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California Custom Purple Metal Polish

California Custom Purple Metal Polish

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How do I protect aluminium from bird droppings after PurplePolish?

Am building a replica Airstream Basecamp with factory 1.5mm aluminium sheets (2400x1200 X10).
PurplePolish has brought it up to almost mirror finish. Want to maintain the shine without clear coat paint.
Bird poo on roof gets washed down in the dew to leave white spray pattern which will not PurplePolish out. Auto shops advise against wax. Tiny bottle of Ceramic @$230 is a gamble....... is that the only thing I can try?
I’ll need at least 2 bottles and no way of knowing if it will work.

Purchased in April 2018 at Autobarn.

Just an amazing product

I have used California Custom Purple on the aluminium bull bar with great results with very little effort it has produced a mirror finish. It almost looks like it is chrome plated and the shine lasts forever. I had some serious scratches in the acrylic windows on the caravan and the polish was very effective in restoring the finish to like new.

Amazing product!! Works like magic!!

Love purple metal polish!! I've been using this stuff for years now as a motorcycle detailer I have been through a few different brands, but this is the one that has won me over!! Excellent product & so easy to use also you don't need much of it to do it's job so well!!

Awesome product

My partner is a wholesale dealer so over the years we have tried different products relating to all aspects of car detailing. It's important that we have products that get the job done quickly effectively and economically. I'm actually shocked that there is only 1 review of this product considering how many professional detailers rave about it as the only product they use which is how it was recommended to me when going to great lengths polishing the extremely tarnished and scratched up aluminium tray of a ute that was in stock and not getting any interest, it worked like magic and also brought the bull bar up a treat as well as my kitchen sink, brass door handles, cutlery, jewellery, basically anything in my house that is metal has been polished to perfection with purple stuff. The thing that I love about it most is its efficiency in restoring clear plastics such as headlights, in only a few minutes even the most yellow looking pitted headlights look brand new. Considering the price of a headlight restoring kit and all the different products and directions in the box save your time and money and get some purple stuff instead.

The best metal polish I've ever used

Its true when they say this product is in a class of its own. The results are unbelievably great. Will turn almost anything into a mirror! Not too steep for the pockets either.

Questions & Answers

I have spilled Purple Polish on a woolen carpet. I’ve removed excess and blotted with warm soapy water then blotted dry with a dry towel. Have repeated this process. The marks are drying up looking pretty chalky and pale. Any ideas anyone? Thank you! Paula
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can i use this product to remove some very fine scratches on chrome plated plastic car trim
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I would definitely say no to that, after having learnt the hard way. you could have it electroplated if you are very particular or you could fill the scratch and paint with super chrome or another high end spray paint. Depending on if the scratches go all the way through the chrome plate. Otherwise if it's not too bad mothers do a chrome polish but try it somewhere inconspicuous first

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