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Cherub Baby Glass Sippy Cups

Cherub Baby Glass Sippy Cups

150ml and 240ml
4.0 from 3 reviews

good for growing babies

Just loving these glass sippy cups! I have two youngsters who can be quite a handful. To help keep them quiet I give them their favourite juice, each in their favourite sippy cup – a different colour for each takes away any need to argue! The sippy cups are proving to be very durable, and more importantly very easy to clean

proven to be drop-resistant!

As a health conscious and environmentally aware mum, I was so happy to find an alternative to plastic for my son. The company has a lot of environment-friendly products by the way so I'm a fan! The glass sippy cup is easy to clean and very resilient. My son has dropped it so many times and it just doesn’t break! Plus the fact that it doesn’t spill makes everything cleaner and easier.

Nice glass bottle, bad sippy cup and poor customer service

The glass bottle and colour change sleeve were easy to clean and nice to hold, however the sippy spout itself is an inferior product to those found on other bottles (we ended up swapping out the cherub baby sippy spout with the NUK one - it surprisingly fit!). We had also purchased a straw cup in the same order expecting the lids (straw and sippy) to be interchangeable but recieved two different style bottles which resulted in significant leaking when we switched (was sent a replacement to resolve this), however the handles are also different and don't fit well together (and the company was not willing to send us a replacement to resolve this). Overall the glass bottle and sleeve are nice, however other components are inferior compared to competitors, depending on the product you are sent they may not be interchangeable and their customer service was slow, dismissive and very frustrating to deal with.

Hi A.W, We are so sorry to hear of this issue and especially about your customer service experience. Can you please send an email to ryan@cherubbaby.com.au referencing this url page so he can check it and also he will ensure this issue is dealt with correctly and you are send correct replacement parts for your bottle. Your situation is highly unusual and it sound like the experience you had was unnacceptable which we deeply apologise for and will resolve immediately. Many thanks Cherub Baby ManagementHi, after contacting Ryan I have since recieved a replacement handle which I am happy about. Thank you

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