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Breville the Soft Top Luxe BKE735

Breville the Soft Top Luxe BKE735

3.7 from 18 reviews

Very Good quality but not what I expected

The positives, great looking kettle and boils fairly quickly and quietly, water taste is fine. However I wasn’t expecting it to be so heavy, I need two hands to hold it whilst filling under the tap and when it’s full of water, even heavier. I am fairly strong and healthy and wonder how an older person would cope. I agree with other reviewers you cannot see the water levels through the windows unless you open the lid.
Also bought the matching toaster which is fantastic.

Purchased in July 2019 at Qantas store for $65.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Noise Level

Stylish, Quiet and Easy to use.

We love this kettle.
We almost didn't buy it because of some other reviews,
It is stunningly stylish , easy to fill and boils quickly. I bought the black kettle and it looks stylish against our black granite.
Originally I was going to buy a glass kettle but I am glad I didn't, because the water mineral stains will show though it and it would have been unsightly.
A review said that it rocks on it's base, we think that this is because there is a cord tidy (a round groove for the kettle's cord on the underside of the base it sits on and another groove for the cord to come out from the base , so that the kettles cord can be kept neat and tidy and short if you don't need a very long cord). If the cord is not placed correctly in the cord tidy and the groove it comes out of (from under the base) , the base might rock.
Another review said the cord was shortened by an electrician but in our case because of the cord tidy there was no need to physically shorten it.
We use the cord tidy on the underside of the base and the base does not rock.
Its a quiet kettle with a quiet ding.
The soft opening lid reveals a large opening so it is easy to fill.
The steam will not burn your hand when pouring out , as there is no need to open the soft top lid when pouring out.
The only non positive is that it's sometimes hard to see water levels through the tinted water window. This depends on the light, when I had it in a well lit space, it was easy to see. However the tinted water window adds to the aesthetic appeal of this kettle.
We bought it on sale and it 's been good value so far.

Purchased in March 2019 at The Good Guys Physical store for $125.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Noise Level

The base of this kettle is unstable

There is a major design flaw with this kettle - the base is unstable and causes the kettle to rock around the central axis. If you look closely at the base you will see that the sides curve upward, like a spinning top. Also, the kettle does not fit securely into the base and wobbles around. It is a very strange design for a kettle base, and was probably driven by aesthetics rather than functionality or safety. It's a shame. I usually like Breville appliances, but I had to return this one to David Jones in Sydney because the instability does not feel safe. .

Date PurchasedDec 2018

Quiet brilliant kettle

Love this kettle . Quiet, boils very quickly love the soft close of the lid easy to see the water level! Plus I have bought the toaster to match. Love the colour. Very appealing. Easy to use. . Good service at the good guys where I bought it from. It was more expensive than I would normally pay but I now see why after using it daily

Date PurchasedNov 2017

Re design needed

We bought this Luxe (BKE735) kettle and matching blueberry-Granita toaster from the Good Guys at Aspley..
Kettle needs redesign as Water level viewing impossible without opening top.
Opening the top can be problematic, as a recently boiled kettle gives a steam bath to your hand.
Love the Colour blueberry, beautiful.

Date PurchasedSep 2017

I love ii!

I bought this kettle and matching (blue) toaster to replace two !! leaking Morphy Richards kettles. I love my new kettle it boils and a little bell tinkles and it doesn’t leak, I like the way the lid slowly opens, and unlike some other reviews, I can read the water level window - what more could you ask for from a kettle?

Date PurchasedNov 2017

Love this kettle

Absolutely love my new kettle. Its very quiet and boils extremely quickly. Best kettle i have had to date. I bought the licorice colour and as the title says it certainly looks lux in my kitchen. It is on the expensive side but im loving how super quick it boils and looks.

Date PurchasedOct 2017

Sorry I bought one, never again for this brand.

The kettle looks good, that's it. It is seriously noisy, too heavy, hard to see the water level. The most serious issue was the taste of burnt plastic, similar to the water taste from a new garden hose. We boiled it 15 times to be sure but the taste still persisted. The retailer believed the no BPA and defended it. We wanted a refund but the Breville rep refused. We just could not drink from it. The extra hundred dollars is not worth it for a slow opening lid. The mechanism is complex plastic and all inside the kettle. This did not perform to our expectations. We have replaced it with a Delongi and no problems straight away as it is all stainless, no plastic.

Date PurchasedNov 2017

Nice looking but that is all,

Quit heavy.
You have to lift the kettle to eye level to check the water level trough the side glass.
The see trough lid is useless, as soon the water get warm it fogs up an you can see trough it any more.
A big design fault is that when you open the lid the condensation from the inside of the lid, drips partly into the lid open and close mechanism , partly along the handle into the switch, the rest of the water runs along the side on to base.
There are (drain) holes in the base to let the water drip on the bench, table or were ever.
We been told we used the kettle wrongly, we have to wait with refilling till the condensation on the inside of the lid is dried up. Whit the lid closed that can take three days or maybe longer.
This appliance should be taken of the shelf !!

Date PurchasedSep 2017

Functional, boils the water, however it can be improved.

This is an OK Kettle. It boils the water, so I can't complain. However, it is very difficult to see the waterline through the glass panel. Every time I want to boil some water I have to open the lid and check how much water is in the kettle. This does severely impinge on the functionality of the object, rendering the glass panel useless.

On a more positive note, the soft-opening top is nice, in addition to the sound it makes when the water is boiled.

Date PurchasedJan 2017

Best of the Best

This kettle is quick boiling, stunningly stylish, easy to clean and fill, out performs my previous Dualit Kettles by miles. I would never go back to any other brand. The cord was way too long so an electrician shortened it so that it can sit by the dedicated power point and can't be moved near sink and running water.

Date PurchasedMar 2017

Worth the money spent

My first Breville Moda kettle has served us well for 8.5 years.
Replaced by Electrolux Expresionist kettle which looks great but not performing at all after 1 year and 1 month.
After 1 day without kettle, we were at a loss and came across this pretty looking kettle.
Design wise it is on par with Kitchen Aid, etc.
And am sure based on previous Breville performance wont let us down.
We have no problem with the noise (during or after the boiling).
It boils water fast and auto shut off is working perfectly.
Highly recommended if you are after top of the range kettle with high performance record.

Date PurchasedOct 2017

Nice looking, annoying tinging sound.

Love the look and the quality of this kettle. It is quiet and boils fast but there are a couple of really annoying things about it that make me want to return it and try another brand. Firstly, it's almost impossible to see the water level and because the kettle is quite solid and heavy it feels like there is a decent amount in there when you lift it but often there is not. The other thing is that it tings and tinkles whenever you move it not just when it is finished boiling. I'm not sure if they all do this or if this is a fault in ours but I see others have mentioned it too.

Date PurchasedAug 2017

Expensive with a few things that need improvement

I was skeptical about the handle at first but have found it good as it rests again the pad of my hand and deflects the weight. But, I find it annoying that when I have to refill it just after I've used it, I need to support it at the spout which can be very hot. And the biggest fault is that it is impossible to see how high the kettle has been filled. The glass panels don't show clearly where the water is up to.... I would not buy one again - too dear for nothing great

Date PurchasedAug 2017

You can boil water in style!

Its a nice looking kettle, especially in the champagne colour. Bit pricey, but I guess I am used to 15 dollar plastic kettles from Woolworths that also achieve their primary purpose. The joys of consumerism and capitalism I guess...

Has a nice bell sound (DING!) when the kettle has finished it job.

Appears to be well made - personally I own a lot of Breville appliances and they all seem to have a good quality to them. Some of the even more expensive brands like Smeg look cheap and nasty compared to this kettle.

My last kettle was a 20 dollar Sunbeam white plastic thing that lasted 14 years of daily use. I would hope for the money we paid for it that it lasts a lifetime.

One minor gripe - the water level totally sucks. It's basically useless. The other lady reviewer who wrote the same thing and blamed her eyesight is being too hard on herself - I have perfect vision and I can never make out the water level. Breville - how much more would it have cost to put in one of those little plastic floaty things? Occasionally, function has to come over form....

Date PurchasedJun 2017

Solid, looks good and quiet (so far)

Looked at lots of kettles and read lost of reviews; appalled at the apparent unreliability of many of the cheaper kettles, this one wasn't cheap and hopefully it will prove to be reliable - certainly feels well made; it is heavier that what we're used to but the handle is ergonomic making it easy to pick up; with a full tank (1.7l) it weighs around 3kg; a negative is the water level indicator; it is difficult to see the level in the narrow, darkened window unless the kettle is placed where light is shining through the opposite window which is not the case if the kettle is placed near a wall; the picture of this kettle on the Breville website shows a very clear, light blue level indication which is deceptive.

The kettle is stylish; ours is stainless steel; it is relatively quiet at moment and boils quickly; the 2 year replacement warranty provides some confidence in the quality of the product.

Date PurchasedMay 2017

Quiet as and very stylish to boot

This is one of the fastest boiling and quietest kettles I have ever had. Not only that but the kettle shape and its brushed metal finish is very stylish and the whole kettle has a feel of quality. Its also very easy to pick up and pour with its metal handle remaining re-markedly cool at all times. Its design ensures you miss any issues with steam burning your pouring hand as boiling water issues from the spout. There is a sight window on opposite sides of the kettle which makes it suitable for both right and left handers. Strangely though, they are not the same. One side shows "cups" and the other shows millimeters? The "soft top" is a nice touch. When filling, you push the conveniently located button on the top of the handle and the cap rises slowly as if on some pneumatic mechanism. Result...no hot liquids being thrown back towards you. Brilliant!

So all in all, the perfect kettle...right? I would be happy to give this a five star rating except for one little annoyance. If the following is not a problem for you then by all means, consider it a five.
So what is this annoyance? When the jug boils, it communicates this by sounding a "ting". Unfortunately, it also "tings" when you pick it up, put it down or even just bump it. I'm assuming the "ting" mechanism is meant to operate from the On/Off switch vibration as it turns to off. Unfortunately, the "tinging" happens with any movement.

As I said, if this is not a problem for you by all means award five stars as this really is the best kettle I have ever had (sans that "tinging").

Date PurchasedMay 2017

The Quietest Kettle in Australia.

I have searched all over Australia for the quietest kettle on the market (April 2017). When I found the Breville Soft Top Luxe (model BKE735) my search was over - it is the quietest kettle in Australia. It does everything that a kettle should do with style and elegance. It's made of quality materials that I expect from Breville with a sturdy, efficient ergonomic handle that is well balanced and angled away from the kettle. Yes, it's possible to buy a lemon in any brand of electrical goods and you can read those 'terrible' stories elsewhere. Breville is still a great Australian brand and this kettle comes with a two year manufacturers warranty so you can buy with confidence. If you're looking for a quiet, efficient, stylish, elegant, quality kettle, this is the one to buy!

Date PurchasedApr 2017

Questions & Answers

Hi does this jug have a light in it? thanks.
1 answer
No light inside unfortunately as that would help with the problem of difficulty seeing the water level. There's a small circular ring that lights up around the on/off switch.


Breville the Soft Top Luxe BKE735
CategoryElectric Kettles
Price (RRP) $179.95
Capacity1.7 L
Features360° Swivel Base, BPA Free and Water Gauge
Variable Temperatures No
Construction Material Stainless Steel
Colour / Finish Brushed Stainless Steel, Sour Cherry, Salted Liquorice, Royal Champagne, Blueberry Granita, Smoked Hickory, Black Truffle, Sea Salt, or Damson Blue
Power2,400 W
Manufacturer Warranty2 year(s)

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