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Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ2500

Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ2500

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Absolutely brilliant camera - perfect!

This camera is in a word 'awesome' it fulfills many different roles very well from family camera to travel camera and excellent video camera too.
One of the many advantages of this model is the large one inch sensor which affords much better image quality and low light performance but not satisfied with this higher quality Panasonic have also incorporated a big, beautiful Leica 24-480mm lens into the camera thus affording a massive focal range in a compact package - incredible!.
Panasonic have included the ability to extend the range of the lens even further using their 'intelligent zoom' function which unlike digital zoom actually maintains excellent image quality when used. Intelligent zoom pushes the telephoto zoom range out to a staggering 980mm! and importantly stays sharp right out to the maximum range.
If you require high speed capture for sports and wildlife the FZ2500 has this well and truly covered with 12 frames per second shooting at full sensor resolution (20mp) or if you need ultimate speed then select 4k still capture mode and your shooting at a blistering 30 images per second! albeit at a reduced file size of 8mp - I have achieved some phenomenal images using this mode, it's truly amazing!.
There are so many features built into this camera it's hard to know where to start and finish. It has all the custom functions of a digital SLR camera for the seasoned photographer to make as many changes as they desire but also has a very functional intelligent automatic mode for those less experienced who just want to point, zoom and shoot and this includes using the massive zoom and super close-up macro imaging from 1cm away from your subject - this camera has everything covered from wide angle scenes to distant subjects and super close-up too!.
The FZ2500 is a very creative camera for those wanting artistic effects and it has a very simple format for selecting a plethora of art filters such as selective colour where you simply touch the coloured item in your picture and it renders this colour only leaving the rest of the image black and white. There are 4 seperate black and white modes including grainy bw and silky bw among them - these are very effective and give great looking images.
Amongst the many scene modes found in this model is the night portrait mode which makes it easy to get great people images at night without losing background details or rendering your subject a silhouette.
Suffice to say this camera has enough scene and art modes to satisfy everyone using it and to allow the user to capture incredible looking artistic images with the greatest of ease.
The FZ2500 is also a very capable video camera too as it utilises the big beautiful Leica zoom in combination with the larger sensor to capture stunning video with ease. From the more serious videographer needing good depth of field control and fast autofocus control to the young family recording kids on holiday the video from this camera is perfect and very easy to use.
Panasonic have packed a lot of features into this model and the scorching fast autofocus is the icing on the cake and it's very accurate too whether you're focussing using the shutter button or touch screen for even greater accuracy this camera is spot on.
This model is the ultimate do everything really well camera whether for general family use or heading to Africa on safari it really is a great choice. Oh and don't forget to grab at least one spare battery as it is power hungry like all cameras of this type.

Date PurchasedMay 2018
Hi JJacer, wow you have certainly captured all of the great features to do with this camera. Sound like you have been able to really use the features and functions and enjoy the camera both in IA and in manual mode. It is fantastic you have used the camera to it's capabilities and your photos would be no doubt seeing the benefits of your knowledge of the camera. Happy photographing! Have you been able to use the Panasonic Image App to transfer your photos across to your phone? A great tool for when you are travelling to instantly share the photos with your friends and family.Yes there is much more to this model than I could put in this review - amazing camera for sure! . I use the image app all the time, it's great too and works very well every time I use it.

I really like this camera

Delivered on time at a great price. I decided to write a few reviews as I have been helped in making the right decisions by all the other reviews that other people are writing. The FZ2500 is a replacement for cumbersome dslrs and multiple lenses for me. I have sold off my collection of Nikon and Panasonic cameras and lenses and replaced them with all-in-ones and my Galaxy S9 mobile phone for photography. Some of my work is professional and some just for interest. The Panasonic FZ2500 has a number of strengths for me being ease of use, versatility of the lens, simple workarounds to get an ultra wide angle of view with a Zomei wide angle lens adapter and the fully articulating screen. It also opens up a new world of possibilities with its integrated 24-480mm lens that doubles in length to 960mm. It was a test buy as I later bought a Sony RX10iv which was my real target purchase. But the FZ2500 was half price by comparison to the Sony and it has some features that the Sony doesn’t, that are important to me. I was going to sell the FZ2500 after purchasing the RX10iv but I’ve thought the better of it. I took the time to get to learn how to use it for optimal results. For what I want it produces excellent results. I have a good example of the camera with a lens that just works well, so I’m going to hang onto it. The FZ2500 is a marvellous tool and Panasonic make cameras that offer great value for money. For the price you get multiple video modes, an autofocus system that works for what I want in most situations, surprisingly good low light performance, nice images, some lovely video output and good colours straight from the camera. I don’t like the crop factor in 4K video but this has been overcome with the wide angle adapter without loss of quaIity. The built-in ND filters are really useful for video and something that I value. It is a bridge camera which doesn’t normally equate to usage for serious work. But this can virtually do it all when you take the time to learn how to use it. It is a camera that I can’t help but want to hang onto.

Date PurchasedJul 2018
Hi Steve, thank you for taking the time to provide such a detailed review and explaining so many of the great features of the product. We are pleased to hear you love the product.No worries. If the FZ2500 created proxy files for 4K video I would never have had to have bought the Sony RX10iv. I appreciate your comments.

The perfect B camera

I purchased this little (but big) beauty 12 months ago to replace my FZ1000.
The FZ2500 is the little brother to the DMC-GH4, which is one of the most capable video capture cameras on the market at that time of 2017. Full featured superzoom hybrid / bridge camera.
Just some specs: 20MP 1"-type BSI-CMOS sensor.
Leica lens 24-480mm equiv. F2.8-4.5 lens
Depth from Defocus AF.
Large electronic viewfinder.
Fully articulating LCD.
Built-in variable ND filter.
4K video capture (DCI/UHD)
10-bit, 4:2:2 output over HDMI.
I primarily use the fz2500 for high speed drag racing photography. The built-in ND filter is a huge asset, things I could not do with screw on filters. This camera is a large camera, 915 grams. The size of a top of the line DSLR. But with a good camera strap there is no problem. Image quality is very good, but don't use to much digital zoom it gets a bit fuzzy. 4K photo works wonders, 4k movie is great, but the lens does hunt a bit. There is no 29.59 Min lock, one can record till the battery goes flat, or your card is full. The price at the time of purchase was $1,440 purchased from Diamonds Camera in Adelaide. The retail price was somewhere around $1,599.
One disappointment is the battery, on a race weekend I will shoot 4,000 images so i have to have a pocket full of batteries so i have a total of 5 battery packs.
Would I recommend it for the serious photographer for a B camera, YES.
A very capable camera indeed.

Date PurchasedJan 2017

A good balance of size & performance.

My regular camera of choice is a Canon EOS 7D Mkll. I am very happy with the image quality & general performance of the camera & associated lenses. My favourite photographic subjects are macro & wildlife. The combination of camera body & multiple lenses (10-22mm, 100-400mm L series 2, 100mm L IS macro & 18-135mm STM) makes for a heavy & bulky camera bag! There is an old saying that 'the best camera is the one that you have with you!'. So I have been looking for a good 'compromise' camera that I could carry around/holiday without too many compromises in image quality, focal length range & focus speed/accuracy.

I tried an Olympus E-10M & associated lenses, but in the end, while lighter & smaller than the Canon outfit, it still needed a large backpack & lens changes for differing subjects.

Panasonic had just released the Lumix FZ-2500 & after reading reviews & a hands on test, I decided that this would suit my needs well. There are smaller Point & Shoot cameras, but while offering a bigger range of focal length, they use very small sensors which reduce the image quality & noise perfomance to unacceptable (for me) levels. The FZ-2500 uses a 1" sensor & offers a focal length range of 24-480mm (35mm equivalent). The image quality is excellent & the focal length range covers about 95% of my needs. The ability to extract 'focus stacked' macro images from 4k video yields 'depth of field' which is amazing! Of course, the FZ-2500 does not perform at the same level as my Canon 7D mkll, but I can carry it in a small camera bag & as such it is 'the camera that I have with me' when a photo opportunity occurs.

Bear in mind that this is not a pocket sized camera, in fact is not much smaller than a DSLR with a standard zoom lense. However, you won't have to carry all those extra lenses or change lenses when you need a different focal length. I have missed a lot of shots while changing lenses! I would recommend the FZ-2500 to anyone looking for a second camera to go with their DSLR or for someone looking for better image quality in a reasonably sized package. Make sure that you buy a spare battery, as this should get your through a full days photography.

Update: A Good Compromise

Most photographers know the saying, 'The best camera is the one you have with you'. The size & weight of my camera bag containing my Canon EOS 7D Mkll, & lenses, 18-135mm STM, 10-22mm EFS, 100-400 L IS Mkll & 100mm L IS macro, means that it is often left at home. This is true when going on regular walks & especially when on holidays. As I am used to the image quality & general responsiveness of the above combination, it is difficult to accept the compromises of smaller cameras. There are many fixed lense, super zoom point & shoot cameras available, but many use small sensors. Small sensors & 'slow' super zoom lenses limit image quality, especially compared to a DSLR.

When Panasonic introduced the Lumix DMC-FZ2500 I was impressed with the features & the fact that it uses a 1" sensor. The built in Leica lense has a good focal length range of 24-480mm (35mm equivalent), which covers about 95% of my needs (Wildlife & macro photography are my main interests). The camera is about the size of a mid range DSLR, so it cannot be carried in your pocket. However, it fits into a small carry bag & is light enough to be carried for long distances without aching shoulders. Not having to change lenses also means that you miss less shots. As a macro photographer I really like the ability to 'focus stack' images extracted from 4k video, in camera. This produces macro images with fantastic 'depth of field'. I use a Raynox DCR-250 macro adaptor lense to increase the magnification of the standard lense. The 480mm telephoto ability means that I can get good shots of birds, without having to get too close. Auto focus is acceptably quick & sensitivity noise performance is useable up to 1600 iso.

While the FZ2500 is not a replacement for the 7D Mkll, I can accept the compromises in order to capture images that I would otherwise miss. I recommend this camera as a good 'back-up' for a DSLR user or as an advanced camera for anyone wanting better image quality than the many pocketable point & shoot cameras.

PS. If you purchase an FZ2500, I would recommend that you buy a spare battery to ensure that you don't run out of power in a days shooting.

Questions & Answers

Has this got the same zoom length as the FZ80-thanks
3 answers
No it's less.Less zoom than the FZ80 but a much larger sensor, the FZ80 achieves 60x zoom by using a small sensor meaning the image quality is much lower than the FZ2500, (depth of field is enhanced greatly with the larger sensor in the FZ2500 too) and in low light the FZ80 renders images very grainy/noisy especially when using full zoom in low light. 480mm zoom onto a 1inch sensor is crazy good and makes the FZ2500 a far more capable camera than the FZ80. The zoom can be extended while maintaining image quality on the FZ2500 by selecting intelligent zoom ( i-zoom ) rather than digital zoom - this doubles the zoom range without compromising quality too much especially when switching i-resolution to high in the main menu. You get 960mm zoom in this 'i-zoom' mode with a 1 inch sensor rendering good low noise image quailty - incredible!!. This model represents "quality over quantity" compared to the FZ80 in my opinion having used both.Thank you very much for your answer and explanation

Does this have the same zoom length as the FZ80-thanks
4 answers
No, 24-480mm.Hi Wanderer, the FZ80 has a 60X zoom. The FZ2500 has a 20X zoom.Thanks my current FZ80 has zoom error and turn off turn on message but with its 60x zoom I can buy two FZ80 for the price of this.


Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ2500
CategoryDSLR Cameras
Video QualityHD, Full HD and 4K Ultra HD
Built-In FlashNo

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