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Canon EOS 6D

Canon EOS 6D

Mk II and Mk I
4.2 from 13 reviews

Best Full Frame Camera on the market

Since purchasing my Canon 6D mk11, I have been so impressed in my photographs. It's worth spending that little bit extra for a full frame camera. The quality of photograph is second to none.. Using it on Manual is easier than I expected.. having a Bluetooth feature is easy, as I can sync to my mobile phone and then upload to Facebook or Instagram straight away..

Date PurchasedSep 2018

There is so much things you can do with this

Had my Mark II for over two years and over the course of I, the more I spend time with it, the more I realised how capable this is. I definitely have to say that the weight is quite hafty but it is still consider to be light comparing to others in the same range. Absolutely love it

Date PurchasedJul 2016

Best travel full frame dslr

Although there are a lot of negative reviews online, I decided to take the risk and upgrade my crop sensor Canon to this beauty. The results are impressive, the photos pop out(i'm using the same lenses from the previous camera) and since I purchased this camera I've become the official photographer for family and friends.
Things I love:
Weatherproof body
Battery life
Articulated touch screen
iOs app with wireless photo transfer
Things I don't like:
Heavier than crop cameras
No built-in flash
Single memory slot

Canon Eos 6D Review

I've had this camera for about a year now, and it is quite good. i would strongly recommend it for photographers who are branching out into professionally photography and for images of a reasonably high quality. however there are newer and a bit more expensive cameras such as the 5D mark 4, which provide similar specifications and capabilities which are slightly or generally better. But i have had a lot of fun with the 6D, i mainly use if for sports photography. with these action shots, the 6D gave me awesome image quality and were sharp and clear, but the only annoying thing i have had to adapt to is the slow FPS. but all in all, this is a great camera, it is getting a little bit old, and is kind of being outdated by newer models, but is generally still holds up well for me.

Date PurchasedApr 2016

awesome camera

I've had mine since 2013. Love it. Taken it all around the world.

Good points
*Great photo's
*Easy to use - just point, focus, shoot, review
*Has an optical viewfinder
*All the buttons and dials in the perfect locations.
*Has all the usual functions good cameras have - like apperture priority, time priority, manual, exposure compentsation
*Has an auto mode which is handy if passing it to someone to take a photo of you and they don't know DSLR's or back button focus.
*Taken over 70,000 shots and counting
*Lightweight and compact for a full frame
*over 1000 shots per battery (unless you leave the GPS switched on)
*can control it with phone remotely in wifi range - sometimes this can be very handy
*tough - it's fallen a couple of times, each time fearing the worst it just keep on going.
*Can customise the buttons to what you want them to do - Ie I have mine set to back button auto-focus
*Shoots photos in very low light situations
*Centre point focus is really good for focusing in dark situations.

Bad points
*Sometimes metering can be a little bit off - I usually have to shoot about a 2/3 to1 stop down
*The rubber grip sometimes comes off
*GPS is quite battery consuming as it keeps running even when the camera switch is off (!). you have to manually turn it off in the settings.
*No Flip screen. Wifi connection sort of does this function but a lot more hassle. Seriously canon just put a flip screen on it as well.
*I lost the eyecup a while ago.

I love it and highly recommend them. It's not the newest design these days but it is still a lightweight and small (or a full frame) DSLR with great batterylife.

Date PurchasedMar 2013

Camera not recognised by Canon Utilities

In late November 2016 I purchased a Canon EOS 6D DSLR camera from the online retailer CameraSky. The camera has turned out to be a dud. After loading Canon Utilities and connecting the camera to the computer, the message which flashes up repeatedly is 'Camera not Recognised'. I have referred this problem to Camerasky and, as of late December (yes--one month later), they are showing no signs of exchanging my dud for a good working camera. I have been in touch with Canon Australia who have tested the camera online and provided me with a written report showing the camera to be faulty. I have passed this on to CameraSky. They haven't even acknowledged it. I paid for the camera with my credit card. My next move must be to block the payment, if it is not too late. I think that this camera is either a reject or a fake. Beware!

Date PurchasedNov 2016

Great FF camera for enthusiast and pros

Three years after purchasing the 6D I still think it's a great all-rounder camera for the price. It's hi ISO quality is brilliant and liberating however it's video capabilities are not great at all and focusing system is a bit outdated. Put on a small prime and it's a fun, light and manageable camera.

Date PurchasedSep 2013

An affordable FF DSLR.

A very good camera at the time it was released.
Pros : full-frame, Wifi, GPS, light weight (as compared to older model) , AF focus in dark (-3EV), good quality picture (low noise).
Cons : only 9 AF points (1 cross hair point in the middle), no built-in flash, low FPS (3.9/sec).
Good for portraits and landscapes, weak in sport and birding.

One more thing, multiple exposures applied only in jpeg, not raw.

Date PurchasedFeb 2014

A wonderful new toy

Only had this a short time nonetheless I'm impressed with the build quality and images achieved so far. Looking forward to spending more time with this and various lenses to explore its capabilities further.
I haven't used the WiFi or GPS facilities yet.
No regrets about getting this rather than the 5D Mark Iii, plus saved quite a bit of money.

What great value

Beautiful! Flexible, complicated, sophisticated and 450 pages of instructions- it's a flight deck making use a delightful project in itself but an art piece also. Love my macro L series lens coupled allowing me to take "professional " macro shots. Easy to use with enough auto settings but plenty of menu options for tailoring your creations . Delightful! Paid great price in Sydney after a shop around saving close to $400. Great camera following on from my 450 D.

Faultless Camera

Canon 6D

Perfect camera. High quality everything. At this price range, you know you’ll get some quality images.

The previous camera I reviewed (and still own) was a Canon Rebel T2i / 550D and I didn’t use a kit lens, I used a Canon EF-S 17-55mm f/2.8 IS USM Lens (currently around $1200 but closer to $1900 when I bought it - I hate that!) multi-purpose lens, which is awesome! When I upgraded to the 6D, I immediately noticed the improvement in image quality - and it wasn’t from the lens, but from the camera.

The only Canon camera that could improve my imaging quality from here would be to buy into the professional grade camera; Canon 1D (the lower the number - the better the camera). The soon-to-be-released 5Ds will be awesome but currently I believe the 6D the better camera.

I love the 6D. I’ve used it for weddings, fashion, sports and sports videos, and more importantly, capturing my child’s life. The 6D excels in all these situations.

Exciting Purchase

Have found product has lived up to all expectations, ease of use, the helpful camera guide, the craftmanship and the overall finish leave nothing to be desired. The low light application is awesome, and the range of lenses that can be used can not be beaten, Thumbs up to Canon and eGlobal for making it happen
The Canon wow factor

Good, not perfect

First, if you don't understand the terms "full frame" and "crop sensor", then this isn't likely to be the camera for you. Research those first and if "full frame" is a must have, read on.

This is my 4th Canon EOS dslr, but the first full frame. I had a choice between this and the 5d mark iii. I chose the 6D because it was less bulky and much cheaper.

The main gripe people have about the 6D is the lack of auto focus points. Like many people, I just use the centre point almost all the time, using the focus and recompose method. This makes the all singing and dancing autofocus system of the 5diii, a waste of money for me.

Changing from my crop 60D to this full frame 6D, I have been inspired to take more photos. Can't say if that's because of the 6D or because it is just a newer toy. I've certainly tried to be more creative in my compositions. The large viewfinder is wonderful.

New features for EOS cameras are the wifi and the gps. Both are very handy, the former can be used to remote shoot with a smartphone app among other uses, while the latter helps track where things were shot. Both are enabled via menus, which is painful. GPS on/off is relatively easy to do via menus, but also easy to forget, leaving it on chews through battery life quickly.

Using WiFi is great once you get it going, but hopelessly unintuitive to pair with devices or networks. It's so unintuitive you'll forget how to do it soon after and hate the menus every time you try to use it again.

With wifi and gps battery recharging is far more frequent than with the 60D that has neither.

Picture quality is excellent when used with good quality lenses. Ergonomics are fine unless you have large hands/fingers.

Build quality - no issues. Feels strong.

Excellent entry level full frame camera.
Picture quality, build, features, wifi, gps. Large range of lenses, full frame sensor.
Needs physical button for gps on/off. Needs lots of reworking of wifi setup interface. GPS&wifi battery life

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Price (RRP) $2099$2099
Video QualityFull HDFull HD
Built-In FlashYesYes
Release dateOct 2012
Replaced byCanon EOS Mk II

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