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Bulk Nutrients Whey Protein Isolate

Bulk Nutrients Whey Protein Isolate

4.4 from 21 reviews

This is amazing. It has changed my life.

Absolutely fabulous product. I use this product in my baking. It’s amazing.
I wouldn’t use any other brand. The raw whey protein powder, lets me make recipe/items, I haven’t eaten or baked in years.
Thank you.

Purchased in April 2019 at Bulk Nutrients for $35.99.

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User IntentWeight Loss

great service

Mix up with order - fixed promptly and no fuss. Very happy with the whey isolate - vanilla tastes great and dissolves easily. Too early to see results as order just arrived.

Best Value I've seen by far!!

My sister used to pay nearly twice the price for undenatured Whey protein Isolate. When I found this, I was so excited!! With 5 children to provide for I don't have the money to buy expensive things for myself, so this is a winner with me....I buy it in bulk when I have the money and it lasts ages. I use the unflavoured one "RAW" it's called. I even use it to bake low carb, low fat bread, it's amazing stuff!! :-)

Best WPI on the market

This is easily the best WPI I have ever used. It dissolves perfectly every time and the flavours are excellent. It's super convenient to order online and have it delivered to your door. I use some of their other products as well and won't be using anything else from now on.

Choc Honeycomb WPI

This WPI is delicious, tastes similar to a Golden Gaytime. It mixes great with water and with added carb powder. It's quality with at least 90% WPI as the main ingredient with minimal fillers. Banana is pretty amazing as well :)

Best product on the market

As a product enthusiast and ordering several large amounts for all my clients - I can definitely say that all products produced by bulk nutrients are outstanding and absolutely fantastic with hardly any fillers and nonsense in the product, especially proteins mixing really well and not making individuals feeling bloated it is the best product on the market!


I've been using BN for about 1.5yrs and the taste is delicious. It mixes really easy and leaves no lumps. I use it in yoghurt, oats, smoothies and just on its own. Couldn't recommend highly enough and delivery is super fast


Awesome protein powder! I add it to my meal replacement shake in the morning for breakfast, and I'm full of energy all day, & I get so much done in one day! Love it!

All the gainz

Amazing value for money , great Aussie protein, that not only supply's the gains but taste gastronomical .
I won't buy any where else
Bulk nutrients is the BEST !!!

Best value for money protein on the market

Great taste, mixes well and hands down one of the best proteins I've tried. Every flavour I have tried tastes great.vanilla makes my morning porridge extra filling and starts the day right

Such a great tasting product!

I got the coffee flavour and honest to say it's hard to go without this product every morning! The taste is great and it's not a heavy product! Makes my muscles recover much quicker too!

Never back to a shop to buy my WPI

I have been taking BN WPI for 3 years now. There are numerous brands and taste of WPI in stores/online but since I found BN WPI, I have never got back to shop to buy my protein.
3 words: excellent absorption, good value and great taste.
Recommend to anyone looking for great WPI

Worst Customer Service Ever!

Ok to deal with if the order is fine. But if they mix up your order, then be ready for their true colours. Being a customer of 8 years who has recommended their products to many ppl you would expect that their priority would be to get the customer their order. Instead of sending my order through promptly, they were more concerned about getting their crap WPC back before they sent me my more expensive natural WPC. Absolutely crap service for some cheap chinese products.

Best WPI!

This is the best WPI I have found. I buy Vanilla flavour and it tastes fantastic. It is so easy to mix you could almost mix it with a spoon.

Made me sick

I took the isolate one. Horrible product. My heart beat started pumping. I felt like I will die. Horrible experience with Bulk Nutrition Isolate. I will never recommend to buy this product. Be safe guys. Consider something else.

Be Careful! - Product, product makes me feel sick and the reviews are not accurate

This all started when I bought this product, and the product made me feel really sick, a nauseous feeling for hours after taking it.

I bought my product based on the reviews on their site, those reviews endorsing the product. Only to realize that all those reviews that you read, well, they are CENSORED. What I mean by that, is if a person writes a review of a product, and that review is anything short of glowing, Bulk Nutrients will prevent it from being published, hence why all their reviews are nothing short of fantastic. This of course interferes with the integrity of the whole review system and you cannot know if this or any other products for that sake is in fact as good as the reviews says. The product was nothing like the reviews as they are completely one sided, I wonder what all the censored reviews would have said. It is disappointing to see a business operate with such lack of transparency and integrity and rest assured, I will never buy anything else from these guys. There are many other businesses out there that offers just as good value products and with TRANSPARENT and open reviews, for example bodybuilding.com and venom protein.

Great products and fast delivery!

I always buy from BN now. Their products are good, have a vast range and for a great price! I live in WA and when ordering before 3pm aedst I get it the next day which is great considering how far away I am from TAS!

Great no BS protein

Recently ordered from Bulk nutrients after having problems with another supplier.

The value is fantastic since what it says on the label, is what you get. I've tried the WPC and WPI and been happy with both.

I haven't had a flavour that I didn't like and all mix well in a shaker with little effort.

The important thing is they work! They offer free test kits to see how high the protein content is and have tested competitors products in the past (Google search it). I truly believe the protein content and ingredients are good and have been integral to my muscle gain after a few stagnant years.

I had no problems with delivery speed.

A solid company with good protein

So much better than others

I really prefer a protein powder to just be that, no xanthan gum or the dreadful stevia or lots of added chemicals. For that and financial reasons I have been buying online a long time, when I decided to switch from soy to whey my usual supplier's products were not suitable so I have tried a few sources of cleaner whey since. I am over cheapo couriers taking days to deliver when tracking shows it onboard and broken bags and promises of sending times that are utterly fictitious (yes Venom, I am talking about you). I got a BN sample via their site and was very pleased with it. Having added some aminos to my day I found Bulk Nutrients had the best range and the very handy and effective flavour sachets that certainly drive the bitterness out of even the drain cleanerish l-arginine. Auspost allowed me to subscribe to email updates of the tracking so I knew exactly when my very well packaged parcel would arrive rather than hovering around home for days just in case. That freedom is well worth the $12 postage fee, as is the knowledge it will just go to my local post office if I miss them, not some dingy depot across town. I ordered 2:30 on a Friday and had it Tuesday morning. I'll be a regular customer. If thinking about new protein flavours I'd vote for caramel but all is drinkable and does the job.

May I never need to mix l-arginine with lemon juice to choke it down again! That is a hard way to start a day.

Great Powder - Tastes Awesome

I recently started having the BN WPI in both Strawberry and Cookies 'n' Cream. I find the Strawberry rather sweet but i love it! The Cookies 'n' Cream is a rather different taste to what i expected but never the less is still great with Milk or Water!! (I think my expectation of Cookies 'n' Cream might have lowered this ones rating haha)
Strawberry - 8/10
Cookies 'n' Cream - 7/10

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