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Bridgestone Sporty Style MY-02

Bridgestone Sporty Style MY-02

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I Expected Better

I bought 2 of these tyres for the front (235/40/18), a little more road noise than I would have liked but it wasn't loud at all. They were good for a few weeks (maybe 2000kms) gripped good in wet and dry like you were glued to the road, even at speeds. After that the performance dropped, every time I went around a corner or a roundabout it felt like the tyres slip a little before they start gripping, you can even hear it rubbing on the road (not like a tyre squeal though). Don't get me wrong, its still a good tyre and handles ok but for the price of them I expected them to be better. I've had them on for about 10,000kms now and still plenty of tread left and the handling hasn't changed since then.

Car2006 Holden Commodore VZ Wagon

Deadly in the wet, do not buy. Ok in the Dry

These tyres are the worst tyres I have ever driven on in the wet, they are fine in the Dry. Car drifts sideways going up the Freeway in the wet under medium to slow acceleration. I can't keep up with other cars accelerating from the lights normally in the wet without the wheels spinning. They are shocking and dangerous. That's on a rear wheel drive commodore that is great with other tyres on it. They are brand new and I'm thinking about disposing of them.

CarSv8 Commodore

Not for use in Wet

These tires perform very poorley in the wet.
The Mazda 6 is front wheel drive and the tyres skid all over the place in the rain, be it starting from lights, on a roundabout or cornering.
Whilst they perform ok in the dry, they are boarderline dangerous in the rain.

Car2010 Mazda 6

Not as good as it's cracked up to be

205 55 R16 91V - Slippery when wet. VERY! The advertising says better performance in the wet. My view on that is be careful in the wet or you may die. It's probably OK for the passive driver, but you buy a performance tyre because you like going round corners quickly, and you may need to stop quickly. Right? It's actually scary in the wet. The car wants to go sideways around corners, or slip to a stop, even under steady braking - not even pushing it. It's even slippery in the dry on the hot bitumen of Darwin.

CarHonda Civic 2013 VTI-S 6-speed manual 1.8L


Not Bad , but not all that good either , especially in the wet , on roundabouts they would lose grip regularly , and there was also a lot of road noise from them , sadly no where as good as the MY-01 I had previously on the car which were excellent

CarHolden Commodore SV6HO

Great dry grip. No wet grip

Had these on a Toyota Corolla. 195/50/15s. Very good dry grip. Would hold on around corners but when the rain came it was terrible. If you drove the car like an old granny you would be ok but anything more than that you were safer to get out and walk.

I took them off with more than 50% grip left. What good is a tire that you can't trust in thew most dangerous road condition. Spend a little extra money on Michelin Pilot Sport 3 instead.

CarToyota Corolla

Adequate in the dry, deadly in the wet.

Purchased for a 2013 Polo Gti. They are ok for the first few thousand K's then they start to reveal why they're so cheap. Dry grip remains adequate but nothing to write home about. However wet grip is equivalent to driving on ice. 40kph on a large highway roundabout (Cairns Captain Cook Highway) and it's 4 wheel drifting to your hearts content. It's fun at first until you realise if you're ever in an emergency you'll probably die. If you're very keen on these I'd suggest getting them only on the back of a car, then at least you can Tokyo Drift easily.

Car2013 VW Polo GTI

After 15,000 KM of normal driving, can't pass rego

A year ago I bought new Bridgestone MY 02 SportyStyle tyres and had them fitted on my front wheel drive car.

Someone I know (we'll call him "Bob") owns a rear wheel drive car and bought new Bridgestone Ecopia EP150 tyres and had them fitted.

We have travelled same mileage with our respective tyres: 15,000km.

Bob's rear tyres still have about another year worth of tread on them, at least.

My front tyres can't pass the car registration test and have even wear across the surface of the tyres.

We drive in the same area. We drive similarly. I'm not out doing drag races or anything. Neither of us had the tyres rotated or wheel alignment done during that period. Both of us had the wheel alignment done when the tyres were fitted. Both of us kept the tyres inflated suitably.

So, the SportyStyle durability is pretty bad.

The grip, however, is excellent, and I've not had any issues with them in the wet. If they were more durable, they'd be great tyres.

I wouldn't buy them again as I'd be changing my tyres yearly.

Car2001 Hyundai Accent

Economic Tyre at a Good Price - Some Problematic Traction

When I put these tyres on the Mercedes A170, they seemed OK. Durable with reasonable grip. They neither made my A170 go faster or better, but they were quieter than the previous tyres and other Bridgestone tyres I've had have been durable.

However, when putting them on my daughter's Jetta I found they had traction problems. The Jetta is a turbo FSI with good power and, within a short time, it became apparent its power delivery was greater than the MY-02's traction. One positive is that my daughter is not quite as lead-footed off the mark, which helps; but it is concerning if traction is lost on the limits.

To compound matters, now that the tyres on my A170 are over halfway done, I'm finding in wet conditions I occassionally lose traction. This is in a car that does 0-100 km/h in about 11 seconds. In my mind this means that there's something awry with the traction of this tyre that is shown either in a car with reasonable power or after some wear. I must say this is a disappointing tyre from Bridgestone.

CarVW Jetta FSI; Mercedes A170

Great Tyres

I have had these on for a few months now and can't fault them. On my mazda Eunos they look sporty and are quiet on the road.
The boys at Bridgestone Tyres Upper Coomera were fantastic and really looked after me. I have bought tyres there for both of my cars and I have been really happy each time. They offer free wheel balance and rotate at 3months and ring me to remind me to book it in. Excellent tyres, excellent service. Highly recommend these tyres and Bridgstone Upper Coomera.

CarMazda Eunos

Poor wet performance but OK in dry

Got these for 4 for price of 3 for my xr6t sedan not modified. When new they we're OK in wet...still lost traction but now that they have a few ks on them I'm always losing traction in wet. In dry they fine.....also have a fair bit of road noise now after 8 000ks.

Would not buy again though

CarBa Ford falcon xr6t

highly recommended

Excellent in wet and dry stick like glue in all conditions vert direct steering and lane change at highway speed . pumped tyres to 40 lbs /inch .{recommended by tyre dealer } most driving on motor ways at 110 km these tyres are excellent . Good price , easy to balance ,Cannot fault them at all ,

CarSubaru 2010 R

Good Tyres

Had them on my civic and impressed with the grip and very low noise at road. A bit expensive than achilles 123s but still a good tyre. Handling improves a lot, steering is very responsive. Had them bought 3+1 promo of Bridgstone. Excellent breaking power and acceleration. Nice tyre for a low profile car.

Carcivic vti

Not recommended for a Volvo S40 T4

205/50/16, bought them for $125 each but did less then 15,000km before started losing grip. After 20,000km I'm about to replace them. I check the tyre pressure at least monthly, always on 32-34. Considering my driving conditions, consisting of 60% highway and 40% suburban traffic all on good roads, this the worst wearing tyre I had in 160,000km I owned my Volvo. Definitely not recommended.

CarVolvo S40 T4 (147kW)

I love these things

I just got a full set put on my 8th gen civic hatchback, love the grip in the dry, grip in wet is very good, steering is now quite responsive.
I did a spirited drive on a country road, I can take corners at least 20km/h faster with them and they are not squealing which means i can push them even more if i wanted to.
At $140 a tire for 225/45R17 which is a good price
I love them

Good in dry, horrible wet grip

I replaced my Potenza tyres with these on my Accord Euro and there is a huge difference in wet grip- almost feels like driving on ice when it rains, especially when cornering and taking off from stationary. They are smooth, good in the dry, and noise levels excellent but I would not buy them again (at least until I'm 80)

Just put them on and very Impressed

I was at the point I needed to replace the tyres on my Monaro CV8. I have not done much milage on then yet, but so far I am very impressed. They are quiet and I am very fussy about tyre noise. When I had them put on the car it was raining. May I say the grip was excellent. I drove the car in the wet with great confidence. Pushing the car a little in the wet and it responded excellent.
In some dry driving weather I was also impressed. For $165 a tyre the price is reasonable to. I am more than satisfied the advice that was given to me by the lads at Bob Jane T Mart. Well done guys......
Great grip in the wet and quiet. Price was great to.
None so far

Not Bad.

Brought these because they are bridgestone brand and price was very attractive.
I have these on my modified Subaru WRX AWD 215 45 17. compare to my old tyres kumho ku31
the MY02
Noise level: Very Low
In Dry: Very good

With the price i paid im happy with what i get,
Low noise level. good grip in dry
in Wet: not impressive enter a turn at 50KM+ will lose grip of your car

Fits well for what you paid for!

I brought 4 of these and couldn't be anymore happier, specially for what I paid for! I have a 2008 Saab 93 1.9TID its a FWD.

Driven 7000km on them. Sticky enough in the dry and gripy enough in the wet. Very quiet and good amount of comfort.

Only thing I didn't like about it, was that I had Conti SportsContact 4, the fuel usage was 6.5L - 6.8L and with the Bridgestone it's at 7.0L - 7.3L
Relible Bridgestone name, inexpensive and looks great!
Uses a little more fuel

Great value

Replaced expensive Yoko's with these and am very happy. Quality brand tyre and value for money price. Early days but the ride and handling feels great. Look good as well. Though not sure about the need for the words 'sporty style'? Would recommend these as you would pay around 150 for each tyre.
quality product and value
not much, apart from 'sporty style' wording

Questions & Answers

How much wear did you get out of these tyres before you had to change them?
1 answer
So far about 30000, but tyres looking like they'll be needing replacing soon, so a bit unhappy about durability.


Sporty Style MY-02
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