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Take & Toss Spill-Proof

Take & Toss Spill-Proof

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Get what you pay for

These cups are good in the sense they are cheap and do prevent spills when being drunken out of. As for the throw away part, we usually reuse them a few times as they are fine to be washed and last well. My only issue is my cheeky 15 month old can pull the lids off way to easy. Also if he throws the cup the lid will just pop off when it hits the floor.
Cheap, can be reused, If you have a calm child it is no spill.
If your child is a little bit wild these cups are not the best as the lid can pop off if thrown and my 15 month old get the lid off when he tries.

Only Cup that Works!

This is the only cup my son can actually get water out of with so many of the others on the market impossible to sip from (even for an adult!). And the best thing....these are $7 for a pack of 4!
They work and inexpensive

Love these cups!

We were given some of these cups when my Son was born. When he got to the age where they were appropriate, we started him off with another cup with handles however soon found this to be a better (and cheaper) product once he could handle the cup without handles.

I love that you can replace these cups easily and cost isn't an issue. They are quite durable but lids do need to be replaced every so often as once they get chewed they get a bit harder to clean. Having said that though, they do last quite a while.

They are truly take and toss (ours go everywhere with us). These are quite spill proof however if the cup is upside down there will be some leakage (though slow). If carrying in a bag make sure it is upright.
Inexpensive and easily replaceable when lids get a bit chewed. Son has no problems with it
Lid can come off if thrown/dropped from high chair but otherwise lid is quite well fitting.

Works and cheap!!

Ive used the same four pack of these for the last two and a half years and they are still going strong.I haven't had to toss any.
Cheap,bpa free,about as spill proof as any cup with no stupid valve.
The lid occasionally comes off and drink goes everywhere!

Great item for what it is.

I always have these in the cupboards because you just never know when you will need an extra cup. They are as they say 'take and toss'. Keep your fancy, leak valve, flip cap sippy cup at home and let these get ruined instead! Really easy to use, two parts, simple. Easy to clean. I have also found a range of disney take and toss cups that come with a plastic cap that clips to the side of the lid making them more hygenic to take out and about. Fit in upright side pocket of a nappy bag. Lids are easily chewed but also easily and cheaply replaced. Not the kind of cup you want thrown on a hard floor or stepped on as they will pop open. Mainly reccomend for out and about or a quick cup when someones over.
Simple design, easy to use, cheap.
Pops open, lids chewed easily.

Great cups!

These cups are great, We had gone through a few packs of these, Very easy to wash and keep all the bits clean, Doesnt matter if they get left behind or if they crack jsut throw them away and get another! Love the bright colours.
Great value, love the colours

Fantastic cheap option

I have purchased many styles of 'non spill' cup over the past two years, including the take and toss. This is definately the best of all the cups for several reasons.
1. Easy to replace and have multiples of without breaking the bank.
2. Baby doesn't actually have milk leaking all over them when drinking, as I have had with other non spill cups.
3. You expect it to leak a little, unlike others, so don't end up with milk all through your bag.
4. So easy to clean, just take off lid, throw in sink or dishwasher and dry.
5. Can purchase new lids separately so when chewed through, so don't need to throw out entire cup.

I have had the same cups for over two years and they are just starting to need replacing. Great for a throw away option!
Inexpensive, easy to clean - goes in dishwasher
Leaks when tipped, lid can come off when stood upon or thrown across room. Cups don't come in same colours as the lids.

Spill-Proof - I Don't Think So

There is NO way that this is spill-proof... I have a messy floor and ruined carpet to prove it! I can see why the product is very appealing to some and it may be good for an older child, but not good as a starting off Cup for a child as they can just tip it upside down and all the contents goes everywhere.


I am happy with my Take and Toss infant cups. I was given an expensive sippy cup as a gift but bubs seems to prefer to use these! I particularly like the fact that you can see how much bubs has had to drink. They are cheap enough that there is no need to worry if you lose or misplace them but sturdy enough that they can be used and washed time and time again.
They are super convenient and they are small enough for little hands to hold onto. An inexpensive option - I have spare cups at the Grandparents house and in the nappy bag. They are so cheap you can afford to have spares everywhere and there is no need to worry if you lose them.
The lid does come off relatively easily - tossing it from the high chair will usually result in spillage!


Will definitely buy these again. Only problem is that the lid comes over pretty easily, which can be messy when around the house or when in a bag.
- Easy to wash
- Considering they are take and toss, they last a long time.
- Lid comes off easily
- They do leak when left upside-down or shaken


a great toddler cup ideal for training to drink independantly..even though they are designed to be used and thrown out, 3 2 yrs later ours are still in same condition as when first received..definately a cup ide recommend
these are great little cups that i was given at a baby expo some 2 yrs ago and they are still going, although some of the lids have gone missing. great size for small hands and the beaker lid is ideal for little ones learning to drink independantly from. i have washed mine in the dishwasher over and over again and they have not deterioriated in quality. come in bright colors
the lids over time do get damanged but as these are designed to be used and thrown out i dont mind, especially when we have used our time and time again


These are great for the toddler who gets tired of the same cup all the time. My 2 year old always wants to try his friends' cups so when he's on a playdate I get out a new one of these to keep him happy. They aren't very spillproof though and the covers do come off quite easily.
These are really cheap and easy to just throw one in your nappy bag for emergencies. Nice to have some extras around for other kids. Come in nice colours. Very easy to clean.
I don't know if your actually supposed to use these more than once or if the plastic starts to degrade.


a great portable/disposable and reusable cup to take on trips and when out and about. affordable and colourful. we always keep some handy for when guests come over.
easy to clean, disposable when required, see-through container helps me gauge how much my son is drinking.
not really spill-proof, can leak sometimes.


Once my son was used to a sippy cup these were great. They helped him get used to using a cup without handles and once he didn't need the spout any more he could use the plastic cup on its own.
I like these for their simplicity. They are easy to clean and cheap.
I do not love the idea that they sold to be disposable but we wash and re-use them and they have lasted very well. They are not entirely leak proof and if knocked of the table the lid can come off if it hits the floor the wring way.


I think these are the best sippy cups. I have tried lots of other much more expensive cups and have found these to be by far the best as they are easy to clean, cheap and don't give the water a plastic taste.
Very affordable, last quite a long time, my toddler really likes them, they don't give the water a 'plastic' taste like many of the more expensive cups, they can go in the dishwasher and do not have silicone spouts that need to be cleaned with a brush.
The only complaint I have is that my bub's teeth have caused wear on the spout - but this did take months to happen so not an issue really.


These cups are great training cups when you're introducing solids and liquids other than milk from breast/bottle. My daughter is now 9 months old and getting a bit frustrated with the small holes now that she's comfortable drinking from a cup. I'm going to try and stick with them; I've got one in the car, another in the nappy bag and various ones for meals at home - finding a cup without a valve is next to impossible!
These cups don't have a valve to make them spill proof. Our child health nurse said to try and avoid cups with a valve as they do not allow babies to use their tongues correctly to control the liquid flow - suck through the valve rather than drinking. These cups are cheap and colourful and do the job perfectly. They really are no-spill despite not having a valve.


The Take and Toss Spill-Proof cups are great and I am just about to start my second toddler on them at the moment after giving up on a few other products I have tried. They are easy to pull apart and clean and are great value at less than $2 each when you buy them in multi-packs.
These are the best I've come across for toddler to use. They are easy to open and close for adults but seal well enough to prevent serious spill by toddlers. Very economical and easy to clean.
Nothing, these are the best trainer cups around in my opinion.


I really like the Take and Toss range as they can be reused over and over and still last quite a long time. I used to spend a bit more on these types of products until I discovered that there are so many cheaper alternatives out there that last just as well. These are great for little ones that are learning to use a cup but still need to have a sipper. They are pretty durable and wash easily as they are such a simple design.
Cheap, affordable, easy to clean, can be reused a lot.
There really are none, they are great.


These are fantastic. My daughter has a few different sipper cups, but they get so pricey! I saw a review for these ones, and thought why not! They are so cheap and you buy them in a bundle. My daughter has no issue at all drinking from them. I only use them around the house, as they are perfect for that. They do drip if turned upside down, but that doesn't bother me, as it rarely happens, and I only ever have water in them. I have re-used them again & again. They are as strong as the day I brought them. Fantastic cheaper alternative for around the house etc...
Fantastic colour range, very durable,easy to drink from, cheapest cups around!
Could use a lid over sipper.


Good first cup. My breastfed daughter learnt to drink water from these cups when she first started solids. Didn't take her long to get the hang of using them.
Cheap, BPA free, come in multi packs, easy to use.
Leak (especially when toddlers throw them out of the highchair).

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