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Meguiar's Car Odour Eliminator

Meguiar's Car Odour Eliminator

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Does what it says. Fantastic product.

If you have a bad smell, use this stuff. We had a work vehicle which had the stench of sweat through it, the driver's seat was unbearable. After a couple of applications of Meguiars, it was gone. For under $20, it's one of the best products you could ever buy.

Great on baby poo

I’ve used this spray on 2 occasion for poo on car and poo on sofa. Both have removed all the smells without the need to scrub too much. Just need to clean the sofa with cloth and water and spray heavily and air the sofa cushion outside. I’ve used it on my car passenger seat also, when someone decided to poo in pants.

Blows my mind how well it works!

Sadly it is my car that is the dog car because it's the only one he will fit in. Husband loves taking the dog on drives and when we wash him he lets the dog jump up wet on the seats... I guess what I'm trying to say is my car *STANK*, in summer it was putrid. The smell was a beast and no matter how many times I vacuumed and wet cleaned the interior it just hung-on there, and it's been stinky for years now.

I saw Meguiar's Car Odour Eliminator in a car shop, forget which one, and purchased it because I was desperate to mask the smell this summer... it didn't mask it, it made the car smell brand new!!! I kid you not, after I vacuumed I only needed one squirt on both front seats, three squirts on the back 'dog' seat and one in the boot and the odor started to change right away, not even 20mins later and the car smelt new inside.

I've tried it on other stinky things like the dog bed but it doesn't seem to work as well, but if your car stinks give this a go because it worked miracles in my car.

Will Never Use Anything Else!

Meguiars Odour Elimiator: 473 ml (16 fl oz) $A19:90. Given a Courtesy Car to use while my car was in for repairs. I don't know who last used it, but the stench of the interior (in the Courtesy Car) would have killed a Brown Dog (& Brown Dogs are the toughest!). You could not breathe in the car, let alone sit in it. As an Emergency Measure, I went to a local Auto Shop to get 'something'(?) Looked at Meguiars, but at nearly double the price of similar products, I thought is it worth it & will it work? Yes, it is worth every Dollar & Yes, it works. Within a few minutes (no exaggeration) the smell was gone! Unbelievable! Pay for the Best & get the best. Don't economise if you want a result. Fantastic product. Rating: 5 Stars!

Excellent product

I inherited my uncle's car, a 10 year old Suzuki. He was 2 pack a day smoker and had never cleaned the car. I tried carpet cleaning products but they didn't do much. Used Maguires odour eliminator and the smell has gone. Longterm I may have to give it another treatment if the smell comes back.

Dont bother with the rest, this is the BEST!!

Ok firstly I cannot seriously endorse this product enough, it really is the best.
My husband bought some food from his mums in my car and spilt fish sauce on the floor carpet (it soaked through the carpet mat), now if you've ever had vietnamese cuisine you are very well accustomed to fish sauce and how potent it is. So after I bought a few different carpet cleaning things from the local supermarket and not being able to stand the smell of musty baked in fish sauce with a touch of lavender carpet cleaner I went to the auto store to buy something better. This my friends is when I got this amazing product and it worked like a charm!!! The nuoc mam smell was forever banished from my car and I was absolutely amazed by how well it worked.

Side story: my friends kids left the windows to her tarago open one night and when they went to go to school the next morning a cat (not theirs) jumped out. Judging by the smell (and yes I smelt it) that cat had some catnip and had a cat 'loving party' in the back of the tarago. I was at school that morning and she was telling me about it, I took a whiff and gagged, it was honestly that bad. I told her about my nuoc mam incident and showed her my bottle (i just kept it in the car from then on) and off she went. That afternoon she rang me to tell me the smell was totally gone and she was forever in my debt, she also swears by this now too for any and every odour issue in the house or car. Do it, you will not be sorry!!!

Fantastic product

I bought a car that used to be owned by a smoker and it smelled horrible even after steam cleaning the inside as the smell of the smoke wasn't just in the fabric of the car, it was embedded within the air vents as well. I used the odor eliminator on all the surfaces hard & soft and then sprayed it into the air intake vents inside and out, with the heating on maximum to give it the best chance of getting rid of the foul smell.

It took three separate sessions of this to do it, but I was able to finally get rid of the smell of smoke from the car entirely. I didn't just use a little bit either, I ended up using at least a half bottle in the process. It may have been slightly overkill, but it worked fantastically. I'd happily use this stuff again as it is certainly up for the task I assigned it.
Very effective, very reasonable cost
The spray nozzle has a tendency to get a bit of the liquid on your hand, but it may have been how I was holding it.

Questions & Answers

Anyone tried in the house?
1 answer
Yes I used it on baby poo smell. Works well.

will it not stain my beige interior?
2 answers
My car's interior have always had dark leather (3 kids so no beige for me) so they have been fine. In saying that the liquid is clear so if in doubt do a patch test on an obscure part of your interior. Hope this helps I bought it to clean the smoking smell out of a beige interior car. It worker done the plastic parts as well as the fabric on the seats, door trim and everywhere else including within the /c vents. No stains were observed anywhere worse than the general seat and tear that the car already had.

Will this product eliminate "new car" odours? I have just bought a one-year old Hyundai which has a toxic chemical outgassing from interior materials which cause Asthma symptoms in my wife when she comes near the car. The same odours are present in other recent Hyundai i30 cars.
1 answer
I'm not sure. I doubt it will provide a long term fix as the outgassing is from the plastic components themselves. It *might* help in the short term if you give the plastic surfaces a wipe down with a rag with the odour eliminator sprayed onto it. Or better still follow the directions on http://www.environmentalhealth.ca/summer07reducingcarsmell.html, namely putting the heat on as much as possible/leaving the car parked in the sun as much as possible. Maybe even the light vinegar mix might help.

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