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Bowden's Own Naked Glass

Latest review: What's there to crow about with Bowdens Naked Glass? Well in fact there's plenty. Not only does it smell great but it does a great job of removing the build up of grime that is picked up on my daily

NuFinish Once-A-Year Car Polish

Latest review: Used this on my truck...twice...that was enough...actually too much. Paint has been fading since them...Dont use as regular wax or polish. Newer models can better take this polish. Read the reviews

Enduroshield Glass Coating DIY Kit

Latest review: This was offered to us when we did out ensuite' renovation 4 years ago and installed by the tradesmen. It has been terrible since new. The new shower screen has never looked clean even though we

Bowden's Own Auto Body Wax

Latest review: The only positive thing I have to say about this product is that it smells amazing. The application is not bad however the protection is almost non existent. Water beading is flat and inconsistent,

Rain-X Original Treatment

Latest review: I went through a car wash and opted for the "Rain-X" Option to wash my BRAND NEW CAR. After having the car washed and returning home, I noticed circle "Water spots" all over my car paint. I tried

FW1 Cleaning Wax

Latest review: It killed the clear coat on my car and 5th wheel. I had to get the car re-painted, and traded the 5th wheel in. This product works great in the beginning, but long term expect

Magic Hand Car Wash

Latest review: We have come here for a few years to Midland Gate facility and even though we think its overpriced have always been happy. Recently had our car done only to find their was water marks all over it,

Meguiar's Car Odour Eliminator

Latest review: If you have a bad smell, use this stuff. We had a work vehicle which had the stench of sweat through it, the driver's seat was unbearable. After a couple of applications of Meguiars, it was gone.

Meguiar's Deep Crystal Wet Look

Latest review: i have used many bottle of this product and it is amazing. it is very east to apply and remove. i have used it on my car and motorbike. makes the paint a little hydrophobic as well so water doesn't

California Custom Purple Metal Polish

Latest review: Am building a replica Airstream Basecamp with factory 1.5mm aluminium sheets (2400x1200 X10). PurplePolish has brought it up to almost mirror finish. Want to maintain the shine without clear coat

Meguiar's Quik Clay Detailing System

Latest review: This is the first time I purchased a new car and the dealer recommended the detailing service at $900. I did a little research online and decided to DIY. For a beginning, the product is easy to use

Nulon Radiator & Engine Block Stop Leak

Latest review: Being a mechanic I never believed in a "mechanic in a bottle fix" we purchased a bobcat 3 years ago with a suspected blown head gasket. It would run fine but get hot and push water out all the time.

Meguiar's Natural Shine Protectant

Latest review: it cost me 30 nzd here in NZ. It worths the price. what you sprayed out would be white foam instead of clear liquid. You will very easily find the differences before and after using this product. No

Bowden's Own Wheely clean

Latest review: The wheels on my Renault Megane were filthy, especially the front ones. I bought this stuff after checking You Tube and looking at reviews. It worked just like it shows on the videos. Spray on, wait

Armor All Spray-On Shine

Latest review: I have a fairly new car, opted not to get paint protection, I had used a very expensive wax and was not happy with the results, I used this and it's the best, easy on and easy off, with a brilliant

Meguiar's Cleaner Wax Paste

Latest review: I bought a Jeep Last week and i need that one to get showroom quality shine and glossy finish after i wash it. finally i found this amazing product through the internet. its worth for what i spent.

Armor All Liquid Wax

Latest review: A clean car is like wearing clean clothes. All cars need waxing at least ever 3 months. This is by far the easiest wax I have ever tried. There is little to no buffing and it will not mark your

Autoglym Super Resin Polish

Latest review: I am a fan of car detailing, and i have tried a lot of brand which we can get in Australia, So far, i would recommend Super Resin polish.. The price is reasonable, Alot of time where you can swirl

Bowden's Own After Glow

Latest review: Bowdens Own after glow is a really amazing product. You simply wash your car and give it a good rinse then dry the water off with a damp microfibre cloth that has been sprayed with the product.

Car Care Products RO Polisher DAS6 Kit

Latest review: Mate what can I say top product I own a 69 mach1 and a 37 ford spent a lot of money on paint work I've been using turtle and macquires but after using your product speechless fo you make a rust

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