there is an arrow on the peeler. Point its arrow toward the arrow on the storage container. Voila! You should now be able to put the larger storage container correctly on top! Hope this helps someone else!"

The chip and julienne attachments do not produce a clean result. I think many will be disappointed with the results.

The food processor takes up a huge amount of storage, so you really have to use the food processor enough to warrant the space it takes up. I do a lot of cooking and get the use so am prepare to put up with the room it takes up.

The small processing bowl needs to be used with the larger processing bowl so it is a little annoying having to wash both when the smaller bowl is used. Not all components can be placed in the dish washer so read the cleaning instructions first.

Having said that the main processor bowl is large, and allows for a large quantities to be made easily. Having an adjustable shoot to place various size foods is very handy. It is a very sturdy and extremely quick machine when it comes to shredding and slicing. I am getting things done in a fraction of the time!

The whipping and dough attachments seem to be working quite well also.

I haven't used the peeling attachment so I can provide an update once I have used this.

In summary, I would really love for Breville to improve it's instructions manual and advertising, and to provide those of who keenly purchased this product early with an updated manual and the additional dicing kit. I think the advertising is deceptive and many will be shocked to only have one dicing attachment. I have noticed in the US, Breville has allowed customers to register by a certain date to receive complimentary dicing attachments. The product manual needs further clearer instructions as it is unacceptable to have so many commenting on being sliced to pieces when trying to figure out the dicing kits use and packing/unpacking without any instructions provided.

Date PurchasedFeb 2018

Dicing discs

Why on earth would u not include the 3disc for dicing in this machine.At$700 i dont expect to have to buy them and why dont any of the staff know they are not included.the instruction book is vague .i have called 2reatailers who dont know this either.staff training needs to be put in place.

Date PurchasedJan 2017

Excellent at dicing, julienne not so good

I needed a food processor to do two things specifically (over and above coarse chopping and shedding, which almost every food processor does)... And that was dicing and cutting julienne strips.

This machine comes with specific blades for dicing and julienne. The dicing is easy and excellent, including cleaning up. There are two other sizes that I can buy, and it is very likely that I am going to buy them.

Julienne... Not so impressive. There are two blades.. one for French fries and one for julienne... I.e. large and medium. Both of them cut the vegetables in a slight curve, probably because the blades go around.

But that apart, I like my vege strips to be much more fine. So I think I will have to continue chopping julienne by hand.

I absolutely love the variable slicing. I thin sliced potatoes for a potato and rosemary pizza, and they were lovely.

Grating was easy as well, but there is no challenge there.

I quite like the quad blade which chops on two planes simultaneously. Very helpful when you don't have a tamper that comes with a Vitamix blender.

Peeling of potatoes was easy, and fun to watch. It works!!

The Double Decker box to keep all the accessories is a bit cumbersome, but I guess the flip side is the smaller foot print. I just have to get used to it.

Finally, I can vouch for how sharp the blades are... Because I cut my finger on the first try! While handling the variable slicer your fingers naturally gravitate to the sharp edge. Remember to be very careful. I would have liked a more idiot proof way of handling the blades, e.g. the two finger holes that kitchen aid comes with. But with practice I guess I will get used to handling them.

The build quality is good, I like the heft on the base. The jars also look like they are good quality.

Note the only thing that makes me nervous is that there are so many reviews that say Breville stops working after a short while. I'll just have to wait and see, and hope that it gives me at least a decade of good service.

But just in case, I have scanned and emailed the receipt to myself. I suggest you do so too!

Date PurchasedJan 2018

Questions & Answers

Dicing a potato is abysmal. The bulk of the potato is caught on the blade. Can’t find any online tutorials only promotional grabs. I also only received the 12 mm blade but very disappointed if this is the end result. Can anyone point me towards a demonstration video? (Surely it’s not that hard to dice a spud?)
2 answers
This machine was demonstrated on free Tv (TVSN) but the usual video clip is currently unavailable (early Jan 2019) on its website as item is sold out. I did notice elsewhere a disappointed reviewer writing that it was recommended to PRE-COOK hard vegetables like potato and carrot and certainly the demonstration (that impressed me, lol) was to make potato salad (ie already cooked potato used). It was also pointed out that sweet potato was unsuitable for dicing as too woody. So i am feeling disappointed as clearly it's not as one expected. Also the demonstrator did show a clip-on accessory that attached to base of pusher that matched up to dicer and when pushed on, expelled the remnant leftovers from the dicing blade disc... See You-tube here for US /Eng version machine: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=43hNy6JW09I (he did use the smaller 8mm blade and with onions, chillies and tomatoes not with potatoes...) and BTW he does use that clip on accessory push out the final diced pieces... Also here is the TVSN link for extra dice blades- unfortunately there is no video ... https://itvsn.resultspage.com/search#w=peel%20dice%20kit&asug=&nomobile=true&sli_session=ba8094286a0d48b5ae49eba835204728&sli_customer=2246860&sli_site=ITVSN&sli_order_value=84.95&sli_order_number=1also diced raw(?) potato here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4tzIFfMR7YE

Is it possible to get the 8mm and 16mm dicing kit in Australia? If yes, does anyone know how?
2 answers
David Jones Sydney, advised that they have this kit.TVSN has it (Jan 2019_ $149) https://www.itvsn.com.au/include/oecgi2.php/product?product=104367 and Good Guys (Mar 2019_ $109)


Kitchen Wizz Peel & Dice BFP820
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