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Bridgestone RE92

Bridgestone RE92

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Comfort tyre

This tyre used to be made in Australia. Mitsubishi Australia selected this tyre for its Magana model. It offers comfortable driving and suits reasonably well for a family car. My set lasted about 36,000kms. It's performance is not as great as Pirelli Cinturato P1 and Hankook Optimo K415 and more expensive than the later two tyres.

CarMitsubishi Magana Advance 1997

Good tyres

I've had no issues at all and I've done about 10,000 and expect to get about 30,000 more out of them going by how much tread has been used so far (which isn't much). No flat tyres and no bubbling tread. They grip well for my 20 year old car.

Car1997 Falcon

Best ever

The TA's they go for my Jeep 31x15x10.5 best price ever and the service you get from the guys is so welcoming from the time they ordered the tyres then fitted and balance and the care and respect they give you it's like going to your mate's thanks heaps
your's sincerely brett

CarJeep Wrangler sport

Theyre good but...

I've had these tyres on my 93 Mitsu Verada. Done 27000 kms & looks half-worn. For an everyday tyre, they're quiet and handle well in the dry. I don't push it in the wet so i cant backup the other reports that they're (the tyres) are hopeless in the wet. The only gripe i have is that, if the car hasn't been driven for more than 2-3 days, and when cold, the tyres flat-spot. But after a few kms, they round out.

Car1993 Mitsubishi Verada

Bad wet tyres

Iv got these tyres on my commodore very good tyre on dry roads and very quiet but when you take off in the wet you have to roll literally and cornering no more than 5 ks an hour or otherwise your rear of your car will be in the front.so anyone looking at buying these tyres steer clear

CarVT commodore v6 2000

RE92 Tyres

The tyres wear pretty well. Need rotating every eight weeks for best wear. They handle well for my Holden as well being factory standard, but they are more expensive than other brands.. I have found as just good as tyres for $85 less per set of four tyres fitted from another company. By switching I saved about $20 per tyre.

CarHolden Commodore

Great tyres

I thought I had a problem with traction when I accelerated uphill on a wet road. I checked the rear tyres and I'm ashamed to say that there wasn't much tread left. The tyres had been on the front for 50000 km and on the back for another 20000 km. The cost of two tyres was surprisingly cheap at $178 that included fitting them to the front and shifting the existing front tyres to the back.


I think they are Jekyl & Hyde tires. I have RE92 on both my Commodores but not again unless BS change the composition! They are excellent on all counts on dry roads which leads you to trust them. On wet roads they have such poor grip I seriously wonder how many accidents they have contributed to! I have to accelerate & corner very very carefully on RE92`s or I will see my car`s rear overtaking me! Sad, as I have used BS tires overseas, for decades due their quality.
Cost, Quiet. Dry road grip.
Dangerous on wet roads.

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Mate, I've had the same problem with RE 92's on my Falcon AU wagon. Great in the dry, deadly in the wet.

Bridgestone RE92

Great tyres. I have bought 4 sets of RE92s on Commodores over the years. I maintain pressures at 36 PSI; good handling and grip wet or dry. These were all Australian made. I have just purchased my first Indonesian made set. Hopefully these will have the same quality and 50k to 60k lifespan.


Fantastic tyres have done over 85,000km of long distance driving in all conditions without fault. I dont maintain my tires at all I havent even checked the pressure in over 2 years. Tyres are worn evenly. Highly recommend especially for the cost. FYI I drive VZ 2007 Wagon.
Quiet, long lasting, affordable product :)
traction control complains if i take off in a real hurry in wet conditions but my tyres are on low on tread.


Amazing tyre and would recommend and buy again. Have driven from Cairns to Darwin in the heat twice. Run at 36psi and no feathering or abnormal wear.
Have been driving for over 50 years and have never had a tyre as good as these. Have a VX Commodore and replaced original tyres at 100,000kms and and due for second replacement at 205,000kms. No screeching on roundabouts and good in the wet. Live in a very wet tropical city. Great price


Only have one RE-92, its been punctured once. It was manufactured in 1997!
And it's still going good; although, the sidewall and in between the tread is a bit cracked [but what do you expect after 12 years!]
Overall a great tyre, just like the Goodyear Ducaro GA.
Be careful in the wet though.
Lasts Forever!
Wet handling is bad.

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All tyre's perform well in the dry (some better than others depending on how entusiastically you drive). BUT it is in bad weather that you NEED your tyres to perform! A rating of excellent shows that you avoid driving in the wet. Re 92's are slippery in the wet. You can do worse, but by golly, there are much better wet weather tyres out there. How much is your life worth (with a bit of reserch it shouldn't cost a bomb)? I'm looking into Michelin Energy XM2, reviews seem to to be good, but how good is the info and how much should one spend on a tyre that they have never used before (once bitten twice shy)?


I had a set a while back and they were a very good passenger tyre at a reasonable price, they lasted for 60,000km, handling in the wet was average.
Long life
Could be better in the wet

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Yes, RE92's will last for a long time. However, the wet weather performance is seriously compromised. One must gauge how much time they may spend driving in the dry compared to the wet. Remember that your tyres must grip well in the wet and RE92's don't.


They are a value for money tyre but are too noisy/screechy, they last forever have done 120,000 kilometres and they still aren't too bad.
very good wearing tyre
too screechy, I live in an estate with plenty of roundabouts and they will screech at nearly every roundabout drives me crazy


Can't copare these tyres with others on the Toyota Camry 2.2lt csx with ABS, only tyres I've had on this car. Tyres where on the car when I brought it in July 2006 with 44 000 km's. Now Feb 2009 with 140 000 km's the tyres are down to the wear limit indicators. Did rotate the tyres twice. ( Front to back ). I've been driving 25 yrs in April 2009. Lots and lots; Commuting, surf trips, etc, family 'taxi' and 12 yrs of professional light and medium rigid truck delivery work in Sydney metro. Plus motorcycle rider and mountain bike rider.
So to finish this review : Drive by the seat of my pants, had a lot of 'Rubber to Road' experience. Very happy with the RE92s. Gonna get 4 new ones real soon; as insurance companies don't like bald tyres. ( Had the police check the tread 1 and a half months ago, didn't get defect notice. )
GREAT TYRE. The end.
Long lasting, quiet, good performance.
Wet weather can be sketchy on any tyre. Good enough. Drive to the conditions.


Disagree with previous reviews. This tyre is downright dangerous in the wet. I do not hoon and only got 45,000 in a '98 V6 Camry.
Poor performance in the wet. Average mileage.


I have used these tyres in the past and have found them to be quite a good tyre.My last set of tyres were Goodyear ducaros which I reviewed here and had to replace after just 24000 km.I wish that I had fitted the re92s at the time as I knew they last for a long time.I am very happy with the re92s that are fitted and I have found that they are quieter than the ducaros were.I am now running at 36 psi as recommended by a suspension specialist and find the tyres seem to perform much better than at the 32 psi that I have use in the past.The tread pattern may make them look a bit dated but they are a good tyre.
Good all round tyre.
Nothing in particular. .


I can not compare to other tires as I have been driving company vehicles fitted with RE92 since 1996. In this period of time, I have covered 500,000 km and only had 3 punctures that were repaired. The vehicles have all been Holden Commodores and the current one a VZ had the four original tires replaced after 100,000 km. I will stick with this tire while it is around.
Good wear, quiet, no frills.


Good overall tyre. On out 2005 Magna wagon, these have done 46,000km and are less than half warn. Would buy again,
Quiet, good ride, good grip, excellent life. Affordable.


Handling in the dry is pretty ordinary, they get the job done but as soon as you take a corner slightly fast they screech, wet handling is terrible, have to take it very easy, a few times have aquaplaned when going slow.
done about 20k on them and they still haven't worn much.
Handling it the wet is pretty terrible.

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