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Chanel Chance

Chanel Chance

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    Yvonne J

    Yvonne JSydney, NSW

    • 6 reviews

    Love it


    I love florals which this is but it has a real citrus freshness to it and a scent you could class as unisex. My friend brought it back from overseas for me with a matching bottle of Chance perfumed hair mist. I do love it but find I reach for other perfumes more often that are lighter,I have to be in the mood to wear this. Definitely isn't overbearing or old fashioned like Chanel's no 5 and Coco, it's a more modern fragrance and lasts a good few hours.

    Purchased at Gift.

    Horrible fragrance!

    The   Stenchmaster

    The StenchmasterThe Midlands

    • 13 reviews

    Can you smell the stench?


    Avoid at all costs! I expected alot better from a fragrance firm with such an awesome reputation, but what do i know? The top notes are supposed to be orange blossom, violet, lavender and sweet peas, or something like that? This fragrance is a load of rubbish, so don't believe all the hype about it being fresh and aromatic;



    • 2 reviews

    I'm in love with this perfume


    Such an elegant fragrance. I always get complemented when I'm wearing it. My husband bought it as a gift for my birthday 8 years ago and now can't live without it.



    • 8 reviews

    Smells amazing!


    Chanel has always been my favorite brand to go buy items from. Their perfume is definitely my favorite. I've been using this one for 3 years now, it smells so amazing I had to get it as a present for my best friend and she loved it just as much as I did.



    • 2 reviews

    Definitely worth a chance!


    Chanel has always been my favourite brand and I definitely got to tell this Chanel perfume has completely mesmerised me. It’s mild and sensual floral fragrance makes you and people around you feel great. What makes this perfume more adorable is its long-lasting smell. I just love this perfume.

    I got this sample and now I'm mad about it


    Well done Chanel! I must admit, I always found Chanel perfumes a bit "old fashined" but this one killed it for me. It's modern and strong yet gentile. Would recommend



    absolute favourite. expensive but totally worth it. one spray and good to go for the whole day. i have been using my 100 ml bottle for about a year now. lots of compliments, few from female friends but mostly from my male colleagues. they call it "seductive" lol.



    • 2 reviews

    Would happily drown in this!


    It was a free sample from Chanel sent with a purchase on another brand that introduced me to this. I found I literally kept sniffing the vial...dotting it to savour the scent on my skin until it was gone, then sniffing the empty vial forlornly. I decided to ignore the expense and purchase a 100ml of the loveliest, elegant, feminine scent I couldn't even imagine. Nothing heavy or sexy....just alluring and unbelieveably feminine....perfect for anything but a working day in an office somewhere!!! It has become my number one fave! Lasts better than I expected as my skin is not good at holding fragrance....I know because other people ask what is the lovely fragrance I am wearing!!!!



    • 16 reviews

    Channel the Godess with Chanel Chance


    I've used this lovely perfume for about five years - on and off - in my Top 5 on my table. Absolutely beautiful feminine and light - always attracts compliments from friends and men. Expensive in Dept stores - but such quality! Makes for a great present with flowers! Lol!
    Fragrance smells gorgeous and lasts for hours



    • 5 reviews

    A ladies fragrant


    Ah Chanel - but yet another winner, this is my favorite daytime fragrance and l love the fact it can be purchased as a purse spray - 3 vials and atomiser in a box which makes it perfect for travelling. The scent is not overbearing and it lingers all day (as all Chanel parfumes do)

    Tiffany S

    Tiffany Sqld, 4670

    • 4 reviews

    love it!


    anything & everythign by chanel is amazing!!! id die without my chanel stuff, expecially perfumes! Stunning smells and very vibrant & refreshing!! Its all about the smell, and the labels and designs of perfume bottles are cute as pies! i absolutley love love love every chanel item there could ever be! love chanel!!!!!
    Smell & bottle
    expensive but worth it



    • 5 reviews

    Something Special


    This is a beautiful, sultry perfume that makes you feel aluring when you wear it. Perfect night time perfume for that special occasion - but don't just keep it for those occasions, wear it all the time to make you feel great. A perfume that dosen't fade, even after a number of hours - gorgeous!
    Sensuous fragrance that lasts the night - no need to reapply.



    • 3 reviews

    must have Perfume


    love love love this perfume!!! Every time I have this perfume on, I get so many compliments, asking me what am I wearing because it smells so good. when I travel I always buy one from Duty free. A girl can never have too many Chanel Chance Perfumes :) This is my all time favorite perfume!
    smells so good!

    My current favourite perfume!


    Loving this perfume! My bestie spoilt me buying this for me for my birthday! I fell in love with the scent the first time I sprayed it. It has a gorgeous sensual smell. When I spray it on, it makes me feel elegant! Love it so much! One spray goes along way!
    The scent really attracts me to it.
    Expensive but worth it!

    Lidia Buckley

    Lidia BuckleyMelbourne

    • 3 reviews

    Never get sick of this perfume!


    Absolutely love my Chanel chance. It is the one perfume I always go back to. I do tend to get sick of a certain scent quickly, so keep buying different types. But Chance I will keep buying. I think it is quite a sweet girly smell which I always go for in a perfume.
    Sweet smelling.



    evryone shouold own this. i have over 30 fragrances and none of them gain me as many complements or turn as amny heads as when i wear this. my byfriend can't keep his hands off mewhen i wear this. i recommend the lotion too.
    fantaastic for the bag and smeels divine
    i can't think of any


    MotherMoonWA, 6210

    • 455 reviews



    This is the best perfume ever!!! I have always been a great perfume-lover and I have a big collection of different fragrances, but Chance is my favorite, I am almost addicted to it. It smells so good and I often get a lot of compliments, even my girl-friends like this delicious scent. I wear it every day and it makes me feel awesome! I am sure no other perfume comes close to smelling this good, it is almost good enough to be my signiture perfume, but if you love perfume then how do you stay with just one. Ver Sensual.
    Its Fresh, Its Sensual and its Exciting.
    Nothing at all.


    twink118Metropolitan Adelaide, SA

    • 240 reviews



    This is one of my all time favorites the fragrance is so classy, sophisticated and elegant. One spray stays on you all day
    Everything this perfume stays on you all day
    The only thing that i would be a con is the price tag as it is extremely expensive but that being said it is worth every cent spent on it.



    • 20 reviews



    I actually got this fragrance as a birthday present, and I absolutely LOVE it! It has an amazing yet unique aroma, and the brand is very reputable. As they say, “Less is more!” and that definitely correlates to this perfume! I only needed a few sprays each time as it was strong and lasted ALL day! The bottle is cute and the packaging is sensible. The perfume tends to be on the pricey side though, but it is definitely the best gift to spoil a loved one! This is also one of my favourite perfumes from chanel. I highly recommend giving this perfume a go as it is just simply beautiful!
    Pros: The perfume lasts a long time! The fragrance is definitely pleasant. Very reputable brand, feminine and unique aroma.
    Expensive, but worth every cent!

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    Questions & Answers



    What is the difference between the eau de toilette and eau de perfume?

    2 answers

    Hi Emma, I'm not an expert. I believe the difference is the concentration of oils used in the fragrance which gives the ability for the fragrance to last longer. If you google your question with Quora.com then that website has a very comprehensive answer as well as details of % of estimated concentrates between a perfume; eau de perfume and eau de toilette. Actually was fun reading to get you the answer. So I learnt something in answering your request. Good question. Hope this helps.

    Shari M.
    Shari M.

    I own both in the Chance scent. My description is that the eau de toilette is a bit more bright/citrusy but softens after a couple hours, whereas the perfume is full on creamy floral/spice from the first spray. There is a depth and lushness to the perfume that keeps me reaching for it rather than the eau de toilette.

    Jamie Aguilar

    Jamie Aguilarasked

    how much is chanel chance in Australia

    1 answer

    I bought it duty free in December 2012 and it cost approx $125 AUD for 100ml

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