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Brother NS-30

Brother NS-30

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Great for Classrooms

I have 24 of these machines in my classroom in Sydney and have been using them since 2012 (they were in the school before I was) and while I have had some issues, it is always to do with the way the students are using them. Many times I cannot replicate the problem they have. Because they are used moderately heavily in school I have them serviced about every 5 years on a rotating basis. Some things I have learned is that you need to remove your thread by cutting it off and pulling it through from the needle end. This prevents needle lock (info - courtesy of my serviceman). The bobbin case gets damaged when you sew too long on the same spot and it gets all tangled beneath - this happens on any machine. This can bend the needle and cause it to rotate beyond where it should and then the needle penetrates the bobbin case. Just file the rough spots on your bobbin case with an emery board to smooth it and all good again.

I have one machine at home for the past 5 years and no problems whatsoever.

Build Quality
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance
Noise Level
Sewing Experience Level Advanced

Really solid little performer

I have used this over quite a number of projects, most recently reupholstering all the seats and trim and curtains in a caravan .
I was really happy with machines capabilities.
I love that i dont need glasses to thread machine. The automaric threader is perfect everytime.
The bobbin filling feature is in need of some reworking I have found I have had to cut away the thread of a newly filled bobbin and start again as the tension is far to loose and it jams machine .Its easy to get the threading and filling of hobbin wrong . This causes problems whilst sewing if not right. Otherwise it is a quality machine with lots of stitch options

Date PurchasedSep 2015

So many issues

I loved this machine, for about a year. Then the issues started. The light kept dying, 4-5 times over the 4 years I owned it. It also had issues with jamming when in freestyle quilting mode with the $$ brother quilting foot. it also had jitters with the specialties stitches. They would be working fine for 40cm of motive then, bam it would start having issues with thread tension.

Date PurchasedJan 2010

Best non-industrial machine

Bought my NS-30 in 2008 (8 years old), sewn different sorts of sunblock and thick curtains (12 windows = 30 meters) for my new house, cushions, and piano cover. Used in alterations of clothing and more. Never been serviced at all - but have only cleaned it after every used and kept back in the box to prevent damage by dust and weather change.

So far, I have never encountered any issues with this machine. I do believe that there is always a chance of getting a bad egg and I think this is what others have experienced. But sometimes it depends on how you would treat a machine or care for it. This is a non-industrial machine, so if you use it beyond of what it can do then never expect it to last or not even compare it to what industrial machine does.

I have never set my heart on any particular brand; I was more of being objective when I bought this machine. I thought it can do what I purposedly want to do and I did my part in using it with care.

It's still perfectly working for me for 8 years now and I just love it.

Can't go anywhere without …

My NS30 Brother Machine - needed a new machine didn't have a lot of cash and bought this one! Fantastic machine! This little guy has been all over the world with me! Tough little guy from being jammed in overhead baggage of planes to road trips in the car! Has NEVER let me down! And i love the fact you can do lazy sewing - no pedal even needed! Just start and stop buttons so easy a monkey could use it! Couldn't recommend it enough and i am a qualified seamstress! Most people only put bad feedback so I'm giving a positive shout-out! <3


Had a Janome for years and years, but had to replace recently. Purchased through Spotlight a Brother NS30 and have used very little, looked after it, and it suddenly seized during a 3 minute sewing session. The gears have gone JUST out of warranty...still waiting on repair options...Never buy brother again

Really Great machine

I have had my Brother NS30 for about 7 years now. For the first 5.5 years I only used it for hems, curtains etc but it has literally taken a beating in the last 1.5 years. I have just gotten back into sewing properly and made clothes for myself and my kids, bags, thick quilted fabrics, leather wallets, vinyl, you name it.
I had it serviced for the first time a few months ago and apart from a clean up internally, the technician (I got it serviced at a janome centre) said it was still in great condition.

I would recommend it to any beginner. It is not overwhelming as the design is very simple and the buttons easy to use. I always had some problems with threads bunching up, and stiches too loose etc but these were overcome when I understood what thread tension was... (6 years too late!)

Love the carry case - I have even take this on a road trip once.

All in all, fantastic. I hope to get many more years out of this machine even as I get a bit more experimental with my sewing - so far it has handled it all very well.

Best machine out of my 6 sewing machine

This machine was an impulse purchase. I initially bought it to do some hemming and scrapbooking. I wanted something that offered a few more decorative stitches. There wasn't many in the shop to choose from and this seem like an ok machine at the time. The machine itself is sleek looking and seem to be minimal in buttons (which I really like because it's less cluttered).

The NS30 is my primary sewing machine, I own 6 other sewing machines (I run a class for a few girls from the school where I work). The machines I own range from really cheap ones like the brother xl2230 to the Bernina 1006 and an industrial juki and by far, this is the only one I keep coming back to.

For the last 4 years or so, I have used it twice to seven days a week. It has coped some beating from me. I have sewn all sorts of stuff on this machine. Stockcard paper for scrapbooking, thick curtains, fine silks, thin polyester, plastic waterproof fabric for a tent, 4 layers of wool-blend that was also interfaced and piped, layers and layers of fleece and uphostery. My hubusnd reckon I am trying to kill it so I can buy a new one, he may be right but it's not dying, not even a cough! not even a hick-up! I have even accidentally sew the needle onto the metal feet 6 times because I forgot to change the needle position, I thought it would throw it out but nope, still nothing. Stitch still as good as the day I took it out of the box.

For 4 years now, I have never taken it for a tune up and only cleaned it out last week and gave it a drop of oil. I seriously through I was going to use this for a few projects, I never thought it would be used so regularly. This machine is prefect for beginners and intermediates a-like, there are enough stitches (70 different types) there to please quilters, garments makers and scrapbookers! It sew thought everything, I personally think it is a very reasonably priced item for what I have put it through.

Great little buddy

I have had my NS 30 for 5 years sewn,and have sewn sewn and sewn and never ever had a problem. Great basic machine with a good selection of decorative stitches. Cant understand how others has so much trouble. I would recommend to any amateur sewer. Good value for money
variety of stitches at cheap price
small throat

Never again!

Bought 2 years ago and hardly used. Wheel jammed, took for service/repair and was told it wasn't worth repairing as the gears had gone. Only used it for simple repairs but I'll never buy Brother again! In fact I'm going to take it up with Brother as a machine that's had little use should have lasted a lot longer.
Ease of use
Not worth repairing

I have had my NS 30 for 5 years sewn,and have sewn sewn and sewn and never ever had a problem. Great basic machine with a good selection of decorative stitches. Cant understand how others has so much trouble.Following my comment in Dec 2013, I did take it up with Brother who asked me to take the machine to their own repair agent which was a long way from my home. This I did and he managed to fix it at my expense as it was out of warranty. It just shows how service agents can differ!


This is my 4th brother machine and its a fantastic machine both for functionality and price . I have had 2 of there high end machines and find this machine on par ans far as it being Easy to use quiet and as always has all the brother little touches making it a pleasure to use .Love the easy buttonhole .
Quiet and has some nice extra stitches .
Not a thing .

GREAT (so far)

I bought NS 30 today from my local Spotlight shop in Newcastle, NSW. Literally, started sewing from the box. Couldn't wait to use all the decorative stitches and auto threader :) so cool. I have made 2 garments in one day and so far, the machine is being great. On/Off button is great, needle up/down button so helpful and the fact that you don't need a pedal foot-makes me so exciting.
I like it...so far so good. Read the manual as well....a lot of helpful tips and how-to instructions. Love all the stitches and included foots.
Easiness and very simple to use
One of the included foots missing....

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I have had my NS 30 for 5 years sewn,and have sewn sewn and sewn and never ever had a problem. Great basic machine with a good selection of decorative stitches. Cant understand how others has so much trouble.


I have bought 10 + of these machines for my classroom. What a terrible mistake. Not worth $50 let alone $500! Nothing but trouble. No quality at all. NO support whatsoever from Brother. Bobbin cases not worth a cracker. Constantly needing attention. Constantly jamming, knotting, tangling etc. Needle threader useless. Quite a few fancy stitches to be used if the machine was capable. Have spent so much on service and repair I wish I had simply gone back to Janome or Bernina. Will NEVER touch Brother again!
Dial to switch between stitches.
See above - heaps.

Hi, I'm surprized to hear that u've had such a bad experience with the Brother NS30 sewing machine. I'm thinking of buying one because the positive feed-back out weighs the negatives..I'm confused,mayb u bought a lemon (as u would when buying a car !!!!!).I've had my old Singer repaired twice recently(which I've had since a teenager(im in my 50s' now) & I don't think it's worth paying $75 everytime when that money can b spent on a new one.My mother always had Singer but bought a Janome afew years ago & was very unhappy with it. I have definitely not bought a lemon unless I have 12 of them. We bought 12 of these machines and they are all the same. If you purchase this model I hope you do better with it. I would not touch another one personally.I too am looking at buying one of these machines and am very concerned that you have had such a bad experience with a total of 10/12 machines. Am wondering about what backup service was offered from the supplier and how long did you have the machines. You do mention having 'spent so much on service and repair.' With such a large number of machines I would have thought the supplier would have been falling over themselves trying to resolve the situation.

Very Disappointing

I purchased this machine after the motor in my 20 year old Husqvarna burnt out (I had been sewing shade cloth so I think I was pushing my luck). I was told by the repair shop after paying $50 for a quote that it was not worth repairing but this Brother sewing machine was an excellent buy. Hmm .. I wonder if I would have found my old machine for sale if I had gone back soon after my purchase.

I have not used it a lot since I bought it as I have two small children BUT I would not recommend this machine to anyone serious about sewing. It is cheap and plastic. But the worst 'feature' is that the guide plate seems to pull the fabric on an angle I am constantly having to correct it by pulling on the fabric and it does not handle single layers or thin fabrics well at all. For sewing narrow seams it is terrible because of this pulling.

In 20 years I NEVER got a thread lock on my old machine but I am getting them constantly on this machine. I think something is broken and now have to face the dilemma of whether I just ditch this machine and buy something that is up to the job or get it repaired.

I also don't like the fact that the stitch information\guide is on a piece of plastic that you have to attach to the top of the machine.
Good range of stitches (if I could sew anything).
Guide plate pulls, cotton locks, cheap and plastic.

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I have bought 10 + of these machines for my classroom. What a terrible mistake. Not worth $50 let alone $500! Nothing but trouble. No quality at all. NO support whatsoever from Brother. Bobbin cases not worth a cracker. Constantly needing attention. Constantly jamming, knotting, tangling etc. Needle threader useless. Quite a few fancy stitches to be used if the machine was capable. Have spent so much on service and repair I wish I had simply gone back to Janome or Bernina. Will NEVER touch Brother again!


I run my own sewing classes in Perth, WA and have recommended and sold stacks of these machines. Everyone has been extremely happy with it. It is the perfect machine for absolute beginners. Using a great machine that is simple to use makes the whole learning experience so much easier. No knocking, no tangled bobbins! This machine is also great if you want to upgrade from a cheap model. A stack of great stitches to use and extra feet to add to your collection. The price is great for this model. You will pay twice the price for the same features for another brand. You won't be disappointed. Miss Mary x
Jog dial to move between stitches. Speed control which is great for beginners. One button for needle up and needle down. One button for reverse stitching. Runs quietly unlike the cheap Brother machines. Will take heavy fabrics well. Automatic button hole that measures your button, creating perfect buttonholes. As you move through the different stitches it tells you what foot is needed and the stitch length can be adjusted easily. Has automatic threading, and has a hard cover!
Nothing at all. The only thing that has come up is the fact that you cannot make a really large buttonhole with the buttonhole foot. However there is a way to over come this, but it is not in the manual.

Hi there, I have been testing out an NS 50 and am very impressed but am wondering if I'd be better to spend that little bit extra in getting a NV-400? Given your experience with machines etc I would appreciate your opinion.Just wondering how you overcame the large buttonhole issue. I tried Brother web but they wanted money for someone to help me! thank you, V

In love..

I recived this machine as a birthday present and have learnt to sew using it. I cannot live without it now, I love sewing and creating things for my daughters. Since owning this machine I have sewing toys, clothing and done repairs all my self.
Everything From the Price, look and ease of use if you are a bigginer I would recomend this machine.
None at all, its a great sewing machine you will not be dissapointed.


The Brother NS-30 is a fantastic machine, great for me as i mainly hem items and use for craft work and baby dresses. Bought the machine for around $400 as i waited for spotlight to have their sale on it.
fantastic machine
loads of stitches
you don't need to use the foot pedal attatchment
most exciting of all.. it threads itself
i am yet to find anything bad

Questions & Answers

does the NS30 need oiling
No answers

how do you thread needle
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Hi my machine NS30 is on full time reverse. Does anyone know what I need to do?Thank you!
1 answer
I can only think of 2 scenarios here. (1) You might have enabled the "automatic reverse/reinforcement stitch" button and (2) You may have a sticky (reverse) button which you need to tap a bit to loosen contact - or better off open and clean the rubber contact between the button and PCB. However, you should only do this kind of cleaning if you are technical enough, know what you're doing, and the machine out of warranty. Otherwise, the best thing to do is to bring it to the nearest sewing machine repair shop. I know HobbySew supports this kind of machine - and they are official Brother Service Repair Centre - in case your machine is under warranty.


Brother NS-30
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