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Vitel Water Set

Latest review: I had been looking for months for a way to purify our tap water. I like to drink water, but found tap water at my home unappetising. The presence of fluoride in tap water always bothered me - it

AlkaWay UltraStream

Latest review: I have just received my new filter for this product. The website tells you the specifics of how much heavy toxins, bacteria it removes. I mainly bought it because of the claim to remove 99% of the

Brita Optimax Cool

Latest review: Bought the Brita Optimax Cool in December 2017, we kept drinking all the bottled water and it was cheaper to buy a soft drink. Drinking soft drink did nothing for our health. Then we discovered the


Latest review: Why are the filters changed in the back of the van and not in the home. How do we know that they aren’t our originals being brought back in? Can anyone please e

PSI Premium Twin Undersink

Latest review: Purchased the PSI twin undersink Pura-Tap replacement unit. Fitting was a breeze, unscrewed the old unit fittings, then swapped out the filter and re-screwed the water fittings. Too easy and now I

Stefani Terracotta

Latest review: This is an old school filter (my grandma had one). Works fine and it is quite reliable but it requires some work to get it going. The takes more than 4 weeks for the clay taste to clear (took around

Pure Water Systems Counter Top

Latest review: I have had my system for years and have had quite a few problems with pricing of servicing and the filters are more then the original cost of the set up. When I rang up I was told that I am wrong,

Amway eSpring

Latest review: This water treatment system is outdated. It just cannot keep a count of water been treated. So one has to guess based on change in taste. No customer support; overpriced. Even cartridges prices came

Zip HydroTap

Latest review: Please note that before you purchase a Zip Tap be aware that the filters are ridiculously expensive and do not last long. Asked for an engineer to check why my unit was noisy and he said I should

Stefani Ceramic 47/51

Latest review: Excitedly bought the 12 litre ceramic filter, constructed and filled it straight away looking forward to that first, refreshing glass. Never happened. Instead, found myself mopping every single drop

Filtered Water Solutions Twin Under Sink System

Latest review: Bad customer service. Very rude. Did not even tried to listen to cutomer concerns. Customer service that keeps on saying they cannot help even before hearing the concern. Avoid dealing if possible.

Brita On Tap System

Latest review: I have purchased two of these. I bought the second one as I thought that maybe I was doing something wrong and that is why the first one broke. No, they are just junk. In both Filters, after around a

Stefani On-Tap Purifier

Latest review: Purchased one of these this morning and after installing I turned on the tap and it leaked around the top, tried there suggestion no good tried thread seal tape still leaks.i took it back to Bunnings

Bobble Classic

Latest review: I got a Bobble water bottle about three years ago as a present and I was super excited about it because I travel a lot and it seemed fantastic to have safe water available at all times in a

Stefani Twin Undersink Water Filter

Latest review: Had the dual filter for 6 months then one of the filter containers broke at the bottom. Luckily we were home when it happened. So went to buy a replacement only to find that the single filter type

Sunbeam Ambient WF7400

Latest review: the whole container of water leaked out overnight soaking the bench and kitchen cabinets. I’ll have to find an alternative. No help from sunbeam no repairs or spare parts a

Waterlovers Water Distiller 2800

Latest review: I have the same issue as most, turn on and after 10 seconds it beeps and shuts down with flashing light. It’s the boiler that goes out, can not even get parts for this unit, it is not a good i

Water Filters Australia 4 Stage Undersink Reverse Osmosis Premium

Latest review: Water Filters Australia.. 4-Stage Countertop Reverse Osmosis . Easy to install, great customer service and very friendly staff and not to mention excellent after sales support. The system will give

Brita Fill & Enjoy

Latest review: We now have 2 units. One in an area where the tap water is undrinkable. Makes really poor tea. This fixes that. In Sydney, the tap water is pretty good tasting and so this does not make that big a

Seagull IV X-1F

Latest review: We have had our Seagull IV X-1F water purifier installed for about 3 years and the water is the best I have tasted, it is crisp, refreshing and so silky. Purifiers Australia services our system

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