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Hello . When travelling in remote areas is it better to switch the unit to 3g or leave it on auto to get the best boost of phone signal/data . Thanks

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I purchased the CelFi Go pack from Telstra shop and sales assistant that offered little advice about self install, was actually more keen to sign me up on a plan when I said I would purchase outright.
My install question relates to the donor antenna. What is the recommended way to attach the small antenna to the roof and/or roof rack of my Ford ranger? I can’t find any fixing holes or suggested ways to attach to my vehicle. At this stage I’m thinking either silicone or strong Velcro. Any suggestions?

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Andy R.
Andy R.asked

Looking for an installer near Pomona, Noosa Hinterland.
Wondering about the range of these and also if they can be directed or strung together.
Also wondering about the 5G version availability and performance.

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Andy you can contact me for any info I cover Gympie to the Sunshine coast

Look up RADIO COMM Gympie you will find my number or its on my profile photo cheers


Shaun T.
Shaun T.asked

I have a cel-FI GO but only one person can connect to it via blue tooth at a time. Do you need to be connected via blue tooth to receive the boost or once you have one phone connected to the Cel-Fi GO is the signal boosted for everyone in your area?

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Hi Shaun the Bluetooth connection is to configure and give you diagnostics details of the CelFi device and only one device can connect to the CelFi at anyone time via Bluetooth for these purposes. You do not need to connect via Bluetooth to make normal use of the CelFi Go, Mobile phones in the vacinity of the server antenna will automatically vote to the CelFi device hope this answers your questions


Purchased a mobile Cel-Fi Go for my caravan and a stationary unit was delivered, I complained and was told there is no longer a difference between the two as it is now configured in setup, have been very disappointed with its performance and wondering if I have been lied to.

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Hi John to answer your question, yes the new Celfi Go can either be configured for mobile or stationary use in the Wave APP this is the app that communicates and configures your Celfi Go device when you link to it via bluetooth. Use the the APP to configure it for Mobile use and see how that goes.

The most important part of setting up a celfi go unit is the positioning of both antennas, I can not stress this enough other wise they will just not perform the way they are suppose too. Good luck hope it works out for you John.

Shirley Y.
Shirley Y.asked

Can someone please tell me the difference between the adhesive internal antenna and the white box antenna? Thank you Shirley

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Hi Shirley I'm assuming your talking about The internal square panel Antenna when you refer to the white box. The adhesive antenna is usually used for car or mobile equipment installations due to it's small size and being able to mount in a discreet location to achieve the isolation that is needed between the doner and the server antenna in mobile installations. The white panel antenna is used in home or industrial applications, the signal or RF from this antenna has a more consantrated beam effect in one direction used in stationary installations where there is substantial isolation between the doner and server antenna, hopefully I have answered your question Shirley

Todd F.
Todd F.asked

I get 4 bars on the ridge 250 metres from my house and zero at my house even with my cell fi.
Can a directional antenna be used in this instance, or how do get coverage down to my house?

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Hi Todd yes you could try a directional beam antenna from your house and point it to your nearest cellular tower. just a little about CelFi units is they need to receive a signal to rebroadcast or boost that signal. If they can’t they are useless pretty much.

And yes you can put a CelFi up on the ridge on a solar supply, and feed that back down to another CelFi unit which will relay the signal to the unit at your house, a costly process meaning you need to by another CelFi unit and Antennas ect, but it can be done.

John E
John Easked

My Samsung 1o plus does not show any improvement . Celfi of 2 bars cel go on 2bars. Strange

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Shane G.
Shane G.asked

Go repeater mobile. Can more than one user connect at one time?

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Yes you most certainly can, but like all things there is a limit, and the more users connected will limit the CelFi Go performance, as specially if all user are streaming TV or Video and of course weather your connected to 3G 4G LTE and your signal strength to the phone cell. Hope that helps.

Matthew M.
Matthew M.asked

Why does my Cel-Fi Booster keep losing Bluetooth Connection to my Phone

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There can be a few things that cause these issues Matthew, one being loss of Bluetooth signal from the CelFi or the connected device itself caused by distance between your device and the CelFi product, as-well as its mounting location if concealed in a location that is surrounded by obstructions as Bluetooth has a very limited range at the best of times. The other issue could be that other Bluetooth devices are enabled in close proximity to your CelFi go this can sometimes cause issues as well, also if there is another Bluetooth device already connected your CelFi as you can only have one connected device at time.

And of course there can always be other technical faults and software glitches with the both devices we are trying to pair together. Try restarting both devices turn off other Bluetooth devices in the vicinity, if that’s at all possible these days. Also try and stay within close range to your CelFi unit. If the problem persists try using another phone or if you have any mates with a CelFi unit, try connecting to there CelFi this may help in narrowing down the fault finding process.

Matthew M.
Matthew M.

I have Restarted Both my Phone and the Booster
At the moment it seems Fine


How many devices can connect to a Cel-Fi go unit is it only 1 device at a time or can several connect at the same time?

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Between 5 and 20 depending on the activity of the users.

Liam B.
Liam B.asked

Will Cel Fi repeaters like the Cel Fi GO (stationary) update through the Cel Fi wave app to cover (amplify) 5G frequencies when they roll out?
Thanks, Liam

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I was hoping Liams question would be answered as I am also wondering the same thing.


Hi Have a CelFi Go repeater in our home. We get Telstra 3G and 4G signals outside.
My phone Iphone 8 gets full signal strength on 3G & 4G, but my wife's IPhone SE , a later model only picks up the 3G signal full signal strength from the Cel Fi Go but the 4G signal is very weak and her phone doesn't work. Yet when we go out she has no problems with using 4G directly off the Telstra towers.
Any clues as to why?

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Peter D.
Peter D.

Did you solve this?


I have Celfi mobile in my caravan which works sometimes.

When the incoming signal is weak it boosts and my phone works well.
When th signal is a little stronger it stops boosting but my phone does not work because the signal inside the van is weak due to the caravan shielding.

Can I have my cel fi modified as a fixed installation so that the celfi does not stop boosting when the outside signal is reasonably strong,


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Is there a booster that does not just one carrier so when i go camping or change carriers i do not have to buy another one

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Mark Mays
Mark Maysasked

Some Apple products seem not to work with the product. Android phones and devices work very well. Are the apples locked to a signal?

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How can I change my cel fi go from stationary to mobile

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John A
John Aasked

I keep getting a SMS saying that a firmware update is available for my cel-fi go-go. Wave says the software is up to date . What is the difference between firmware and software and how do you update firmware

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LisandLeif A.
LisandLeif A.asked

Can I use both my iPhone and iPad on the cel fi. I tried to download the app on my iPad as well, it comes on but it won’t connect

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Gavin B.
Gavin B.asked

I have recently bought a Telstra Go Stationary and I am having difficulty registering it. The rest of the family are on Optus and we already have a Cel-Fi booster for it. So when I opened the Wave app, which I already had on my phone it didn’t give me the option to register the Go Station. I am not sure how to do it now or who to call? Any help would be appreciated.

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