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Car Next Door Car Owner

Car Next Door Car Owner

3.9 from 150 reviews

Great use of my car

I am looking at making the most of my assets and liabilities, and being a car a liability, this program finally makes it easy for any person to turn that around or minimise expenses, great option for anyone with a car.

I love Car Next Door

Using Car Next Door cars is easy, affordable and good for the planet. I like the idea of not wasting resources. I started as an owner making my car available to my local community. Last year I moved to riding a scooter so when the weather is bad or I need to car stuff Car next Door is the perfect solution.

What a service - help, easy, great vehicles - and get the one exactly you see.

Using Car Next Door was a breeze. The app is simple, the people who own the cars a friendly and helpful needed a Ute in Northcote and booked, keys in a lock box. Owner helped with a trolley - Too Good.

Great revenue stream, if you have good borrowers

If you barely use your car, and it's not particularly new (because your car will suffer minor cosmetic damage with time), I'd recommend this as a revenue stream that also helps your community.

In my experience, 90% of borrowers are respectful and provide you a hassle-free owner experience, while the other 10% may leave rubbish, cause damage (usually only minor scratches), steal your accessories, or create admin headaches (eg fines). I had one major damage case ($5k) that cause me enormous stress for a few weeks that CND eventually reimbursed, and I decided to stay on the platform.

The biggest drawback (and reason for only 4 stars) is the aforementioned and admittedly rare situation whereby borrowers are negligent in their use of your car, and either cause, or compound damage of natural wear and tear. The CND policies have a grey zone here, and how they are enforced put too much onus back on the owner. Eg it is difficult to prove that the borrower continued to drive after the radiator failed and cooked the engine; or downshifted into the wrong gear at high speed and threw a rod -- and though the policies state the borrower must prove they WEREN'T negligent, in practice CND makes the owner prove this.

If you have an eligible car that sits unused 3-4 days a week, with over 200,000km, and made before 2005 (ie it's not nice, nor new) I would totally recommend putting it on this platform to gain some extra revenue.

Mastermind System

My car makes me $250 on average based on the last 24 months stats and the car is only 20% of the time used by my self . Plus hassle free service from Car Next Door I must admit , never had an issue yet so far.

Great Idea and Good Pocket of Income

I have one car on the platform now and it serves to cover my rego and insurance pretty well. It's also a good tax saving if you know what to tell your accountant. It is sometimes unfortunate you get some bad eggs on the platform that cause your car to be in a mess but the staff are helpful and want to help. I make money so it evens out; you can't expect to make money for free. Bad eggs will exist anywhere. My car insides have seen better days before renting it on the platform but I guess it's expected. I expect renters to fully use the car after all. The platform has improved a lot and love the team there.

Great to offset the costs of your car!!

We've been with Car Next Door for 3 years. We started with one vehicle, and have added more!

During this time, our ute has done 600 trips - and covered it's own costs (mechanical, rego, depreciation) with a bit extra to spare! My personal car was added six months ago - the extra income definitely helps with mechanic bills - when the air con unexpectedly failed, the income from CND covered it.

The whole process is very smooth, of course some borrowers need extra help, but I find sending a welcome text to everyone with a YouTube of how to get the keys really cuts down on questions. It's really nice getting texts from borrowers who are loving driving our vehicles too, the feeling of "a stranger is driving my car" doesn't last for long when you join CND. You need to keep your vehicle clean and maintained of course, but having a vehicle on CND pretty much runs itself!

While customer service still isn't 100% where I would like it to be with response times, it has been improving constantly since I've joined. FAQ online are also super extensive. The process surrounding damage claims has now become much more automated - they now have a clear, transparent flow of what happens next, what steps are needed, etc - massive improvement on the damage claims of just two years ago. I'm a lot more confident now that damage is being handled correctly. Having borrowers upload photos is also great - you can quickly check the photos after the booking is concluded to see how your car is going if you can't get there in between bookings. CND are constantly improving and really do listen to their owners to take feedback on board.

Overall, very happy with the whole system that CND has put in place to allow car sharing and reducing our costs of living. I would recommend CND to anyone who doesn't have regular need for their daily vehicle to put it online and get it earning it's keep :)

It’s good platform on the fast moving stage. Wish CND can tight up some lose parts down the track.

-generate extra income for the car owner, better than nothing!
- the member fee covers insurance/ roadside assistance not matter who drives. awesome!
- most borrowers are very responsible to the car but still some may not.
- customer service team are very helpful.
- like this dynamic company look forward its next move.

Works great for me!

I don't use my car a lot so it's nice to make it available for someone how might need one and an profit I get just goes to the running cost, so you could say I get to use my car for free! :)

Great app

A fantastic platform for generating additional income if you want to hire out your vehicle. There is nothing else out there that comes close to the network of borrowers etc.

It's a good idea and works for me.

I don't use our second car very much, so when I heard about Car next door I decided to give it a try. After one year it said for all the upkeep, repairs and all. The only downside that I have to leave the car on the street, which otherwise would be in the garage. That caused the hail be allowed to seriously damage it. It still gets bookings, so it's OK.

Great idea!

If you need a car for a few hours, or a few days carnextdoor is a convenient, smart and easy alternative to rental companies. I used it to rent a van a year ago, then I bought my own and put it on the platform! It’s simple, and my van now pays for itself when I don’t need to use it. Great idea, and the team behind it is awesome! Always helpful and responsive.

Fantastic platform

I now dream of a suburb where all the parked cars are available to borrow at a moments notice, not just sitting idly awaiting it's owner to finish work. A great way to get extra cash (usually $100/wk) for your rarely used car and also allows you to borrow other types of vehicles you might need (i.e. van).

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We share that dream Jaron - We'd love to see communities with more space for people and less taken up by little-used cars, and where everyone can get a shared car within a few minutes' walk of their home. Thank you so much for helping us towards this!

CND listens to the community

CND has a good business model and is always listening to the community for suggestions and improvements. As a car owner sharing my car on the platform, the experience is great. They have a process in place to ensure the car borrowers/renters are responsible. If there is any issue, CND is there to help and stand by my side.

Great Platform

We have been renting our cars and this has helped us cover our cost of maintaining the cars. The customer service of CarNextDoor is fantastic as they are prompt in responding to queries. Highly recommend if you are looking to make some extra money

Cheaper, reliable, accommodating car travel

Don't waste your time with Goget and the others. By using car next door you not only get to where you're going from A to B but you directly fund a neighbour's monthly income that can help them get by each week. Car next door is easy to use, always cheaper, a wide range of options with plenty of cars available; big or small.

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Thank you Carrington - can you believe your car has been shared over 600 times now? Thank you for being part of our community.

More than offsetting car ownership cost

I dont really need a car to own and decided to buy one just for Car Next Door. It's not only offsetting the cost, it made extra money and I can use it for the occasional need, win win!

A perfect way to share your little-used car

We upgraded our existing car. We were ready to sell the old(er) car as we really don't need a second car that we use once or twice mid-week. We thought we would trial Car Next Door for 12 months. We've actually made more money by sharing it with our local community, than if we had sold it. It's a great feeling to know we are reducing the number of cars on the road. We are sharing a resource with those who may not be able to afford a car or only need a car very ocassionally.

For borrowers, Car Next Door is much more flexible than hiring a car from a car rental company. You don't need to hire for 24 hours. You can find a car within walking distance or close by - you don't need to trek to a car depot.

For owners, you have the security of knowing that your car is GPS tracked when being borrowed. Borrowers are vetted and must submit before and after photos. You can also set a minimum age for borrowers.

We've had the car on the platform now for 6 months and it has been borrowed over 50 times. We've had no issues with borrowers.

It's a win win.

Give it a go!

No issues hiring out my Jeeps

No issues hiring out my Jeeps. Good borrowers, system, support, record keeping, platform, development, responsive customer service; prompt and transparent remittance. Networking events, and online support with other owners. No complaints.

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Thanks Fred, great to have you on board and it was great seeing you at our Owners' night event too!

The way of the future

CND is a great service. Constantly improving and provides great customer service. Car sharing is the way of the future. Your car will feel the wear and year but CND do their best to limit any inconveniences and the income helps.

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Thanks Jacob! If you have any concerns about wear and tear please book in a call with our Owner Experience team so that we can look at options to address this - https://calendly.com/car-next-door-owner-experience-team/owner-assistance

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