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Breville Rice Box BRC460

Latest review: This is so quick and simple to use, we eat a lot of rice so we just add 3 cups of rice 3 cups of water press start and walk away, when it is finished it goes on to a warming cycle. We then remove the

Panasonic SR-DF101WST / SR-DF181WST

Latest review: My old cheapie rice cooker still works well. But I had a store credit valid for a limited time period, so was hunting for something I needed when I came across this Panasonic rice cooker. It was

Breville Set & Serve

Latest review: I haven't had any issues with this so far, cooks rice nicely. Can sometimes dry out if it's left on keep warm for a long time but I usually just unplug it when it's finished. Convenient

Kambrook Rice Express KRC5 / KRC8

Latest review: As the family downsized we downsized to this 5-cup rice cooker. Worked fine for 3-4 years before biting the dust. Was happy to buy the same model as replacement but manufacturing standards have

CUCKOO Rice Cooker

Latest review: I bought this early this year. This is the best rice cooker. I'm cooking rice everyday and never disappointed. I tried to use many rice cooker which is Kmart brand. Most of them not bad but not happy

Sunbeam Rice Perfect Deluxe 7 RC5600

Latest review: I went through numerous cheap rice cookers (a few of them blowing up) and finally decided to spend just that little more and I'm glad I did. I found the Sunbeam Rice Cooker RC5600 at Target and can

Breville Multi Grain BRC550

Latest review: Believe the reviews, this thing will not cook your food correctly. The instruction booklet is wrong, Breville keeps insisting you need 1.5 cups of water per 1 cup of rice (the cup they provide is not

Kambrook Rice Master

Latest review: This appliance makes making rice so easy - cooks coconut rice to perfection and allows for beautiful fluffy rice, so easy to use, click and go, walk away and just come back when

Buffalo IH Stainless Steel Smart Cooker KW79

Latest review: Always recommend stainless stain rice cooker. No coating inside which come off easily. Healthier and especially good for family with kids. Easy to clean. Did a great job for all kinds of functions. I

Buffalo Enco 2.0

Latest review: I was very impressed with this rice cooker where everything that was promised that would be done, was done. I am fairly quite health conscious particular with material which is normally used in a

Tefal 10 in 1 RK705

Latest review: I got it as part of the corporate reward and within few days fallen in love.. It’s so convenient to clean, uses far less oil and semi pressure cooker takes far less time. It also has slow cooker and

Panasonic SR-ZX105KSTM

Latest review: I was in the market for a rice cooker which wouldnt cost as much as a tiger, but didn't want the cheap target ones. When there was a 20% off deal for good guys ebay I decided to buy this, it was

Tiffany Rice Cooker

Latest review: Sometimes the sting you get what you paid for doesn’t apply. This rice cooker cost only $12 but has worked amazingly for 3 years. Still cooks perfectly fluffy rice- big t

Tefal RK900

Latest review: This is a brilliant rice cooker. It replaced a 20+ year old Panasonic that was well overdue. The Tefal has a ceramic bowl which I really wanted as most of the others are coated with Teflon which

Tefal RK812

Latest review: I love my multicooker as it has many functions and abilities. It can cook rice, pudding, pasta, soup, yoghurt and cheese. Everything comes out perfectly especially the rice. The only issue I have is

Ambiano (Aldi) 8 Cup Rice Cooker IA0665

Latest review: After reading a few reviews on Aldi's Rice Cooker, I decided to try it for myself anyway. It's a bargain-priced unit - but it does a great job. I noticed that several people mentioned the spatter

Target Essentials 2 Litre Rice Cooker

Latest review: Cooks rice to perfection every time, as you'd expect from a rice cooker. Had 2 of these now, and they just don't last. 1st one lasted around 8 months and the lights just went out. 2nd one only lasted

Lekue 1L Green & White Rice Cooker

Latest review: Already used this a few times and love it. Admittedly, not quite the same as cooking rice in a pot but given the convenience it is more than worth the small price tag that comes with

Contempo CFXB-20

Latest review: As suggested by our friends, we bought this rice cooker and have been using it for more than two weeks now. It cooks rice fast in around 20 to 25 minutes and was a good value for money. I think it

Tefal RK103

Latest review: This is a wonderful cooker. It cooks rice perfectly and automatically switches to 'keep warm' when cooked. Best steamer ever for cooking my vegetables. Love the keep warm function. Very easy to clean

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