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Michelin Pilot Sport 3

Michelin Pilot Sport 3

4.5 from 95 reviews

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Lasted ONLY 20.000KM

I bought convince they were excellent just to find out they don't last at all. When I tried contacting Michelin Customer Service the response was late and not available.
After they tried to blame it on driving conditions. Which it is completely unacceptable, as my driving is very easy and when I bought the tyres I got full package to rotate them which I did.
Also the Michelin service said that I had bought them from a black market. I got them in Kmart. How I was supposed to know that they are black market?

I will not recommend to buy this tyres.

Purchased in July 2016 at Kmart Tyre & Auto Service for $146.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Noise Level
Tyre Mileage 20 km
Car ModelMazda 3 BN (Hatchback) Maxx
Tyre Pressure Used34 PSI
Wet Weather Handling
Dry Weather Handling

+++ for grip, low noise, excellent response --- durability, cost

i was happy with this tyre but and the performance regarding it but will not buy michellin again due to durability. I bought these in 2014 for my golf gti and they lasted me 28,000KM. poor durability and too costly...

Purchased in March 2014 at Kmart Retail Stores.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Noise Level
Car ModelVolkswagen Golf VI
Tyre Pressure Used36 PSI
Wet Weather Handling
Dry Weather Handling

Lifespan of 235/45 R18 Michelin Pilot Sport 3 tyre

235/45 R18 Michelin Pilot Sport 3 tyre fitted to my new KIA Optima GT. Took in for service at 24,000k and had to replace front tyres as tread very worn. Was accused of driving with low inflation however, this vehicle has warning signal icons on dash that show tyre pressures when low so had re-inflated when necessary. Very surprised I only got 24k as usually expect double of that or more.

CarKia Optima GT

Michelin is the best

I had a set of these fitted to my Mondeo, 235/45R18 98W.

These tyres are fantastic - quiet with very high grip levels in very wet and dry conditions. They were original equipment on a number of luxury cars and I see why! I enjoy the sweeping freeway on- and off-ramps, the car sits very stably even in streaming rain. Hitting deep water on one side doesn't cause much pulling of the steering as the water evacuation is excellent. Price wise they are cheaper than a lot of Pirelli, Goodyear and Dunlop products - so for what I believe are the best tyres the price is a bargain!

Two and a half years and about 53,000km later they're approaching the end of their life, with 3-4mm of tread remaining. Only forced to replace as one tyre has a puncture and a slow leak that cannot be repaired. They will be replaced next week with Pilot Sport 4 which I've already experienced on my girlfriend's Fiesta. I'll be taking 245/45R18 100W as they are a more common size therefore a lot cheaper.
I'm looking forward to the next 2-3 years driving with Michelin tyres.

CarMY11 Ford Mondeo Titanium TDCI

Average tyre, poor mileage, terrible customer service

Purchased 4 new tyres to replace Continental Cinteratos which achieved 65k on a front wheel drive car. Rear tyres have reached their wear indicators and need replaced after 18k. Front tyres still have good wear left (on front wheel drive car). Contacted Michelin and told 20k is what you can expect mileage wise. After three emails and various phone calls asked to replace tyres at own cost and Michelin would inspect. Asked to speak to Qld manager and never heard anything back. I expected a lot better mileage from these tyres, very poor customer service and very patchy quality.
These tyres were very quiet and offered good grip in varying road conditions, but mileage very poor.

CarSkoda superb

Michelin Pilot Sport

I had Michelins on my C Class private passenger sedan twice from new, and got 75,000 kms wear both times. Tries Continentals and got half that, so I am back to the Michelins. Some driver, same driving conditions, so will just see if the latest Pilot Sport 4 do as well. I am very pleased with their grip and low road noise (which the Continentals equalled, but effectively are twice the cost).

CarMercedes C 220 d

Quitest smoothest most comfortable and best handling

I was looking for new tyres some time ago and got recommended Michelins for an XR6 Falcon, We brought these form Bob Jane TMarts who have been vey good to deal with they are 235/45/17 tyres.Best tyres I have used they are now superseded by Pilot sport 4 . They have been quite, very comfortable and handle extremely well especially in the wet. Wear is very impressive they have done over 33000km I was thinking of buying pilot sport 4 a couple of months ago but a mechanic looked at my tyres and said you are probably going to get close to another year out of these its only a bargain buying something when you actually need it. I would highly recommend these tyres and the price was not much more than the Bob Jane Brand tyres.

Car2006 BF11 XR6 Falcon

They last a lot and I feel safer

Great tyres. Driving correctly they last really very long. I was using a cheaper brand, but I had to replace the tyres often and had problems in roundabout when raining. I decided to try Michelin pilot sport 3 because of the good reviews and I feel I made a perfect choice. They grip very well in wet and dry conditions. Although the price is a bit more expensive than other options, it's really worth it, because they last longer.

CarVolkswagen Golf iV TDI

Not Safe: Tread Wears Quickly!

NOT DURABLE, Appalling wear to unroadworthy standard. Completely Unsafe. My 4 Michelin Tyres where fitted at Tyre Plus. In 18months the rear tyres are bald, and front wheel drive tyres worn to less than 5mm. Vehicle had done 40,000km long distance lady smooth driving. Michelin Rep' flatly refused to replace, although warranty is 3years from purchase, no km rating given in warranty (is usually 50,000 with Goodyear). These Tyres Are Crap! Would Never Ever Purchase Michelin Tyres Again!

CarToyota Camry Altise

Best street tyre with circuit orientated performance

Honestly one of the best tyres i have used. Dual purposed for the street and the odd trackdays.
Dry and wet grip is superb. I have no complaints on this tyre, Michelin really hit the nail on this one.
I have gone spirited driving on this tyre and grip was consistent.
Highly reccommend for your pride and joy


what a difference....

I have just replaced my rear tyres to the Michelin Pilot Sport 3. What a difference to the stock Pirelli's P zero.
These tyres are much better in the wet. The are quieter too. They feel softer, so not sure what mileage I shall get out of it.
But the main reason choosing this tyre was that I needed something with far more grip in the wet; and they certainly deliver.

CarV8 Mustang GT

Excellent Tyres!

These were an excellent upgrade on the Outback, but were a pain to find instock within NSW. Not even Michelin could give us a ball park of when they would be back in stock. The guys down at Taleb Tyres were absolute professionals and were able to get me a full set in less than a week.

So far put on over 20K+ and loving them, much better than the stock ones that's for sure.

Car2016 Subaru Outback

Long wearing front tyres.

Long lasting front tyres although I have nitrogen in my tyres. My back tyres however did not last anywhere that long. Regardless, I would recommend. I recently tried to replace one of my rear tyres only to be told that they are no longer produced according to the tyre outlet I use. It would be useful to know if that is true or not. Does anyone know ?

Car2009 Lexus IS250

Not bad

Ive had these on my car for 45,000km now. haven't had any major problems, they weren't noisy and wear great. Handle well in wet and dry. I have rotated twice only, as these have been wearing great. Were expensive compared to the Goodyear NCTs i had on before but these PS3's offered superior performance and reasonable longevity. Have just reached the tread indicator now and will be replacing with Michelin Primacy as I have been told that the Primacy offers more high mileage ( i only do freeway kms) and the Pilot Sport 3s are for sport/performance handling.

CarFord BF XR6 Series 2

Awesome Tyres

With these tyres I feel i need firmer suspension because there is so much grip, it really exaggerates the car's body roll. Haven't had them on there long so can't comment on wear, but they feel great, smooth, comfortable and the grip is fantastic. Worth a few extra bucks for the improved control including braking. I can stand on the brake pedal and no lock up (ABS).

Car2005 Subaru Liberty Wagon

Perfect example of the best tyre available

Working in the motor trade I had the choice of any tyre, but I picked the best and have being extremely happy with there performance. Fitted to a Mercedes Benz E class only wanted the best. Wet or dry the tyres never let you down, and super quiet. They will wear slightly more than cheaper ‘harder’ tyres but with their great reassuring grip it’s a small price to pay.
Highly recommended

CarMercedes Benz E class

Can trust, feel stable, get comfortable and better quality

I bought this tyre April 2014. I thought this tyre was a little bit expensive than what I have used ever usually. I have experienced many kinds of tyres for a standard sedan from low to a high version for 25 years. This tyre is not cheap but not very expensive, I mean, I have expected this tyre's performance is not quite better than a luxury tyre.
After new four tyres were changed for my car when I drove my car I was very surprised because I had felt very stable and comfortable than I expected. Especially, when I went a curve road big difference occurred. I could feel better road holding and drive much confident than usual. After 10,000 Km used, I switched tyre's positions. I have been using these tyres for 3.5 years over 40,000 Km and still good condition. I would like to recommend this tyre and buy again.

Car2006 Mitsubishi Lancer

Excellent value for money

I have been using Michelin Pilot Sport 3 tyres for a year, they are fantastic tyres! Good in the dry, awesome in the wet, decent thread wear, excellent value for money. The Pilot Sport 4 has replaced these tyres but you can still buy the Pilot Sport 3 at certain tyre shops. NSW residents will be pleased to know Tempe Tyres still carry them for low prices!

CarMitsubishi Magna

It's hard to go past Michelin

I recently traded my Mitsubishi 380 VRX. In 2015 I put 4 Pilot Sport 3 on the vehicle. At the time of trade in I had done just over 30,000 klms on them and would have estimated at least another 25,000k left if the wear indicators were any guide. Quiet, durable and a great performance tyre. They handled all conditions well but were particularly good in the wet. Prior to the Michelins I had Pirelli P7's on the vehicle and they too were very good but the Pilot Sport 3's just that little bit better. Highly recommended.

CarMitsubishi 380 VRX

Awesome tyre!

I've had these fitted almost 12 months ago on a Subaru WRX 2007,
They have been the best tyre I've had fitted to date and reasonably priced!
They have phenomenal grip in the wet and dry, even under hard acceleration they have never slipped (only squealed).
Tyre wear so far has shown great durability for a performance tyre although care was taken to regularly rotate them.
Road noise was on par with my previous Goodyear F1 Directional tyres but that's possibly more to do with owning a Subaru itself.
The confidence it inspires is more then enough for the street and would definitely buy again or the new PS4s.

Car2007 Subaru WRX

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Questions & Answers

Front tyres, ContiSportContact 265/40/21 on Merc ML350 have lasted about 17,000 km. Scrubbed outer on fronts. Very disappointed. Anyone got ideas what to buy next?
No answers

I've got a Ford XR6 - (245/40 18R 97Y) Need to replace my Pirelli P1 (worn out). Was going for the Pirelli P7 ($279) but have been told that the Michelin Pilot Sport 4 is as good - possibly even quieter & cheaper per tyre ($214). I do country miles & odd dirt rd. Any experience or ideas which way I should go? V V
1 answer
Hi Val, I would strongly advise you to not to go with Michelin. My rear Michelin Pilot Sport' tyres wore down to canvas in less than 2years (-40,000km's). I do similar driving to you in a Camry front wheel drive; so it totally didn't make sense, except these are a bad quality tyre. I requested replacement from supplier, who put me onto Michelin State Manager, he was dismissive and refused replacement. I would never ever buy Michelin Tyres again, these tyres where poor quality and unsafe. Perhaps talk to your mechanic for a recommendation, and spend the extra $ as obviously quality tyres are very important :-)

I am looking at a set of pilot sport 3 tyres for my car. My local tyre shop has asked which type I want? He said they offer an st and a dt version (in Australia) does anyone know the difference between the two. There is a $40 difference between them per tyre.
2 answers
I know ST stands for Slient Technology, not sure what DT stands for. I was not offered options, I got the ST version. Now PS3 has successor PS4 now, should be he same price!DT Different Tread Design (slight changes in designed pattern) DT1 New pattern and the ST in the tyres title stands for Silence Tuned.


Michelin Pilot Sport 3
CategoryPassenger Tyres
Release dateJun 2010
Replaced byMichelin Pilot Sport 4
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