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Buffalo Smart Cooker

Buffalo Smart Cooker

2015 Model and 2011 Model
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Still works perfectly well

My mom has been using Buffalo rice cooker for ages. We use it to cook various food. Its stainless steel insert is thick and intact. Stainless steel is healthier than other insert with chemical layer which comes off easily, especially good for family with kids. I would go for Buffalo as well.

Date PurchasedJun 2013

amazing multi cooker! must have! no regrets!

We are a family of 5 and this buffalo smart cooker is my saviour! Never regret since! it was an accidental discovery, I was shopping for PFOA-free rice cooker and found buffalo smart cooker in The Glen shopping center instead. The lady was patient in explaining the features and about the stainless steel inner bowl.

- It can actually cook a lot of stuff, not just rice! it's smart, just get creative and let it do it's work. I did "one-pot-meals", stew meat, minestrone soup, and sky is your limit!

- the buttons are comfortable to press and it has a solid build especially the stainless steel inner bowl(its good quality cuz its thicker) which has very good evenly heat conductivity. i know because i can see and taste the improved difference for the tenderness of the stew meat.

- healthier option! its free from PFOA non-stick coating. PFOA coating is harmful to health and may leach into food.

- it can be pricier than rice cooker from target, but i got it with 10% off. but hey, the quality is really good and saves me lots of time!

Date PurchasedNov 2017

A pretty good rice cooker

This rice cooker is fairly easy to use and having the steel bowl means that you don't have to worry about any bits and pieces coming off within the rice.

The timer is large and can be read easily. The bowl is easy to clean. This product can also cook other items besides rice.

Date PurchasedSep 2017

Rice only tastes this good at Chinese restaurants

Our daughter cooks a lot and loves her rice as we do and have it around 3-4 times a week. If people know the poisons in Teflon, you would be smart to use stainless steel bowl as the Buffalo does. It even comes with a steamer, and at the time we received a $75 titanium frypan which is also great. We purchased the Buffalo Smart Cooker 10 cup model.

We've had it for nearly 6 months and it has produced such superb tasting rice and even without adding salt and cooks the rice whether brown or white so well. The rice isnt sticky and takes around 45 minutes to cook simply by pressing on the COOK button for a few seconds, then let it go. The screen will turn orange when it starts as it needs to heat up then even tells you when it is cooking. Once its cooked the screen turns green to let you know its cooked and the timer runs up by the minute to show how long its been on simple heat and keeps it moist. But really you dont need to know all this - just press cook and its all automatic and come back an hour later.

To avoid sticking to the pan, they say to leave for 15 minutes before you take it out and serve it, which is pretty much right, and there is just a little bit of sticking which is no problem, with 10 seconds clean with scourer or steel wool, with no need to soak at all.

The unit can cook stews, make bread and cakes, as well as soup, though we have only used it for rice as its just so simple with no effort.

The unit isnt cheap though we purchased it at the price of $349 which a bonus titanium pan of $75 was given and as well as the shop giving a year warranty on top of manufacturer warranty, thus 2 year warranty which is great, and the unit is very well constructed and even has a clock when unplugged.

All I can say in finishing is that the taste of rice cooked in this unit is like the taste of reverse osmosis water over tap water - there is no comparison, and certainly worth the money.

Date PurchasedDec 2016

A Bowl of Rice Never Tasted So Pure.

We eat rice practically every day in our house. The old Tiger rice cooker we had was good, but after a while the Teflon pan on the inside started to chip away until a little came with each bite. So we started a search for a rice cooker with a stainless steel pot.
We decided on the Buffalo Smart Cooker 10 cup model.

So far so good. We've had it for over 6 months and it has preformed like a champ. I call this thing my "baby" because I pamper it every day, scrubbing gently, wiping down with a cloth specifically meant for it (saves on paper towels). It is well built, sturdy and the inner pot is heavy and I mean HEAVY compared to the aluminum ones out there. The pot is made of an aluminum core clad in stainless steel. The walls are very thick. It distributes and holds heat FAR better as a result, IT IS JUST A BETTER COOKING EXPERIENCE OVERALL.

Here is the rundown:

Rice cooked in a Buffalo Smart Cooker comes out tasting CLEAN AND NATURAL. Teflon coated pans don't stick but the rice comes out with a subtle but distinct flavoring; you might not really notice it until its NOT there. Think of the difference between soda from a bottle and a can and you get the idea. the stainless steel pot of the Smart Cooker sidesteps this whole problem.

Cultural tastes:
Forgive any generalizations here, but in my travels this is what I've observed. Australians like rice fluffy, a bit dry and cooked fast. Middle Easterners have a rice dish that is crisp and browned on the bottom. Asian cultures run the gamut of preference. Although I've never gotten a crispy bottomed dish from the Smart Cooker (then again, I've never tried) the rice comes out fluffy, and sticky enough to suit almost any cultural taste. I would say it favors Chinese style rice which is a happy medium. Different types of rice cook up fine. Japanese style rice comes out great (and a little stickier just as one might expect from short grain-great for making sushi), as does Indian style as does Chinese as does brown rice for health food connoisseurs (there's even a setting for it).

The Smart Cooker, when used right is about 90% non-stick. The presets prevent overcooking. I will give the Teflon cookers the edge in clean-up though, they don't stick at all. It takes seconds to wash out a Teflon pan or pot, as opposed to over a minute to clean out the stainless steel pot of the Smart cooker. I

HERE IS MY HINT to you if you buy this product...Once the rice is cooked (and the cooker will tell you when its done) let it sit for 10 minutes before opening the lid. The rice stays moist and does not stick. For cleaning you can gently scrub the inside, of course you can scrub hard, it won't harm the inside of the pot so feel free-don't try that with a Teflon pan!

RICE TAKES ABOUT 40 MINUTES TO COOK and 10 minutes to really add the finishing touch. There is a 30 MINUTE fast cook option.

It can cook breads, cake, soup, stew, just about anything, all in a small space. We use ours almost always for rice, but it is a VERSATILE kitchen tool, and not in that Kitchen-Aid or Cuisinart way where there is a lot of switching out of parts to do. It is self contained.

THIS THING IS SIMPLE TO OPERATE. Put rice in, put water in, press button and walk away, or cook the rest of the meal while you are waiting.

Also under the convenience heading, THE CORD RETRACTS INTO THE BASE. VERY NICE FEATURE! It keeps the counter uncluttered

This thing costs a pretty penny, but it is VERY HIGH QUALITY. This is much more solidly built than any other rice cooker we came across in our search.

Other Thoughts:
At this writing there is ONLY TWO OTHER ONLINE REVIEW of this product that I could find. One is an an American site (under the thread: Not happy with the Buffalo Smart Rice Cooker) in which the user experienced water leakage. THAT HAS NEVER HAPPENED TO US. NOT ONCE IN 6 MONTHS. Counters stay clean and dry. Furthermore two friends have subsequently bought one for themselves and they ALSO report NO LEAKAGE. The reviewer also mentioned funny taste caused by a coating on the inner pot. I myself noticed no such coating. As for flavour, our experience has been quite the opposite, NOW WE CAN REALLY TASTE THE RICE.

Its great NOT to have Teflon lining sprinkled in with the rice too, which for us was THE MAIN SELLING POINT.

It comes with a one year warranty on the cooker and lifetime warranty on the pot. I always recommend keeping the receipt, just in case.

Also comes with a recipe book, and there are several online sources for more recipes.

And it always greets you with a smiling face (look at the picture).

Any extra time put into cleaning a stainless steel pot over a non-stick pot has been worth the trade-off. We cook almost exclusively Asian cuisine in our house (Southern Chinese specifically). Rice is like bread in our house. This has been a stellar purchase and it pays off at every meal, every day.

Date PurchasedJun 2016

Pressure Cooker

Wish there is a pressure cooker function and hence will be an alternative to "Instant Pot" in Australia. Stainless steel pot is good for rice, porridge, soup (2 hours) and steamed cakes. But the steamer is too high so i can't put the pao or chang properly so they tend to be squashed.


Date PurchasedDec 2015

This is perfect! Can't live without it!

This is the only rice cooker that I have found that uses multifply stainless steel versus non-stick materials. Though the price is a bit dear, it is worth to go ahead during Christmas sales. Rice is just right and I am impressed that there is no sticking problem at all. The stainless steel insert is firm and looks durable.

Considering the pricing factor plus it is rare to find similar products in the market. I am happy to give it 4 stars.

Date PurchasedDec 2016

Terrible pls stay away

Pls stay away from this brand of rice cooker. It is so flimsy not suitable especially if have children at home. The rice is too dry if left in the cooker for too long. A regrettable purchase. I have brought my rice cooker back for service and the same thing happened again. I will look for another brand after this incident.

Date PurchasedJun 2015

A cooker that does much more than a conventional rice cooker

Upgraded my existing 15 year old rice cooker for this "smart cooker".
The rep stressed that it was not purely for cooking rice and demonstrated it by cooking three traditional Chinese meals including rice with the cooker in just 40 minutes!
This was done at the Chatswood store where you can book into their cooking show.
I've been using this to cook a variety of different Chinese meals (as well as the rice we usually eat every day). I've found that it's very good at making soups as well as congee and any other Chinese recipe that usually requires lengthy steaming or boiling such as making stews.
I was worried about the stainless steel inner pot as I have had bad experiences with stuff sticking to the pot (especially rice!!).
This happened when I started using it to cook rice but the rep was quite helpful to explain that it's best to to turn off the cooker (don't let it go to warm mode) after the rice timer has finished. This stopped the rice sticking. Hope that comes in handy for someone else having similar issues.
Can be used for much more than just for cooking rice. Timer function comes in handy - you can prepare all the ingredients and set a time so it will start cooking and be ready for when you need the food cooked.
Takes some learning to get use to it however rep was very good at explaining the different settings as well as how to cook without sticking

Questions & Answers

I have a question I have a buffalo smart cooker is this a pressure cooker? I'm a busy mom and professional. I don't have time to cook most days. I need something that cooks fast my crockpot is not fast. I have a recipe book but does not tell me how long things cook? How long will it take to cook vegetables, chicken pork and beef? Thx please email me back @ lienfengshui.yahoo.com
1 answer
Hi Lien. The Buffalo is not a pressure cooker.

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