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Breville Multi Grain BRC550

Breville Multi Grain BRC550

2.4 from 13 reviews

A rip off!

I bought this very expensive rice cooker about 2.5 years ago now. For the first year or so it worked well but now, like so many others have said in this thread, it doesn't work. It stops cooking after a few minutes and switches to keep warm. I've tried everything to stop this from happening- sometimes it cooks rice well but most times it stops cooking. I tend to select the saute button to at least keep the cooking process going...

Purchased in October 2016.

Design Flaw

As others have stated previously, bubbles will form and shake the lid viciously when cooking rice. What is left is a big mess on the lid and around the cooker to clean up. I would suggest buying a different rice cooker that doesn't create a mess.

Purchased in February 2019.

Breaks after three months

Terrible product, as others have stated it stops cooking rice and just beeps and keeps the setting on ‘Keep Warm’. This continues to occur despite powering off, reseting or replacing the cooking pot. Surprised that a product that’s only designed to do one thing can fail so abysmally. Do not buy this cooker!

Purchased in December 2018 at Myer Retail Stores.

Mine works perfectly.

I'm leaving this review because of the negative reviews left for this product. Mine works perfectly, that is to say it heats up when I tell it to and it keeps the rice warm when it's done. If you have a faulty one then use the warranty to get a replacement or have it fixed. For those people these low scoring reviews are warranted. When the right amount of water is used and the rice is left on "keep warm" to absorb all the water, the rice will come out perfectly. You may need to adjust the amount of water and rest time for different types of rice all the way up to the Jamie Oliver ratio of 1 cup of rice to 2 cups of water. I've only used it for long grain, basmati and sushi rice and with a little bit of tweaking, I get perfect results. Also all rice cookers have the problem of a bit of mess coming out of the top around the lid, I just throw a tea towel over it. I have had to do this with all rice cookers and I've used 3 in the last 40 years. I only replaced my 20 year old Breville rice cooker because it was white and I wanted one to match my other Breville stainless steel products. Sad but true. I donated the old one to charity and I'm sure it will keep going for many years to come.

Purchased in September 2018 at eBay for $85.00.


Got one from Chrismas and now it is broken. After couple of weeks of using it, got some
issues of cooking rice. Rice still raw and not even boiling yet but it keeps saying KEEP WARM. Turned it off and on again many times, sometimes it works but not often. Expensive rice cooker but low quality. Don’t waste money on this

Date PurchasedDec 2018

A great disappointment.

I initially bought the first model of this and after about 10 months, it stopped cooking rice (it would constantly think it was ready and switch to keep warm). The Good Guys were great and swapped it for me to this new BRC550SIL model. This was a bit better but again suffered the same fate - kept switching to keep warm after a few minutes. This one lasted longer (about 1.5 years). A bit disappointing considering only cook rice once or twice a fortnight so it never had much use. Sorry Breville - you've lost me. I assumed that spending more on a rice cooker would give me reliability but also fluffy rice. I'd give it three out of five stars for it's rice cooking ability (a bit sticky/hard even after thoroughly washing the rice) and take a star off for the lack of reliability.

I think I'll try Panasonic Now - the BRC550SIL ended up in the bin.

Date PurchasedMar 2017

Doesn’t cook, waste of time and money.

This cooker has never made that nice fluffy rice you expect from a cooker. The water continuously boils, leaving you starchy water bubbling out the top and a huge mess. If you don’t add more water, the machine clicks to keep warm but your rice is crunchy. An absolute waste of time and money, we ended up putting it in the bin.

Date PurchasedJul 2018

No better than a cheap rice cooker

I bought this rice cooker thinking it would work well and make rice with no fuss. Unfortunately when I go to cook rice the water bubbles up and out the hole in the top, making a total mess. I got in contact with Breville but they didn't have any advice to stop this. I have tried rinsing the rice many times and it doesn't help. This is only with about 1.5 cups of rice in the machine so I imagine if I cook more it will be much messier. Also the porridge cook function takes 1 hour which is impractical. I'm very disappointed in this rice cooker and want to warn others to not bother for the price!

Date PurchasedFeb 2018

Nicely featured rice cooker, that cooks rice poorly

My previous rice cooker, (and I am a big user of rice), gave up its ghost, so I decided to replace it with a new one. Breville has made other things for my kitchen that have produced great results, so I thought I would try out their rice cooker. I've had it now for a couple of months, but unfortunately it's turned out to be a bit of a dud. It just does not cook rice all that well.

Most cook books will tell you to cook rice in a "pot with a snug fitting lid", and I think this may be where this rice cooker fails. The glass lid has a (too) large a steam release hole in it, and the lid sits in the metal cooking pot on three nubs that prevent the lid firmly sitting on the rim. This means that steam continuously escapes from the pot while rice is cooking. I have tried Basmati, Jasmin, long- and short- grain, and brown rice in it, and it does not cook any of them very well. It quickly became apparent that the instructions did not allow for enough water, as following them gave too dry cooked rice, but even when adding additional water, the results were not as good as they should be. Don't get me wrong, the rice was edible, and satisfactory, but below the standard I expected, and not as good as most of my previous rice cooker(s) could do.

The pot has, so far, retained its non-stick coating, which is a point in its favour, as that is a failing in other rice cookers I have owned. But the instructions tell you to add so many cups (they provide a cup which is the Japanese measure of a cup, not the Australian measure) of rice, and then so many cups of water. Now if you wash the rice first under the tap, which everyone does, that instruction does not work, as the water the washing leaves behind interferes with the cups of water you are meant to add. Now, there are markings on the bowl, that my experiments with adding cups to non-washed rice indicated were correct for the water levels needed for ordinary rice. But the markings are invisible - they cannot be read (I use a braille like approach to try to discern the right level - it's a real pain. Or a torch can help with this.

Also, everyone knows that brown rice needs more cooking time than white. The cooker has a number of grains listed on the controls, but not brown rice, for some strange reason. Cooking brown rice using the white rice setting just does not work. Undercooked brown rice resulted; crunchy - that reminded me of share houses during my university days, but no longer satisfactory to my improved, (perhaps jaded?) palate.

The cooker can cook other grains, and risotto, and I plan to try some more of these, and update this review. But I have to mark this cooker down, as it cannot do its basic job of cooking ordinary rice well enough, and also, I find that working out how much water to add, with its' weird cup or invisible and unexplained level markings approach needed to do so, is a real pain. To get fairly good rice out of the cooker I've learnt to add extra water anyway, to what they recommend.

Date PurchasedNov 2016

Excellent for my purpose viz. Rice

A sturdy, high quality product, free of POFA, which cooks brown rice perfectly in the month or so I have had it. Note: I use the correct amount of water for the quantity of rice used. The lid is very well made and heavy enough to sit well and do what it should. Quality is evident even in the way the power cord is designed and made!

Date PurchasedNov 2016
Hi Ian - thanks for your comments. The Breville teamMy pleasure: credit where credit is due :-)

I love brown rice, but it doesn't cook!!!

I just read another post that their rice cooker stopped working after 3 months- I had exactly the same problem. Breville was happy to replace it: no problems there. I required this cooker because we love brown rice and its clearly in the instruction book that it cooks brown rice. But I can't seem to cook it. The water and rice heats up and then it beeps that its ready. I rang Breville and they were of no help, got the feeling they were telling me either I was reading it incorrectly or that they made a misprint- it was a really strange call. so when the cooker just stopped completely working after 3months I thought that was the problem. Got my new one and tried to cook brown rice and same thing hot water, hot rice and beeps ready and its not cooked. Even the ratio of brown rice to water in the book is strange - they have it down as the same for white rice, page 11.
Has anyone else had this problem??
Im rating it well because it cooks white rice perfectly- but thats not what I bought it for.

Date PurchasedOct 2016
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Hi Brown rice - the ratio for cooking brown rice in this unit is 1 scoop of rice to 1.5 scoops of water (try 2 scoops of water if you still feel it's not cooked enough). However if you continue to have issues with the machine, call customer service on 1300 139 798 for details of your nearest service agent. Thanks, the Breville team

Surprised by how good this is

I needed a new rice cooker after my previous one died. Given I cook a lot of porridge (proper porridge, with oats soaking overnight, none of this quick oat rubbish) and love a good risotto, I figured I might as well give this a go.

The porridge cooks a treat, which surprised me as it only uses 2 cups of liquid per cup of oats (1/2 milk, 1/2 water for me) instead of 3 I'd use on the stovetop, but it turned out perfect. I soak the oats in 1/2 of the liquid for a few hours or overnight, then add then other 1/2 of the liquid, add some sultanas, cinammon, nutmeg and vanilla essence, hit the Porridge button and let the machine do the work.

Last night I tried a risotto. I've made risotto in my previous cooker and was happy enough with the results, but the risotto I got out of this machine last night was almost as good as one that you've spent an hour stirring over the cooktop.

I have steamed veggies in it and it did a good job, though even though there wasn't a lot of vegetables in there, it still ran out of water before it was finished, so it's not quite hit a button and forget when you're steaming.

Oh, and it cooks rice perfectly fine as well. The non stick bowl is easy to clean and hopefully it lasts a long time.

Surprised by just how good this machine is and glad I took a chance.

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Hi Jason - thanks for your comments. The Breville team

Switches to warm every 2 minutes

I had this rice cooker and it kept switching to warm every now and then. I returned it but i decided to give it another Go but this new one is even worse. I literally have to sit in the kitchen to cancel and set it to cook again until the rice is cooked. I am returning it. Am over it. Furious
The good guys Here i come

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Hi Kado - our design team receive these notifications and appreciate feedback. Thanks, the Breville team

Questions & Answers

I have recenty purchased this and all functions are working except porridge (it doesn't automatically switch off). I spoke to Breville who said to take it back and I did and swapped it for another one. . Same thing now happens to my second one. I have followed instructions, but not successful results on the porridge setting. Any advice on how to make porridge successfully on this device?
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Perhaps you are cooking too large a quantity? The cooker is supposed to shut off automatically, but the time this takes depends on the amount in the bowl, of solids and water. Try with just the minimum amount (ie, one cup), and check every five minutes. I'd expect the cycle to stop in around 20 minutes. If after 40 minutes, it still hasn't shut off, then your cooker is faulty, and take it back again, and make sure you get it replaced with one with a different batch number. Note that the instructions say that porridge should be cooked with the lid OFF. So you need to check continuously to make sure it doesn't boil dry (a known problem with this model, when used to steam vegetables and suchlike).I have now followed your suggestion and it still doesn't automatically switch off on porridge setting! Looks like I will have to take it back again and maybe third time lucky???

Can you steam dim sims in it and how long for and how much water goes in the bottom?
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It comes with a steaming "tray" - perhaps better described as "bucket" - and there are instructions for steaming dumplings so it seems that it will also steam dim sims but I do not know about the quantity of water required. Try contacting Breville.


Breville Multi Grain BRC550
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