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DKNY Be Delicious

DKNY Be Delicious

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Cucumber marinated in flowers

The product is advertised online as a perfume with the green apple scent. I do love apple scent and I remember having the most delicious green apple scented deodorant when I was a teenager and I assumed it would smell similar so bought it online based on its description. However when I opened it and smelled it I realised that the perfume has nothing to do with the smell of a green apple. It smells of the cucumber marinated in flowers. This smell combination makes me feel sick. I would advise not to buy any perfume online if you haven't used it before.

Disappointed by Be Delicious

I wanted a perfume with the scent of lovely fresh green apples, but a gentle scent not over whelming as the perfume Poison was. I was disappointed with this perfume, there is not much of an apple scent, it also seems to wear off quite quickly. I am old enough to remember Max Factors Green Apple in the 1970's. I loved that perfume, if only they'd make it again. Unfortunately Be Delicious doesn't come close.

In love with the scent of this fragrance

I am absolutely in love with the scent of this perfume!!! I receive many compliments on it and for that I would give it 5 stars. My only issue is the way it sprays. I have the 1.7 size and no matter how light I press on the button, it blasts out at you, like a stream instead of a spray. I also have the roller which I seem to use more often because it's easier. ALL in all though I love it!

Sweet & Delicious

Got one from a good friend. Just wonder how Olaf love summer, the scent says it all.
A must for women to remind how sweet we all are! Thanks DKNY.

Perfect summer fragrance

Got this as a birthday present from a dear friend who kept on raving about this perfume. Not a day goes by when I am not complimented if wearing this perfume. Perfect for summers..so light and fresh.. Very long lasting! Highly recommend!

Loving It

I got the two 1oz bottles of the original Be Delicious for my birthday (September) and i have been using it at least 5 days a week. I LOVE the smell of this perfume.I've pretty much nearly abandoned my old Marc Jacobs Daisy perfume for this. Well i only use that on special occasions..wedding dinner etc. I wear this to school if I bother to because on Tuesday we have P.E first up so there was no point wearing it as I will be sweating and I dont bring it to school because I'm just scared that it'll leak in my bag. The smell of this is so fresh and not heavy and disgusting. Some perfumes are too sweet and horrible but this is just so well balanced. Its smells sweet but its just perfect and its not that heavy. I feel refreshed after spraying it on myself but the only problem I have with it is that it wears off and at the end of the day, you cant smell much of it..and I dont respray because I dont bring it around with me hahah..This perfume suits younger people especially teens or maybe older.The bottle itself is adorable and special in a way. Some perfume bottles e.g.Marc Jacobs Daisy, just has a rectangular/squarish bottle with some flower cap on top. But this one is special because the spray part is part of the apple and the button is different to ones the 'usual' perfume bottles have. Si without the cap, its easier to bring around with and you dont have to worry about where you placed your cap after usage. I recommend this to people who doesnt like strong perfume smells and prefers fresh and relaxed smells. :) Thanks for reading ~ Jess

I love it!!!!!

I love this perfume it gives you the summer scent! This perfume is the life to summer with its great apple scent it reminds me of being in a extremely relaxing place. I recommend it to all my friends and they all say they love it and I love it to!
The scent, really easy to store

DKNY delight

Fresh, citrusy and summer springs to mind each time I spray this DKNY delight! The smell is so intense that some days I wish I could eat it! The bottle itself is quite cute, with a lime green coating on the bottom so you can distinguish it from the other DKNY products in the range. I wear it to work daily and am always getting asked what perfume I'm wearing, and where they can get it. Once you make the switch to 'DKNY Be Delicious', you'll never want to wear a different perfume!
Expensive & because its soooo good it gets used too quickly! (Small Bottle)

Love love love!

I first got this scent when my sister bought it for my for Christmas back in 2007 and have bought it ever since! It's a beautiful smell, I have been stopped in the street 3 times by people asking where I got it from, I always were it on special occasions.
Great scent, too cute!
Seems to have got a little higher in price since I first bought it myself.

The scent is so sweet and stays on for long.....I got mine from my sister who bought this from Hawaii, haven't seen this in the shops where am from...but am hoping to find it sometimes. I really love DKNY "Be Delicious"...I have seen it in heaps of perfume places and bought some recently at duty free in London, also saw it at kuala lumpur, I'm sure it would be where your from too! Good luck!


basically a copy of the discontinued Joop perfume "all about eve", if you love the smell of granny smith apples then you will love this. if you dont want to smell like sweet apple tehn this one if probably not for you. i havent seen this scent around in a while either in shops or online. this one never really grabbed me or had too much of an impact. if you were goiung to buy this as a present a think you could pick a better one.
if you want to smell like an apple
if you dont want to smell like an apple

Really delicious!! Gorgeous scent!!

When you first spray it, it's smells good, fresh, citrusy but even similar to other "apple" fragrances. The miracle happens after a few hours, when the fresh and citric notes fade and more warm and floral scents start to show up and last forever, consistently! That's when it gets absolutely gorgeous and different from other fragrances! It's appealing and is a signature scent! Seductive, soft, almost cuddles your nose! Men like it and don't want to stop sniffing it!! ;)
after a couple of hours, you have a great surprise! it's absolute delicious and sexy!!!

yummy, feminine and sooo sexy!!

OMG, this smells soo beautiful!! Doesn't smell like an apple, nor like cheap. It's fresh yet warm, citrusy yet floral... Just smell it and you will know!! So sexy and different!!!! Can't think of any other fragrance that is similar to this. Possibly my favorite of all. I can't have enough of it!
Great, sophisticated and sexy!!


A Be Delicious is a bite of life and is full of summery energy. The fragrance comes in a timeless bottle that resembles a succulant green apple is tantalizing and completely irresistible. The perfume has a sort of city-chic/summer at the beach vibe to it. It is fresh and crisp, and it makes yo feel like a real woman, full of cofidence.
The bottles is shaped like a beauriful green apples is absolutly gorgeous! The fragrance itself is also devine, is a perfumes hat can fit any occaision.
That it is so addictive that it doesn't last me that long as i wear it practically all the time.

Sweet sweet perfume!

I love the DKNY be delicious perfume. It has all the things I like in a perfume!

It is very fresh and fruity smelling. It also smells quite sweet.

I use it as an every day perfume and I get heaps of comments of people asking what I am wearing because I smell so good.
Smells great!


I bought this in duty free, largely because of the label and also because the scent appealed to me at the time. However, I've found it can be very strong, and so I don't wear it every day.
It definitely has impact...the sort of thing I'd wear at night or to special occasions. Also, the bottle is adorable!
Scent can be very overpowering...don't spray too much on your chest :D


I just love this fragrance - summery, fresh, delicate, distinctive,clean, modern and lasting. There are very few fragrances that when I get to the end of the bottle want to purchase another one straight away. However, this along with only a handful of other brands is one that I would not want to be without. Simply Delicious!
Fragrance and packaging.


I brought this fragrance after smelling it on my (male) friend, it is his favorite scent, it is quite unisex and not particularly feminine. It smells cool, citrus and fruity, not so much of apple in particular, and not very sweet. It is not too strong or overwhelming, and the EDP lasts all day. Be Delicious is available alone or in sets, including matching body lotion. Because of its popularity, DKNY have since released more permanent and seasonal fragrances under the Be Delicious line.
It is a fresh, unisex scent, fruity, not sweet. The bottle is beautiful, and men like it!
It is very popular so quite common.


I first smelt this fragrance in New York when they were just releasing it and I have loved it ever since. Its a very youthful fragrance for those girls who like their scent to be fruity and fresh. It lasts quite well and is worth the price. This is a great day time fragrance. There is also a stronger evening fragrance as well for those who really like the scent!
Great fragrance. It really appeals to me as I like my scents light and fruity. Bottle is a really nice sleek design but not special enough the put on display.


I only have a couple of perfumes that I wear. This is one of those favourites. It has beautiful green apple fruitty smell. Smells unique to other perfumes.
Beautiful scent, beautifully packaged!

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Is for women?
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Hey guys im desparately wanting to buy more Red Delicious is it still available?
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I think so! I bought one in late September at duty free. This website has 50ml in stock for $48.95 as of 2/1/2013. http://www.cosmeticsnow.com.au/items/dkny/red-deliciousI think they are still available..but i've only seen them once at my local pharmacist..weird aye?


Be Delicious
Release dateDec 2007
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