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MAM Anti-Colic

MAM Anti-Colic

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Don't base your decision on negative reviews, just give it a try!! After trying 12 different bottles (my son has slight tongue tie and couldn't attach to all other teats we tried except latex narrow neck), I finally found a bottle that my baby can attach to, and that actually helps with his severe reflux! It's super easy to clean, high quality and doesn't leak. I'm so happy, I would have given it 6 stars if I could.

Purchased in December 2018 at Chemist Warehouse Physical Store for $8.99.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance
Bottle LeakageNo

Beware of exploding bottles

I have been using these bottles for a couple of months and found them very good when encouraging the little one off the breast but just had one explode while making up a bottle of formula, spraying hot milk all over me and the kitchen. Thank god my toddler and the baby were both in bed not under my feet! Looking online it's not the first time this has happened. Couldn't recommend them after that

Purchased in March 2019 for $25.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance
Breastfed Child Yes
Bottle LeakageYes

Love love love!!

My 6 week old son has suffered from really bad wind pain today we decided to try a new bottle and I saw mam bottles so we brought 2 hoping that they would work and that they did!! He drunk a full bottle without crying and kicking his legs only day one And already a huge improvement and a much happier baby

Leaks everywhere

I got one of these bottles for free in the Bundle of Joy box from Chemist Warehouse.I filled it with water and put it in the baby bag, no issues with leakage there. However, while we were out at the shops bub finished her bottles of BM which we stored in another brand bottle but was still hungry so we grabed the MAM bottle of water and put in the formula, made sure the lid was secure and tried to shake the bottle. Liquid came out from the top and bottom, it was like as though someone threw a water balloon at me. Liquid was leaking from the bottom of the bottle. It went straight into the bin after that.

The bottle itself is good, but not good for my baby

After reading so many positive reviews, I have decided to buy this bottle because my little girl was suffering from bad wind. I was so happy to try the bottles but my baby didn’t like it at all. She is 12 weeks and she didn’t like the teat at all. Even though it says that the teat is suitable for 2 months and above the flow for her fleas too fast. She was choking and drooling a lot. I ended up buying Dr. Browns and they are so much better. She actually enjoys drinking from them with out any pain in the tummy.

Perfect bottles

Mam bottles are the best work so great and so easy to clean as you can open up the whole bottle to clean properly. Also love that you only have to take 1 bottle with u and you can steralise it anywhere you go. I have been using it with all 3 of my children and they also don't leak so it's perfect. Well done mam I wouldn't use any other branded bottles. The only thing is they are hard to find I wish there was more shops that sell them

On mam

My baby wash born at 4.15 zo she was really little they my baby a mam start pacifier at first I I didn't want give it to her because the nipple look to big but the 2 day in the hospital hey give it her in the Nursery she was in love and ever since then mam Pacifier that mam bottles also take she is 15 months now still in love with her man start these are the best pacifier especially with the little babies bottles are great too yes I would recommend to a friend

Love these bottles. Hard to find though.

I have tried both Dr Brown's bottles and mam bottles, and mam wins hands down for us. So much easier to clean than the Dr Brown's and they are self sterilising (all you need is a bit of water and a microwave) which is awesome if you are away from home without a regular steriliser. I definitely think they helped my little man with wind. The only downside is that I can only seem to find them online. Our Big W no longer stocks them. Teats are hard to find also when I want to upgrade. They really need to more readily available because they are a fantastic product!

Definitely helped!

We bought these bottles because our son suffers from terrible wind and thought that if his formula wasn't constantly being filled with more air bubbles from the vent in the teat that it may help to alleviate the problem. Whilst it didn't solve all our problems it definitely helped and I wouldn't look back

Be cautious!!!

I saw the ratings for the mam bottles to help with colic and reflux, on 12/19 I went and purchased a pack of the 4oz bottles for my 1 month old, I didn’t experience any improvements for starters and also I noticed mold in the bottom part of the bottle around the silicone ring; we went out for only 4 hours and in that 4 hours mold was already growing!!! Be Careful!!!!!

Helped with the wind! But flow was way too fast!

Definately helped with the wind. The flow (which was the newborn teat) was way too fast, to the point that my son was gagging on milk.
He would finish a bottle (100ml) in about 3 minutes. When sat up to burp, he would vomit most of it out!
The bottle contain 6 parts which have to be cleaned and sterilised, this seemed to take forever.
Not easy to find either, I found it only at one place where I live.

Perfect product for babies

As my baby was suffering with silent reflux we tried so many different bottles but no look even dr.brown one didn't work for us then we bought this one's and just in one day he was like different baby . He also talking anti reflux milk so need bit bigger hole teat but this milk and bottles together work great .

Fast flow

Baby just turned 2 months so it was time for a bottle change. But itd not working for him seems as if alot comes out.at first I thought he was just trying to get used to a new nipple. I got the 2 mnth old one. Maybe itll work later.

Very dangerous bottles

these mam bottles are very dangerous, i ended up burning myself with hot milk and please mothers if anyone has them do not hold your baby and make the milk, i was making the milk and when shaking the bottle it exploded on me and the hot milk went all over my chest and neck and i have seriously burnt myself, please be careful with these bottles, never buying them again

No colic but very fast flow

This bottle certainly lives up to its name, it's definitely anti-colic but the downside is its fast flow. If your baby can't handle fast flow, it will leak everywhere. My main gripe with this bottle is it caused our baby girl become lazy at breastfeeding, she now thinks it's ok to leak even when breastfeeding, so we have stopped using this bottle.

The worst products every

My baby got a mam pacifier at the hospital she liked them so I went out and bought her some more pacifier s the nipple came off in my baby mouth think God I was holding her because she would of die, I had the bottle too they are the worst bottle I have ever had. They leak everywhere and the milk came out too fast and she was crying where she had bad gus from them. I hate mam brand. I wouldn't recommend them to a dog they are not safe please stay away from mam brand the worst.

Wish I'd switched sooner

We tried avent, Medela, Tommee Tippee, pigeon and nuk before we found these. Perfect for my kids and mix feeding. I went straight back to MAM for our second baby and had no issues. Only down side is they can be hard to find and expensive. Recommended to my friends who had trouble getting their babies to take a bottle and they all had success too!

Flow is way to fast for a newborn!

Yesterday I purchased a MAM Anti-colic bottle 160ml, because we have been having trouble with our Dr Brown's bottles leaking. I had high hopes for this bottle which looked great in the box, self sterilising and a cute design. I purchased the newborn bottle and followed the instructions carefully before feeding my 6 week old son. I was absolutely appalled to realise that the milk was just flowing into his mouth, he didn't even need to suck! He began choking and i removed the teat form his mouth to discover he had ingested about 90mls in less than 5 mins. Normally he will take 20 minutes to drink 100mls from his Dr Browns anti-colic bottle. He seemed uncomfortable and bought a lot of it back up. I am very unimpressed and can't believe they would design a teat for a newborn with such a ridiculously quick flow. A waste of my money as I wont be using this again. Would not recommend for newborns.

Good for colic

This is easy to sterilise in the microwave but it can take some time to dry. I have noticed mould collecting in the spout which is not what you want in a baby bottle. The manufacture guidelines have been followed to the tee. I have since found alternative bottles for fear of safety concerns.

Wish I found this when I had the first baby

Tried many types of bottles ,paid for the most expensive ones . My little one still got colic . Glad I found mam bottles . My second baby get patched to it very well and very happy . Wish I found this bottle earlier when I had my first baby .

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Questions & Answers

I have the set of bottles, however don't know how to heat EBM in them? I usually put the bottle of EBM in a container of boiling water to warm it up, however the MAM bottle leaks through the bottom air holes when I do this. Thanks
1 answer
If the rubber ring is in properly I don't think it should leak? I heat mine up in a bowl of hot water and haven't had any problems with leaking. I hope youve figured out the issue by now :)

Where can i find these mam bottles in brisbane qld australia?
1 answer
Big w

Mam bottles are good but the rubber in the base stinks horrible Wat to do about it?
3 answers
Are you pulling out the rubber insert every time you wash the bottle? Of not then the smell is probably stale milk and bacteria which wouldn't be good for baby consumption. The bottle should be completely dissembled and washed in hot soapy water then rinsed and sterilised before use.I am having the same issue about the smell. I wash in hot soapy water and sterilize regularly and I always rinse and take a part the bottle as soon as my baby stops feeding but I can't seem to get rid of smell.I have the same issue too. The rubber stinks despite being cleaned and sterelised as required.


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