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Brunnings Tough Lawn Seed

Brunnings Tough Lawn Seed

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Do waste your money - not tough

Do buy this product (hortico tough drought lawn seed) die in patches.
It grows stringy fine blades, can’t be left long as it lays down and dies in patches.
You can’t stand on it as your foot steps crush and kills the sections you just stood on.
Even the mower wheels compress the grass, the crushed grass dies in a few days (at any height that you set the mower)
Very disappointed with the staff at bunnings - as they recommended the product as fast growing, tough as it had several different grass types in the box, it doesn’t. Only has one - the very fine stringy blades of grass – good for nothing kids cant play on it?
Do waste your time or money buying this product as youll spend a fortune on water and time for no result
Angelo (oak park victoria)

Purchased in September 2018 at Bunnings Warehouse.

No stamina

Starts off like a house on fire but it needs constant watering. Once summer arrives along with higher temperatures it starts to wilt and eventually dies off.

Have bought 10 kg of the local Bega blended grass seeds for the same price per kg and due to its suitability to the area I live in (Bega Valley), it leaves Brunnings tough lawn seed looking like a complete weakling.

Not worth wasting your money on to be honest.

Date PurchasedSep 2018


I bought Bunnings branded lawn seed for a new lawn. It was supposed to be a blend of grasses but all that come up are the same. Very fine and spindly. Very patchy with I would say only about 10% of the seed germinating 90% just along for the ride. Very disappointing and I have wasted my money. If you want good quality lawn seed you will have to buy off some one else.

Date PurchasedMay 2018

Keeps dying in patches

Keeps dying in patches after all that work grows fast and dies fast. Very patchy and the same species taken so far 10 boxes for about 100meters square and still needs more as it is patchy and keeps dying. Strange grass as it does not run like other grasses. Don't buy.

Date PurchasedMay 2016

Re Out In The Country Look - Died When Warmer Weather Hit. Not So Tough!

My earlier review was premature.

Everything not in shade died when warmer weather hit in November.

Too much money (seed, water) and too much time was invested for this zero outcome - very frustrating and very wasteful.

If Woolworths cared, they’d offer refunds to all and remove it from shelves.

Brunnings lawn seed

This product is cheap and nasty. It may have its place on the side of riverbanks but definitely not in a garden. It germinated well but patchy following the instructions in their entirety. It's unfortunate that I'm probably going to have to rip the whole thing up, poison it ad start again. It's like tough straw under foot, the kids cannot play on it without shoes on as it is just too hard with 5mm thick shoots. Do not recommend to any family or homeowner. It's cheap and horrible stuff.

Horrible blend of grass. Looks like weeds, grows at different lengths and is like hard straw under foot

Brunnings lawn seed does not germinate

I bought quite a number of boxes of this seed to have adequate cover for my nature strip. It cost me $100 for the seed and $100 for th etop soil. I followed the instructions on the box. Only a few small patches germinated. The rest just will not germinate despite good quality soil, adequate watering and large amounts of seeds. What a waste of money and time!!!

Does not germinate

This grass seed really is a "budget blend". Just horrible!

I previously posted here by clicking "comment", instead of "review", in error. So, here i go again. We are very unhappy that Brunnings can't even be bothered replying to an unhappy customers email. Why? We will never buy this grass seed ever again. It grows a lot longer and quicker than our other grass, so the lawn always needs mowing. Worse thing is, it looks like weedy Nutgrass, and the Bindii weed just loves growing inside it. And, we hate Nutgrass and Bindii too! We are tempted to poison the whole lot of it, but then we'll have big bare dirt patches.

Everything! It's cheap and nasty!


It claims to be a blend of 4 tough grasses. I put a handful in a pot, and they are all the same species - not a blend. Furthermore, the grass is soft & delicate. It claims to be a blend of 4 tough grasses. I put a handful in a pot, and they are all the same species - not a blend. Furthermore, the grass is soft & delicate.

It's [censored word removed] thats why its cheap!!This Tough Lawn Seed is just horrible! It looks like the weedy Nutgrass, and the Bindi weed just loves hiding inside it. Grows so quick, it's higher than our other grass just after it's been mowed. Will never use this grass again! Very disappointed too, that Brunnings couldn't even take the time to reply to my email. Good customer service???

Questions & Answers

Why did parts of our lawn die after using Brunnings Marithon Lawn food? We used the lawn food in September and the lawn looked magnificent! Used is again in January 2017, went away for a few days, and came back to a lawn which had big dead patches in the lawn. The lawn had lost its thickness and lushness, to such an effect, that we will need to reseed. Bitterly disappointed. Please give feedback as to why this has happened?
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Could only be too much fertiliser.Used too much fertiliser!

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