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Can it get rid of fat in Tummy and hip area.?
No answers

Can it get rid of fat around The Tummy and Waist area.
1 answer
Can it get rid of Tummy and hip fat ?

Is it possible to get a replacement remote?
1 answer
Hi Katherine, sorry we stopped receiving notifications of questions due to a product review update but if not sorted already, please contact us on 1300 135 596 via phone and our website chat or support@cardiotech.com.au with your name, phone number, post code and details so we can get the dedicated service team in touch to assist

How many calories do you burn during a 10 minute session?
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What warranty is there on these machines and do they use up a lot of power (electricity)?
2 answers
Hi Carol, The warranty on the fitness equipment is non transferable and stays with the original purchaser. You receive 5 yrs motor, 3 yrs parts and 2 yrs labour included. The power is fairly minimal as you are only using the appliance for short periods of time generally 10 minutes a day depending on level of use.Warranty has goods and the electricity usage is minimal

How do I get another remote control?
1 answer
I'd go to the cardio tech website and pose the question there.

My lifeback 2 machine won’t switch off unless I turn it off at the wall. What can cause this???
1 answer
Sorry I can not help. You would have to get on touch with CardioTech for support.

Why does my skin itch when using the Lifeback 2 Cardiotech machine?
1 answer
Because it improves the blood circulation and that makes some itchy much the same as when you do a jet spa treatment.

what speed is the best to loose yr stomach
1 answer
Hi Rags You would need to go to the Cardio Tech web site for that information. It would depend on so many things. Sorry I cant help you. Good luck.

I have had a lower back spinal fusion. I am very active but found little time for the gym now. Are these vibrating machines safe for me to use having titanium rods in my back?
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Titanium is one of the strongest substances, used cause it can bear ones weight, often used in hip and knee replacement. The impact through those joints alone is a minimum of 4 times more weight bearing than other joints and the titanium handles that no problem (otherwise surgeons wouldn't use it) I understand your concern so I'd go somewhere where I could try the machine on its lower settings and start off sitting on a separate chair with only your feet on the machine and test it. Every person is different. Some people tend to go to hard cause they don't think it's doing anything but my mum (has had a go replacement) and she loves it for improved circulation.Hi Jen, I agree with the comments above. I am not a Doctor so can't answer your question. Log on to the CardioTech web site and they may be able to help you. Robyn B

What are the preset programs specifically designed for? Best one for weight loss?
1 answer
Hi Angie You are better talking to Cardio Tech about this. Sorry I can't help. Robyn B

I am going to buy the LifeBack 2 can you please tell me where I can get the best deal as the shopping centres vary in price depending who is working? Thank you.
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So many options! How does one know which machine will benefit the most. Is the Cardio Tech Life Back 2 on sale? For 60% off?
2 answers
Hi Sharon, All I can say is that my husband and I have both benefited from using the LifeBack 2 machine. I don't work for the company and have no idea if they are on sale! I suggest on go through Cardiotech web site or visit one of the Kiosks in the Shopping Centres. Cheers Robyn BI don't work for the company either but I do know the CEO and a lot about the company culture. I work in the Vibration Training and Therapy industry (not in Australia). You can get benefit from many of these machines that all look alike but there are differences. Some feel a bit rough to use, so have random jumpy motion, some are soft and smooth but feel like they are just tickling you.. So how can I help you? Try all the machines you can in malls and shops. Ask questions and see if you believe the answers or you are just getting "waffle" or sales talk. Investigate the company selling the machine if you can. Are they reputable? Will they be around in 6 months time if something goes wrong? Will they provide you with a program or guidance that's just for you, not just a paper in a foreign language or badly translated English. I can tell you that I've had a machine for a few years and it hasn't broken down. I have sold them (independent not employee) and only one came back in two years and that was abused by the grandkids we think. I don't know where the Cardiotech Lifeback2 would be on sale at 60% off. I would be very surprised at this. but the sales person or sub-contracted seller can sell at their own price, maybe at a loss to themselves if they are closing their own business etc. Also I know of many being sold at cost price or even less, to older people's rest home/hospitals and to schools for kids with limited physical abilities. No money is made on those "sales".

What is the frequency of this machine?
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The technology is a high frequency vibration with the design being a "See-Saw" motion to simulate walking. Cheers Robyn BThankyou .. was wondering what the Hz is

I live in gatton qld where is the closest place I can see these 2 machines. How much are they
1 answer
If you go through the Cardio Tech website you can get the info you are after. Cheers Robyn B

I have been using it since January and from the time I started using it I felt itchy all the time. For about the last four weeks I have a rash on my back. Last week I went for another Skin Clinic appointment after using antiobiotic ointment and using special skin soap. They took three biopsies and could not find the cause. Has this ever happened before? Is there any chance if getting my money back. I was losing weight while I was using it.
2 answers
Hi Annie, Its quite normal to feel tingling and sometimes itchy after your circulation has been boosted. I really cant help you any more as I am not a medical person. Best wishes - Robyn BJust like spa jets make you itchy so to does this machine cause its improving your circulation. The rash is probably from the folks of skin or fat pockets rubbing together. It's the bacteria on your skin. It's easily dealt with by showing after use just like one would shower after a gym session. If not taken care of yes the fungi/ bacteria along with your body heat may become infected.

What flooring should you not place the machine on? I have it in our main living area on the bigvtiles. Was told the vibrations would crack them. rd
3 answers
Firstly, there's no need to run the machine on higher speeds. I use mine on 1 and sometimes on 5. The circulation and gentle exercise results work well at those settings. But your floor; I've not heard of any problems. There is sound and vibration force that goes a little bit downward as well as up. I have my machine on a thin, high density, rubber mat (fitness mats often bought as 4 pack in Kmart or target). I do this to stop the noise as I live in an apartment. Others have their lifeback 2 unit on firm carpet. I can't say you have to buy a mat but I would for comfort and noise reduction. I didn't ask how you are using it but even for just gentle circulation you want it smooth and not noisy for comfortThank youI use mine on a tile floor and it doesn't make any difference and I don't find it nosy. Cheers Robyn B

I have a knee replacement. Can I use the cardio tech machine without damaging my knee ?
1 answer
Hi Chris, my husband has knee replacements and he sits down while using the LifeBack and has the machine on a very low level. If you are in doubt discuss it with your G.P. Cheers Robyn

Do I have to exercise on the machine to see benefits or will standing or sitting on it still show results?
1 answer
It depends on so many things. We all need some exercise in our lives and the right food to keep us healthy. I am sure you would reap some benefits with blood circulation alone. The answer to your question is NO. Best wishes Robyn B

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