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Brita Navelia

Brita Navelia

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7 reviews

    AndreSouth East Queensland, QLD

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    Bad design


    Purchased from Bunnings, absolute bad design the spout usually never opens fully and water goes everywhere, I purchased this believing that the German Brita design and manufacturing would be good, wish now I had brought the cheaper Chinese made option. It has now been consigned to the rubbish bin

    Purchased in August 2020 at Bunnings Warehouse Retail Stores.

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    RodkSouth East Queensland, QLD

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    Water trapped causes algae bacteria growth


    The navellia and Marella filter have a design fault. The chamber that holds the cartridge retains water at the bottom that doesn’t drain away and grows algae and bacteria especially if the pooled water in the bottom of the cartridge chamber is exposed to sunlight in the kitchen. This is a health risk even though the water free of chemicals. Having a filter containing stagnant water that has not been drained for days/ weeks is problematic.

    Purchased in September 2020 at Coles for $23.00.

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    Alan C.

    Alan C.Perth, WA

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    Clean, odorless Water


    Used to have troubles drinking straight from the tap because the water had a weird smell. The problem went away after using this filter. Filtered water was noticeably cleaner and easier to drink

    Purchased in January 2019 for $30.00.

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    Excellent water filter - so easy to set up and use


    This water filter is so easy to set up and use.
    Manage to purchase the replacement filter on the cheap as well - equals to $5.80 per filter.
    The filter element can easily last 1 - 2 months. So it's cheap to use.
    Filters out chlorine from your water improving the taste.

    Date PurchasedJan 2018
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    Rita Wright

    Rita WrightGold coast

    • 9 reviews

    Top quality


    I got two of these so we can use them as our main jug in the house. The filtering system really works great and the compartments of the jug are sealed well to separate the filtered from the unfiltered water. The filter cartridges, however, are a bit expensive so I try to purchase them in bulk as much as possible during sales.

    Date PurchasedOct 2017
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    BenSydney, NSW

    • 4 reviews

    Good quality product


    This Brita filter jug is a recommended purchase.
    Easy to set up and use. Water tastes better after being filtered. I think the filter cartridges can be used a bit longer than recommended.
    Replacement cartridges are a bit expensive, so keep an eye out for when they are on sale.

    Date PurchasedAug 2017
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    chylldSydney, NSW

    • 11 reviews

    Works really well, cold filtered water is heavenly

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    Questions & Answers



    Is this a Hydrogen type Water filter? Cost?

    1 answer

    It was a navellia type of brita filter, low cost from local major supermarket.
    Note in the design there is a water trap just under the filter that doesn’t ever empty and can sit there for weeks. This stagnant water possibly represents a health risk under certain conditions.

    Canberra Daddy

    Canberra Daddyasked

    Just got an e-mail from BRITA sating that I should change the filter 'at least every month'. From the website, it is good for 150 litres. It also depends on the quality of the water which is not mentioned. I find the misleading marketing from BRITA offensive. We have good quality water and only use it for the coffee machine and the steam iron. I change the filter every 4 months, whether it needs it or not!! So BRITA, what is the actual change-over time for the filters?

    2 answers

    The information is vague because, as your "offended rant" clearly showed, so is the customer. It's 150 litres on average per filter. If the water quality is lower in your area due to the reservoir/additions to the catchment - the filter MAY need more frequent filtering.
    So first of all - test your own water quality.
    THEN, you average your weekly water usage. For our house it's 2 people having 3 litres of water per day or 6 (lt) x 7 (days)= or 42 litres per week. We round up to 50 litres as we use it for cooking and hot drinks so we change out our filters every 3 weeks. We can push it to 4 or 5 weeks and test the water quality if we feel we can get more/stretch the use of the filter or if the water from out local catchment is in better nick - but that is MY responsibility as a functioning human with a brain. It's not hard to figure out when you exercise logic before outrage.

    Canberra Daddy
    Canberra Daddy

    Agree with your POV. However, the headline Brita story is 'change every month'. The fact that it is designed for 150 litres is effectively hidden in the small print. the technical design is 150 litres. The 'change every month' is Just marketing speak to sell more filters.



    Is this jug plastic or glass?

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