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Caffitaly Induction Milk Frother SM9495

Caffitaly Induction Milk Frother SM9495

3.8 from 22 reviews

No parts

I had my frother for about a month. Found it to be very effective and loved the concept of placing the jug into the dishwasher. But then the frother head was left sitting on the bench by mistake. Subsequently it found its way onto the oven. By the time we found it all that remained was two magnets. We put up hand up to the mistake, but when went to try and get a replacement head, found that there were none available. That was early 2018. There is still no replacement available, and now the parts section on the website does not function. Not sure what is going on. Instead we ended paying over $110 for a Breville. Same concept but less likely to lose heads and a bigger jug.

Date PurchasedFeb 2018


Takes a long time to froth the Milk and at the end is only warm I prefer a hot cup of coffee - find I have to place in the microwave to heat. Does have one good point and that is it is easy to wash and no more burnt milk which you get with the Nespresso milk frother. I bought because of the handle due to arthritis in my hands as there are not many with handles

Date PurchasedNov 2018

Great little machine

We have been using the frother for about a month now. No issues at all. Froths full cream milk reall well, light not so much but we dont use light so it doesn't matter to us. Heats up to a good temperature and doesn't take too long. The jug is easy to clean and goes straight into the dishwasher. No burnt milk here. I like this alot better than thr nespresso frother thats burns milk onto the bottom. Great machine, very happy

Date PurchasedOct 2018

Froths brilliant as long as you use the right milk.

Have used many frothers and all had advantages and disadvantages. This is the best I have used. It is cheap, it is by far the easiest to clean and it works. It froths brilliantly AS LONG AS YOU USE FULL CREAM MILK. If you use light or skim milk it just heats the milk really well but very little froth. Full cream always gives a very good froth level even at Max level.

Date PurchasedFeb 2018

Value for money

While my Nespresso frother started playing up, was looking for a replacement
The Nespresso one is way too expensive.
Saw this frother has decent review and only $40
The milk is perfect everytime when i use Aldi full cream milk. No issue
I like stainless steel cup as I am a bit sick of easy clean coating on the Nespresso. You never know when you eat those coating
It does take sometime to make the milk but I always start the milk, turn on the Nespresso machine and do something else when i wait. So i can still live with the slowness of the frother

Almost 3 months in, hopefully it will last more than a year

Date PurchasedJun 2018

No thanks

This is the 2nd one I’ve had as the 1st one stopped working after 3 months.
Woolworths replaced it without question under warranty.
Now this one has stopped frothing the milk. It heats ok but no froth.
I have checked that the correct disk is being used & that it is spinning, which it is.
I have not changed type or temperature of the milk I use.
It is still under warranty but I’m not getting another one.
I have noticed a lot of complaints on this site concerning the same problem.

Date PurchasedDec 2017

Perfect froth every time

This milk has been with us over a year and I must say used daily sometimes twice to three times. We use the warm froth just by pressing button once at maximum line. It's perfect every time. It is very easy to clean. We even throw in top rack dishwasher.

Date PurchasedMay 2017

Fantastic frother

Absolutely a real gem.value for$49.00.the milk froths as well as any cafe bought coffee.i have bought a few milk frothers and this is by far the best.the other great thing is the cleaning.you can wash the jug in soapy water and no scrubbing as the jug is stainless steel and so easy to clean.love it,love it.

Date PurchasedMar 2018

Best milk frother I've owned

Over the past few years I've tried out a bunch of different milk frothers, and each one had its own problems. Some would not froth the milk at all, one Sunbeam model scratched its own coating off with the spinning frother on first use (even the replacement did it!), some burnt out too quickly - the list goes on.

I was giving up on finding a decent frother until I came across the Caffitaly in Woolworths. This is an induction frother that uses magnets to hold and spin the frothing disc in the bottom of the jug.

It comes with a flat stirring disc for making hot chocolates or mixed drinks and a frothing disc for your cappuccinos/bubbaccinos (kids love it too!).

This unit has never failed to froth milk up for me, no matter what brand I get it does the job. The milk gets to a good heat for a cappuccino, not scalding or burnt, just right. It's not boiling hot but for a good cuppa you don't want that anyway. If you fill it to the lower "max" line for frothing, you can get a full cup of coffee. I've never had a problem frothing two lots of milk one straight after the other (for me and my wife's morning cup).

Frothing milk for the kids and throwing a bit of hot chocolate powder in is great for a treat.

You can also mix without heat by holding the "go" button down for a few seconds, which was not in the manual but easy enough to discover.

It's not the quietest unit as it has a cooling fan built into the base, but if this means it lasts longer and can heat faster I'm all for it.

The jug lifts easily out of the base and is easy to clean - pretty much just rinse it out and put it in the dishrack. I believe the jug is also dishwasher safe.

The price for this frother is awesome too at only $49. The sunbeam unit that tried to destroy itself is $20 more and did a crappy job.

When this frother eventually dies I'll go straight to Woolies and get another one.

Date PurchasedApr 2017

Good product - happy so far

Our whole family is enjoying using this frother - then main things I wanted to avoid was burned milk on the bottom of the jug and it had to be easy to clean.

This frother delivers both of these easily at a bargain price - because it heats by induction rather than some kind of hotplate (that I expect other frothers use), not once have I had to scape burned milk off the bottom. In fact, clean up is literally rinsing out under the tap and then a quick rub with a cloth to dry the jug.

Its true that it doesnt froth that much at once, but its more than enough for a large mug of hot chocolate (I just chuck the powder in when doing frothing), and it doesnt go scalding hot, but who wants scalded milk? Recovery time between froths is about 30 seconds or so.

Froth is acceptable for a mechanical frother, bubbles tend to float on top and its not at the quality of microfoam from a steam wand, but I would doubt that any spinny frother can do much better.

Does almond milk frothing quite well too. We've had it about a month and used it dozens of times - happy so far.

Date PurchasedJan 2018

Adequate but not quite big enough

This milk frother does the job, but barely. The volume of milk that can be frothed is fairly small and it can't be set to a higher temperature. Consequently to make a cappachino I find myself frothing up 2 serves and then having to microwave it for another 10 seconds. More fiddle than I would like although the results are good.

Date PurchasedMay 2017

Works as advertised

I purchased this item as a result of other peoples reviews and it works well for me.

I do agree that the quantity of milk it froths is quite small and the temperature is not boiling hot, but I add boiling water to my cuppa anyway.

There is some inconsistency to the amount of froth created each time but its not a huge issue for me.

Lets see how it performs over an extended period of tyime. I will post back here and changes in performance.

Date PurchasedAug 2017
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After 3 months still working well. Have noticed that Harvey Fresh HiLo milk hardly froths at all but Brownes HiLo froths beautifully.

Awesome frother for just $35!

This milk frother is awesome. Heats and froths perfectly. At just $35 I am very pleased with it.

I previously had a $100 Nespresso.
So much trouble with it.
Contacted Nespresso and they kept suggesting it was user error. Not a user error! Milk kept burning on the bottom.

Well done Caffitaly. Such an easy to use and clean system!


Love the easy clean jug, full cream milk froths perfect for my cappuccino 3 times a day. I hadn't noticed it not hot enough like other reviews. Probably because i drink my coffee straight away. Had a caffitaly from harvey N first, and then an Aldi. I find this brilliant for me.

Don't Buy

I love the way this little unit looks. I love the stainless steel jug. I don't mind that it takes 3.5 minutes to heat the milk and I don't mind the noise the machine makes. However, most importantly of all, it doesn't heat the milk.
The result is lukewarm at best. I find I drink the coffee in 30 seconds rather than enjoying it over 5 minutes or so. I think the Italians like their coffee cold. I am returning this unit to Woolworths tomorrow.

Very much not worth $45

Bought today and had high expectations given the price... waited an age for it to work, and had delivered half a cup of luke-warm milk and 2 teaspoons froth. How can this be classified as a frother?!

Very fast.

Having updated to the new Caffitaly coffee machine we decided to buy the new milk frother as it too was on special. It is easier to store as the milk jug sits inside the heater part. It heats the milk very quickly and you can submerge the jug to wash which you couldn't do with the old one. It is an excellent product and good partner for the coffee machine. It has been well designed.

Lasted two days and four coffees

I have three Aldi frothers (two small, one large) that all still work fine. (I have one I bought on the first day Aldi sold their frother and it still works)
I bought this Caffitaly frother as its dishwasher safe.
What a waste of time.
When you turn it on, it makes a noise that makes you think its doing something. Nope. Its just on.
Then when you push the button, it beeps. Not cool when you're up early and trying to be quiet.
It makes a very small amount of luke warm froth and takes too long. Waaayyyy to long.
Its supposed to beep when it done. Waiting, waiting, waiting. No beep but its still whirring away like its doing something even though its stopped frothing.
And don't bother trying to make a second cup anytime soon. It needs a rest between coffees.

How hard should it be to find a good milk frother?

After my Aldi frother failed after two months I went in search of a replacement. This is only my second attempt at finding an appliance that froths and heats milk. Heat and fluff. How hard can it be?

I purchased Caffiitaly from Woolworths on Sunday because I didn't want to pay big bucks at Good Guys for another potentially expensive fail. I find it very annoying to waste my time taking stuff back. The Induction system seems to be a completely different concept to the Aldi machine. I would prefer if someone paid me to test because doing it myself can be a costly exercise.

Aldi's machine has a non-stick bowl that turns itself off after the milk is heated and frothed and it froths rather well in comparison to Caffiitaly. Probably due to the fact that the frothing insert looks like a mini whisk. The downside for me was that the unit only lasted two months and I have no idea where I put the docket so I can take it back and get a replacement.

Caffiitaly has a magnetically attached frother which even on inspection, looks like a dubious frother. It has a stainless steel bowl which isn't really a downside because its easier to clean in that the bowl is removable so there's no danger of a burnout due to no necessity of coming into contact with water when cleaning. It beeps when it's finished what it needs to do but continues to operate. After looking at the froth and finger testing the heat, I half expected that the continuous whirring noise was due to it cranking up for another burst at doing what it should have done well on the first effort. Nope... that's it. No real difference in capacity. One small cup.

In summary:
Easy to clean and dishwasher safe

Disappointing frother considering that's its job
Capacity and heat pretty much same as Aldi's

Great mid-priced frother

I had been looking for some time to update our old frother, a cheap gift. I wanted one without the non-stick coating for health reasons, and wanted a frothing "wand" that did not have a shaft drive through into the milk compartment as I see this as an obvious point of failure and potential contamination.

It seemed such a machine would cost me $120+ until I discovered this unit.

It works great. Milk is well textured even with the frothing paddle cupped for less frothing. The temperature is perfect. And the stainless steel milk cup is a dream to clean.

Down sides, it is a little slow and the unit itself has a loud fan noise that continues for several minutes after the frothing has stopped. (Caused by a cooling fan, visible in rear of unit).

Bonus: I cannot find it stated in the instructions, but pressing and holding the button for several seconds results in a cold texturing cycle, great for iced coffees etc.

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Where to obtain a replacement magnetic whisk ring?
No answers

At first my frother made beautiful froth. It still froths but the froth disappears within a seconds whereas before I used to scoop it out of then bottom of the mug. I haven't changed my milk and I keep my frother dry. I love this little machine but now I am so disappointed, Can anyone help please?
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We received our Caffitaly induction milk brother 9495 for Christmas 2018. It's still heating but not frothing, and the jug has begun to turn when machine switched on. Sooo disappointed because we really liked this machine. Is it possible to have it replaced or repaired? Bev A
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