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Tefal Cook4Me
Latest review: We really tried to this cooker to work, and, objectively, it cooks very well. However, this is offset by a number of insurmountable problems, which made us return it. First a minor quibble -- the

Philips All-In-One Cooker HD2137/72
Latest review: Had this for over 2 years and it has become a staple product in my kitchen. Used every 2nd day at least. Makes chunky chicken soups, casserole beef, chicken Curry’s in a quarter of the time. For s

Russell Hobbs Express Chef RHPC1000
Latest review: I love this cooker, use it 3 or 4 times a week. I love that it sautes onions before I put the slow cooker on. We made pulled pork the other day was so yummy, the cooker worked perfectly. Cooking

Crock Pot Express Multi-Cooker CPE200
Latest review: 1. I've made beef brisket, seafood paella, steamed potatoes and yogurt so far. 2. The cookers does retain smells of beef brisket after cooking but I steamed some herbs from my garden to get rid of

Perfect Cooker
Latest review: It has many useful features...handy size, easy to clean and worry-free operation, to name a few. On the negative side... no handle, the aluminium inside top and having to push the start button a

Tefal Cook4Me+
Latest review: easy to use , over 150 built in recipes ,cooks then keeps food warm for hours , doesn't get hot so even teens can use it safely . is very easy to clean , bowl is dishwasher safe . only downside

Kambrook Pressure Express Digital Multi Cooker KPR820BSS
Latest review: When and if it seals it cooks amazing very to use and clean. Simple easy features easy to read. Very simple to clean like non stick service. Seal has been a constant issue so bit disappointed

Breville Multi Chef BRC600
Latest review: I bought this rice cooker after a lot of research and reading reviews from various sites. To be fair, no rice cooker had the perfect review. Price wasn't so much of an issue for me, not that I

Tefal Minut Cook CY4000
Latest review: I have a manual (Stovetop) pressure cooker, and I love it. I thought the Tefal Minutcook would be a great, convenient second cooker for smaller quantities (my other one is big). I’ve had it for a few

Philips Premium All-In-One Cooker HD2178/72
Latest review: This is the BEST appliance I own - in fact - I liked it so much I've got a second!! I am also a TM owner and the TM is now a very expensive dust collector :( If I'd known about the All In One

New Wave 6-in-1 Multicooker NW-800
Latest review: Easy to use, absolutely. Features? Fantastic. Easy to clean? Totally. So why do I give a very questionable review? The valve center top fell off, into the food. I retrieved the parts and put

Sunbeam Aviva Electronic Pressure Cooker PE6100
Latest review: Love this product. Easy way to make tasty dinners when you are time poor! So many recipe options and the fact that it is multi-function is a bonus! No reliability issues at all, works right every

Kogan Multi Function Cooker
Latest review: I purchased this a few months ago I love the 24 hour pre set many times I have just pre set a roast and off I go then later arrive home all I have to do is dish up so easy I made cakes, soups, and of

Philips Deluxe HD2145/72
Latest review: Absolutely the worst appliance we have ever bought. The seal is almost impossible to fit, which is something you need to do every time you use the appliance. And no I am not a numbty ... I can

Buffalo IH Stainless Steel Smart Cooker KW79
Latest review: Always recommend stainless stain rice cooker. No coating inside which come off easily. Healthier and especially good for family with kids. Easy to clean. Did a great job for all kinds of functions. I

Tiger JKT-S10U / JKT-S18U
Latest review: Not the cheapest machine going around but does rice really well.. we use this item at least 4-5 times a week.. the quick cook gave us bit harder rice, but since we added bit more water it's no longer

Tefal 10 in 1 RK705
Latest review: This Tefal is great. Can cook in the one pot. Bacon. Brown onions. Steam vegies. Soups. Rice dishes. Can cook individual components in the one pot! Easy clean up. Haven't used all functions yet! Nice

Cuisinart MSC-600XA
Latest review: This slow cooker has been a real help during our busy time of year. Intuitive features, and it cooks consistently. We've made stocks, soups and casseroles and we are very happy with the results. The

Instant Pot IP-DUO60
Latest review: Bought it from Amazon UK. It took ages for them to actually send it (close to a month) during which time I debated whether I really needed it. I'm so glad I decided to wait! It really is as good as

Cuisinart Pressure Cooker Plus CPC-610A
Latest review: Managed to do 1meal in it without it clicking over to "keep warm" mode. Tried everything to get it to work but it just keeps turning off. It would make a very nice door stop. Please do your homework

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