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Chanel Allure

Chanel Allure

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The fragrance does not linger

I am onto my third bottle of this Chanel fragrance and am very disappointed with this latest product.
Previously the fragrance would last for a good couple of hours but with my latest $149 bottle I am lucky to get two minutes before the fragrance has completely gone.
Chanels response to my complaint, it must be my diet or I have just got used to the fragrance!
When I informed Chanel that I still had an older bottle that did not have this problem they asked me to do a three and a half hour return drive so as they could test the product.
I am not impressed with this poor attempt at customer service!

My favourite perfume

This is by far my most favourite perfume. I love all Chanel perfumes but this is one of the nicest in my huge Chanel collection. Long lasting too. I always get compliments about how nice I smell when I wear it. Both men and women often ask which perfume it is? When I wake up in the morning my pillow smells nice too, that's how long it lasts! Also, men's Allure is one of the nicest men's perfumes. 10 out of 10 to Chanel for this collection.

Purchased in December 2017 at Myer Retail Stores for $240.00.

Has chanel changed it's formula?

I recently bought a 100ml bottle of Allure eau de parfum, as I have had the EDT before and loved it I thought I would splash out and buy the parfum. It's been a big disappointment, I can hardly smell it and what smell there is has gone by lunch time. I am going to return it to Myer and see what they say. Has anyone else had this problem?

Best perfume

Allure chanel is so elegant and unique, similar to Allure sensualle (thats discontinued) maybe a little softer its my night perfume and sometimes day, worth every single dime love it!

In love

This is one of my Chanel collection. I wear it for date night with my half and of course my daughter. It smells good the longer you wear it. I got it for our 6 years wedding anniversary gift. Parfum bottle. I'll buy the parfum spray next time. Worth every penny.

Love it!

I love this perfume! I havn't found any other scent that can make me feel more sexy and beautiful than Chanel Allure.

My Essential Scent

Chanel Allure is my favourite and perfect scent. It is the one perfume I always get complemented on and asked what perfume I am wearing. You can't go wrong with Chanel, definitely worth every cent. The scent is long lasting and the bottle does last quiet some time, even when wearing everyday.
Beautiful scent

Light and not overpowering

Chanel's Allure has a soft light somewhat fruity scent which doesn't overpower your senses or other people's. It's important to me to have a perfume I like and that people say smells nice. I want a perfume that attracts people (eg men) and doesn't make them hold their breath. I have, many times, held my breath when being close to a woman who's perfume was overpowering ... surely women want a perfume that men especially would enjoy and not something that would drive them away. This perfume does it for me and it's affordable and I've had many people, men and women, commenting on how nice I smell ... you can't ask for anything more than that!
It's affordable, light fruity scent is appealing


Allure remains one of my favourite fragrances. It has a really unique scent that I don't notice a lot of other women wearing which is a plus for me. It is very long lasting and I find I only need one spray to last all day. I probably wouldn't spray any more than that, particulary during the day as it can be overwhelming if you use too much. I think it is a young scent but in a sophisticated and elegant way. I don't find the price unreasonable due to only needing to use a small amount. As always, shop around online to get the best price - I never buy fragrance over the counter...
Beautiful unique scent which is long lasting
Can be overpowering if you spray too much


Allure would have to be the best smelling fragrance around today. It is expensive but not ovely priced that you cant afford to buy it, on spray will last the day and a touch up re spray for the night. Allure spells sophistication, you will feel so very sophistcated wearing this and also it has a bouce with it making it a lovely pleasant smell that is by no means ovr powering just enough to let people know you have it on..and yes people do say what is that perfume your wearing and its so nice when that happens. This would be ideal for hubby to give his wife as a gift, or just spoil yourself and buy a bottle as you wont regret it by any means.
Allure would have to be the most precious fragrance around today.

Sophisticated Scent

I have had a bottle of this in my vanity for ages. Its the one fragrance i will wear when i am dressed up and going out. I tend not to wear it for everyday use as i find it to much and i prefer something more fresh.
It is so Chanel and very classy and sophisticated. The smell lasts a long time and i always feel very grown up and sexy when i wear it
Long lasting smell, Classy, grown up


this is a beautifully constructed scent its sweet yet not over the top sweet. it is very clean with a bit of a soap component. it is not one that can be found in discount chemists and the like or discount websites. like most other Chanel frangrances it never goes out of fashion and would be suitable for winter or summer. this one comes in an eau de toilet and eau de parfum both last remarkably well considering it is such a light fragrance. this would be more suited to younfer women in their 20's and 30's.
beautifully feminine scent


I had the milky fragrance and it was given to me as a gift (luckily...as I think the price would put me off if I had to purchase it). I loved the powdery scent that it gave me. It was great at nights and not so much in the day, and I wouldn't have it as an everyday fragrance. I can imagine it best with after 5 gear! The aroma is quite delicate and unusual, but it suited me. I haven't bought it again, because of the cost. But if someone gave me another bottle...wouldn't say no!!
Lovely powderey aroma.
Price of course - Chanel!!


wow what a wonderful perfume i could just wear it day and night every day of the year if you shop around there are some good deals on this one as well..try it you will not be sorry
i just love the fragrance of this perfume and the bottle and the packaging


I love wearing in the day and night. It's a spring fragrance.
It has a delightful fragrance, soft and sweet.
Nothing,,,It's such a beautiful fragrance.

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