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Cherub Baby Colour Change Glass Wide Neck Bottle

Cherub Baby Colour Change Glass Wide Neck Bottle

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Worst bottle ever

All this bottle does is leak- even when the 'anti colic valve' is facing up. When I shake the bottle when preparing the formula, it leaks EVERYWHERE I literally leave a trail of milk from the kitchen to my bedroom. When I feed her it leaks all over my daughters face and neck. In other words I have to always have wet wipes on hand when using this bottle. Changed to the AVENT glass bottle because I don't know how many litres of milk I'll be wasting when my daughter starts to hold the bottle herself.

Definitely DO NOT recommend this bottle to anyone. Not worth a single cent.

Purchased in December 2018.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance
Breastfed Child No
Bottle LeakageYes

Practical and safe!

A great bottle, love the versatility of option bottle to straw sippy cup. I also love the colour changing sleeve! So handy for those late nights when you don’t no what’s going on!

Purchased in April 2019.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance
Breastfed Child Yes
Bottle LeakageNo

surprised with the bottle's toughness

Babies + glass = breakages, right? Not so with this glass baby bottle. I must say I have been pleasantly surprised with this bottle’s toughness. My toddler has thrown or dropped it many times and it’s still in great condition. The silicon sleeve is very durable and helps with my son’s grip, plus it changes colour to warn when his tea is too hot! This is a neat reusable product and a great alternative to plastic, which has to be a good thing.

I love this glass bottle!

I know it’s the ‘old-fashioned’ way, but I was a bit nervous about switching from plastic to glass bottles. I was reassured by Cherub Baby’s Drop Guarantee which gives the glass bottle a one year warranty. So far, so good, I’m loving the bottle and more importantly my baby is too. It comes with a silicon sleeve that protects the glass and also changes colour if the liquid inside is too hot – this has proven to be very useful! All in all it’s a great product and I’m not sorry to have made the switch.

Chemical smell from silicone teats

The glass bottles themselves seem alright but the silicone attachments give off an awful chemical smell. My baby hated it straight away and I could even tell that the smell was being transferred into the milk. Surely this is not food grade silicone, whatever they're using it seems to me like a cheap China sourced product. The smell of the silicone is nauseating. Horrible product for a baby bottle.

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This is highly unusual issue and one we've never encountered before. All our product meet Australian and international standards. We use food grade silicone for our sleeves and glass also doesn't absorb smells like plastic bottles. We're very proud of our bottles. We appreciate your feedback. Please contact our customers support team (mail@cherubbaby.com.au) and we'd be more than happy to discuss this matter with you. Many Thanks, Cherub Baby Team

Was surprised that the bottles are really not breaking

I love the bottles because it has been proven to be highly-durable and the sleeves/bumper turns to white when the bottles are too hot for the bub. I say that it’s durable because for me the bottles have been so strong in handling drops. I really can’t remember how many times the bub have dropped them but still it showed zero signs of damage and still works perfectly.

bottles are great for wriggly toddler

These bottles have gone through a lot. I can’t remember how many times its been dropped and it is still it its best condition. I’ve read that if it breaks, the company will replace it. So far I’ve been loving it, the color-change feature has saved me heaps of time because the time have for checking when the bottles are ready is what I use in looking after the wriggly bub I have.

Both bottles broken within two months of purchase

I find plastic icky so was very happy to be using these glass bottles for my toddler with the straw adaptor. Unfortunately we found with both bottles that the silicone sleeve doesn't stay firmly in place on the bottom of the bottle and both broke as a result of being unprotected. I reported this to Cherub Baby and they basically told me I was wrong because the sleeves were 'made for that purpose'.

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Hi Allena, Thank you for your feedback, it is always appreciated. We're always listening to our customers, so we recently changed the sleeve design to offer greater protection with the shock absorbing bumpers and to also make it easier to be removed when cleaning the bottle. We're currently review the sleeve design again, so what this space :) We're sorry to hear your bottle have broken, so please email us at mail@cherubbaby.com.au and we'll see what we can do to for you. Many Thanks, Cherub Baby Team.

Excellent product, affordable price

I've tried Avent, Spectra, Pigeon and Medela bottles, but for the same price (bought on sale from Cherub baby), i got these durable, eco friendly and healthy (no bpa or other chemicals leaching int baby's milk) from Cherub baby. my baby prefers the Pigeon teats and the great thing is these are completely compatible with the Cherub baby bottles.I haven't experienced any leakage even with the Pigeon teats on the cherub baby bottles.

Tough glass bottles

Subject: Tough glass bottles
I saw the drop guarantee offered on these bottles so figured I’d try them out as I really wanted more glassbottles but was worried about breakage after Bub dropped the last ones we got from another brand . I have a wriggly baby who loves tothrow so to my surprise the Cherub bottles have yet to break! The special protective sleeve seems to work really well as the bottles just bounce off our tiled floor. I haven’t had to take them up on their guarantee yet. I’m certainly impressed!

Terrible faulty product do not waste your time or money

I bought 2 of these bottle for my twins, and BOTH excessively leak from where the lid screws onto the bottle..
I bought these bottles with the sippy cup attachments, which are the handles and the sippy teat.
The product even appears cheap and makeshift, the handles are a really bright white that dont match the bottle lid in material or colour.
These handles and sippy cup attachments are clearly an afterthought therefore are faulty and leak excessively.
Also the sippy teats basically dont work as u have to suck really really hard to get anything out, i tried to get something out myself and i virtually couldnt suck hard enough, let alone a baby.
I requested a refund via their website, and they sent me a warranty form to fill out instead of a refund request form.
They ask for photos and a reciept of purchase to be attched as a pdf, the issue with this is when u buy they dont send u are reciept in Pdf form..

I personally think that they are very aware of this fault with product but continue to sell it, and then when people request a refund they make them jump through hoops in order to deter people from following through with a refund request..
Luckily i paid via pay pal and have opened a despute just to avoid any further issues or procrastination on their part.
As a side note I also payed $15 for express postage and i waited 13 days for them to arrive.
They also didn't provide tracking details

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Hi Naomi, We're sorry to hear about your issue with our bottles leaking with sippy cup adapter. We are very confident this issue is easily fixed simply by inserting the silicone O-ring that comes with the sippy. Without it you may experience a leak and it app[ears that's whats happened in your case. We understand you didn't want to trouble shoot it with us and pursued a refund immediately and you have been refunded. We wish we had the opportunity to help! I'll escalate the issue you experience with delivery. This is very unusual and not something we've encountered before. All the best Cherub Baby Support

sturdy enough to handle

I never regretted my decision to buy this product. It is made of highly-durable glass which doesn’t break even if my baby throws it all away from our living room to a far away part of our home. It’s a top-notch sleeve (I really can say that!) contributed to its durability and its color-changing feature is superb, it even tells me when the bottle are too hot to use!

dropped a few times but still good as new

It took me a lot of courage to get the glass bottles. However after giving this one a shot, I think we made the right decision. The bottles are made of high quality glass. Back then when my baby was throwing tantrums, I was really scared that the bottles might break but they didn’t, not even after 20+ throws! The colour-changing feature is also awesome, it tells you when the temperature might burn the baby’s mouth.

Don't waste your money.

Purchased glass bottles and sippy cup attachment to avoid plastic with my second baby. A complete waste of money. I have been unable to use bottles as the seal is not good enough and they leak on my baby or in my bag if we take them out with us. Also dropped a bottle and the plastic rim around the teet shattered. Very, very unhappy with this purchase.

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Sorry hear about these issues Liz. Can you please email us at mail@cherubbaby.com.au . As long as you have your receipt and its under warranty we will replace your bottle! In fact we have just introduced a "Drop Guarantee"! It sounds like the seal you have may be from an old old model as the new models are silicone seals super air and water tight! But please email us so we can resolve your issue!

made the best choice of purchasing more than one set

I was skeptical of getting glass bottles because of the possibility of the breaking it. However, I gave this one a try due to its claims of handling drops. Babies normally throw everything they have on their hands and my two-year-old bub is no exception. She just throws these bottles and it is still in its best condition. The bottles also change colors when it’s too hot

Love the new model bottle, seems to solve the issues others have had

I was hesitant to buy this bottle after reading the reviews of them leaking. However a friend had bought the new model and she showed me that it didn't leak. I'm guessing they must have changed the design. The new model looks different, has a much thicker sleeve which seems to work great to stop it breaking. I've dropped the bottle a few times and its just bounced! The price was amazing, about half the price of other brands with a sleeve. Overall I've had no issues, so would recommend going for the new model.

Every bottle leaks

I bought these bottles after being dissappointed with a very well-known brand. I was really excited because these were the bottles I'd originally wanted too!
Unfortunately from day one all three bottles have leaked constantly. Only certain rings will go on certain bottles even though they should all be exactly the same and the silicone grips have faded considerably in only 2 months.
Dissappointed once again

Glass is better

i always wanted glass bottles than the plastic ones. The moment I decided to get a set of bottles for my baby I had to decide which brand until I found out about Cherub Baby on Facebook ans I have seen it really looks pretty and really tough. I value my child's health so I don't wan any plastic toxic substance leaching into my bubba's milk so I finally decided to buy one last November and I never regretted it ever since. It's easy to wash and the silicone protection really protects it from bumps or from breaking. I hope this lasts for more than a year!

My high hopes for an awesome bottle, dashed

I read such great reviews so I purchased a starter kit. I love the idea of glass rather than plastic. Everything is better in glass!!
however these bottles are just terrible.... I'm actually upset.
They leak so badly. The travel lids, even when correctly sealed, leak.
When feeding my baby, the bottles leak. I've triple checked that the lids are on properly and the teats are in but they still leak. I've had the lid actually come off mid feed.. Twice. I honestly don't understand how this happens as I screwed it on properly.. It's so frustrating.
Also the slow flow teats that came with my pack are anything but. It really seems like milk flows out too fast for my Bub (10weeks) to swallow.
Initially I thought I was doing something wrong but this has happened so many times now, and also to my partner, so it's time to ditch these bottles. I have written to cherub baby to advise of the issues. Honestly, I would not recommend them at all which is unfortunate because I think glass is just better.

New models are tough

I find these new model bottles more durable than the old ones as the silicone grips really protect the glass bottles well. I previously had an experience that the glass shattered in the previous model but this new ones are pretty durable. the silicone grip had to be removed during sterilising and the colour change which makes the colour change to white when it's heated function has been an added bonus. Another issue I have with the new model though is that i cannot find any standard bottle size and only see the wie-neck bottles in their website. I used to like the standard bottles than the wide neck bottles but they no longer make those standard size. I think this new model is my preferred bottle choice now.

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Hi Anges, Thank you for your fantastic feedback. We're always happy to hear our customers love our NEW model bottles as much as we do. Take Care. Cherub Baby Team

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My baby just turned 3months and the past month I started noticing the teats would push in while she drinks or the bottle will start leaking. Even when I put the ring in they still leak or the teat still pushes in. I hand wash and sterilise them in your microwave steriliser. Also noticed the teats colours changed a bit. Not as see through as they used to be anymore. Am I doing something wrong? Are the teats old and need to be replaced?
1 answer
Good Afternoon, Thank you for taking the time to talk to us regarding your bottles- that should not be happening and we would need further information from you if thats ok :) Please send us an email at: mail@cherubbaby.com.au and we will happily help you out and get you back to using your bottles

Where does the fine ring go, on top or under the teat?
2 answers
In the bin. They don't work.Hi Jen, There's no need to use the ring unless you are converting the bottle to a sippy cup using our sippy cup adaptor pack. Kind Regards The Cherub Baby Team

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