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Elizabeth Arden Green Tea

Elizabeth Arden Green Tea

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smells like alcohol

I really wanted to like this, but the smell of alcohol was very strong. Other people i know didn't have this complaint so maybe my nose is just sensitive. The scent isn't bad though

A must-have perfume!

It is one of my favourite perfume! Light and graceful smell, not too floral or too strong, with attractive green tea aroma. Especially great in summer. The price is pretty reasonable as well.

Love it!

Love this perfume! It is very fresh and clean and not overpowering at all. I think it is a very feminine smell that isn't too floral as many feminine perfumes are. It is very unique and I have never smelt a perfume like it. It came in a pack with a body lotion and shower gel which I am excited to use. I'm not sure about the lasting power as I have only worn it once or twice since I only got it very recently. It was $25 and I really hope I can purchase this pack again. All in all, I think it is a great, unique perfume that can be worn everyday or to special occasions.
Inexpensive & lovely unique smell.

My every day perfume!!!

I was introduced to Elizabeth Arden thanks mostly to my mom who loves buying fragrances. She gave me a bottle of this Green Tea perfume when I was still in the university.
Now, 4 years later... I’m still falling in love with its fresh and calming smell... This is my most trusted every day perfume. I can never go wrong with Elizabeth Arden Green Tea. To me, this is part of my fashion ensemble. Without it, I feel that something is missing.
The smell is light, clean and very feminine.
It requires more sprays to be noticeable.


This is nice every day perfume, it actually smells like a light green tea. It's not too strong and I'm not allergic to it.

Got this as a gift set with the liquid body wash. The soap that goes with it is nice as well. Will be saving up to buy a new set of this.
Nice scent.
Bodywash was too small. If I were to buy it more often, I'd need 500ml or 1litre options.

Love Green Tea

I got this as a present from my boy friend now husband ;-) years ago and loved it - it is a unique scent - mild and very refreshing - not soo sweet and not too spicy - just perfect!!! Love to use it after a shower on a summers day!!
unique and refreshing
could find any


I loved this fragrance when I first started wearing it. Light, not overpowering, and affordable too. Yet for some strange reason, the last couple of times I have worn it, one of my friends commented that I smelt like I had been smoking cigars (which I certainly had NOT been doing!) I am thinking perhaps this perfume could go off quite easily, as it would sit on my window sill in the bathroom (probably not the ideal place to leave it!) Will have to try it again, from a new bottle, and see if I get the same effect.
Light and fresh, not heavy like some fragrances, not too expensive
Doesn't last long, needs to be re applied often
The fragrance appeared to 'go off' quite easily if exposed to light and warmth


this is a very citrus uplifting scent, great for summer. only downside is that it doesnt last very long. it has a great product range to compliment though. it can be brough for a bargain price at many chemist. definately a perfume that i enjoy using
refreshing scent
doesnt last very long


This is a great perfume that can be sprayed on any day of the year. It smells so nice and fresh and orangy. I am suprised how low cost this one is, considering Elisabeth Arden is pretty famous. I would use it regularly, but I just am not too thrilled about it, thats all. Overall, this is a fine smell fragrance that is fresh and clean and lovely to use.
This is a great smelling fragrance which is so inexpensive. I like the fact that it does smell like real green tea!
I dont dislike anything about it, it just doesnt appeal to me for everyday or regular use.


Very pleasant and refreshing, a truly classic scent. This perfume has been around for quite a while but it's nothing like those dated granny perfumes. I noticed a lot of comments say this perfume is weak and doesn't last long, but I much prefer a less overpowering perfume. Chemist Warehouse always has specials, you can get a 100ml bottle for less than 15 dollars (or even less sometimes). Love it
Inexpensive, not too overpowering


I bought this for myself many years ago and it was my first perfume because at the time it was all I could afford. Its a great perfume. Low cost and available at most chemists & major department stores from low end such as Big W and high end such as Myer. It's something that I would wear for a Sunday lunch with the family. It's a fresh smelling fragrance. I wouldn't use this if I was going out for tea or anything too special because I don't think it's appropriate. The packaging has been the same and boring for a while now (it hasn't changed since I bought it last and that was 5 years ago) so it's not very visually appealing compared to other fragrances. This would be a great present for a mature woman who doesn't like an over powering fragrance
Cheap, smells nice


This scent is most suitable for adolescents. It's cheap, simple, fresh and great for day wear. It does not attract much attention. The matching shower gel and body lotion means you can pamper yourself while applying the scent. It is widely available and good to have in a repertoire of perfumes.
This is a simple fragrance that's great for adolescents. It is a combination of green tea and a lemon scent and (on me) nothing else. It really is "cheap as chips" - and in fact could be regarded as the chips of the perfume world. A fresh scent that's great for day wear. Comes with matching body lotion and shower gel so you can "layer" it.
The scent does not last long at all, even when layered.


I think this is great I never used to like this but now that I have been wearing it more and more I have come to love this. The smell is great last a while on my skin. Its not to over powering to wear to work its great that you can see through the bottle to know when to go and get more.

I would recommend it to anyone wanting that great green tea smell. The smell is hard to describe Once again I just love this perfume and will be wearing it for a long time to come .
I love the smell its great all year round and last long on my skin.
Nothing to say about this perfume


you just can't help feeling better when you use this perfume. it really gives you a lift. whenever i use it i get compliments.
fresh clean fragrance, love the smell of green tea.
no cons, love everything about it


lots of people love this scent and it is a really great price. problem is that i hate it . it smells like insect repellent on me and is far too strong for my liking. it's a shame because this scent has become really affordable and is easy to access as it is now stocked by big w and most chemist chains. I love that there doesn't seem to be anything else quite like it on the market. I believe many different age groups would enjoy this perfume. The accompanying shower gel is absolutely wonderful to use before I spray this perfume on too. Very refreshing scent ts nice and light so not overpowering as i get migraines from certain scents. it also comes in a great gift box with a scented moisturiser depending where you buy it, so i think it is always a great gift for most ladies. i find alot of older people like this fragrance so maybe a present for your mother
Perfect for a Spring or Summer's day


I've been using this spray for years. I guess it goes to show that everyone has such different tastes in fragrances. I love Green Tea, it is not overpowering and you can use it all day without getting a headache. I think it is especially nice if you like to have a subtle scent that one has to be very close to you to enjoy. I don't want to walk into a room screaming, "Hi! I'm wearing perfume today!" So this is a perfect scent. I spray a lot on in the morning to my outfit and underclothes and then in combo with the lotions I feel like a million bucks and I smell great too! Thanks, Elizabeth Arden, this is my favorite of your fragrances!
I find this Balanced also uplipting and revatalising.
Nothing at all.


The bottle is pleasing to look at and the overall smells is nice .Not overpowering like some perfume .But did not last long enough on my skin and had to re apply after very couple of hours to really smell it .Overall very nice and would recommend .
Not over powering scent ,pleasent.Responibly priced
Does not last long on my skin


I like the big bottle, as it's easy to hold and use, and to find amongst all the clutter that can gather in the bathroom....it looks lovely and fresh, and is a delight to even just see it. It was given as a present, but from what I have seen, the amount of perfume you get for the money is good value. It's a modern fragrance, very refreshing and noticeable. At least the daughter is enjoying it, luckily it's a big bottle of perfume, so I might get a few sprays when I need to :-)
Nice big bottle, easy to hold. Lovely light colour green and a lovely name.
My daughter has 'borrowed' my perfume, she seems to love it, but early in the morning, when she is about to go to work, after she sprays it, the scent seems to seep through the whole house and linger quite a while.


this perfume lacks the nasty synthetic chemical whiff of so many modern perfumes. It is truly an original and it seems to ever so slightly alter its character in accordance with the total body chemistry of the one who wears it
the light fresh scent has none of the cloying sickliness of so many of the major big brand perfumes - I find that this is the one that people love on me whenever I wear it, each time that I use it at least one person will ask 'what is that you are wearing it is so lovely'
not a thing


I received this perfume as part of a gift set from my husband. Great choice! It is perfect for summer days, being quite light and fresh smelling. I use it as my every-day perfume now. The shower gel and moisturiser are also beautiful, and I love to use all three togther so the fragrance lasts even longer. I would recommend this for any age group really.
Elizbeth Arden Green Tea perfume has a beautiful fresh fragrance, and the smell lasts for ages (unlike some perfumes that fade as soon as you have put them on!)
Nothing really - maybe the packaging looks a bit dated, but that doesn't really bother me.

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Green Tea
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