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Munchkin Miracle 360 Cup

Latest review: My daughter is 9 months old. We started using this cup since she’s 8 months old. She doesn’t seem to like drinking from this cup. She prefers an open cup so I bought this but maybe because the flow is

Pigeon Mag Mag Step 2 Spout

Latest review: The spout damages easily with a chewing baby, and it's impossible to buy just the spout on its own. Not available anywhere - always so sold out. It's just ridiculous that I have to buy a whole new

Take & Toss Spill-Proof

Latest review: These cups are good in the sense they are cheap and do prevent spills when being drunken out of. As for the throw away part, we usually reuse them a few times as they are fine to be washed and last

Nûby No-Spill Easy Grip

Latest review: We have the whole colour range of these for our kids as they are just so easy for them to use. Easy to clean, no spill and a great range of colours. They're relatively cheap to boot. I prefer these

Pigeon Mag Mag All In One Set

Latest review: I like that this product is designed with different attachments to accommodate baby's transition from teat to straw. You can also use different stage teats from Pigeon brand bottles as well as they

Nûby No-Spill Flip-it

Latest review: We had this bottle for my older child and it was great so I bought another for my 22 month old and have realised it’s actually really difficult to use. He has to bite the straw while sucking; he just

B.Box The Essential Sippy

Latest review: I have bought three of these bottles and 5 replacement straw packs! I really want to love the product! - The bottle is easy to hold but my toddler keeps biting through the straws and the other more

Pigeon Mag Mag Step 3 Straw

Latest review: It is available in 3 colors and I picked yellow color. My baby is very excited everytime she sees this straw cup. Not only the color is attractive, the straw is very soft on baby's lips, the flow is

Nûby No-Spill Grip n' Sip

Latest review: I should have read some reviews before I bought this product. Similar to "Woeful" who reviewed this product in October 2013, the Nuby no spill grip n' sip is terrible. Ours also collapses in on

Nûby Two Handle No-Spill

Latest review: More explanation from the company is required as how to use the cup, you really need to figure it out and also adjustment, waste of money, Bought it from BIg-w, August-2018 Will not recommend, after

Nûby No-Spill Flip n' Sip

Latest review: This is actually the worst bottle I’ve ever used! It leaks like crazy, the straws get mould in them, even though I wash in warm soapy water daily... the bottom part of the water doesn’t get drunk bec

Heinz Baby Basics Toddler Straw Cup

Latest review: I bought 1 of these a few months ago and it was leaking, bought another one to give it another chance but it got worst! Bub can't sip anything through the straw! I tried sipping and i got air. Though

Heinz Baby Basics Trainer Cup with Handles

Latest review: Wanted a simple sippy cup to take with me when out with baby. Bought in Coles on special. Same issues as everyone else. Only works when tipped fully upside down and then only through one hole. So is

Tommee Tippee Mighty Grip

Latest review: This is the first cup I bought for my daughter. Although it cost me $12, it has been wort it. Initially, she hated any cup and would throw it from the highchair. This cup is the only one that has

Dr Brown's Dual-Function Valve

Latest review: My daughter had trouble sucking through other sippy cups, but has mastered this one perfectly! It is easy to suck through, but tough enough that it doesn't spill everywhere. reliable, reasonable

Kid Basix The Safe Sippy

Latest review: I bought this bottle when my son was old enough to drink out of a sippy cup but i didn't want to risk bpa of plastic bottles. The verdict? It is awesome! Not only is it stainless steel, the design is

ThinkBaby Sippy

Latest review: My 2yo will drink water,juice etc from any sipper or a normal cup,but would only have her milk from a bottle.I was getting worried about her teeth so though this would be worth a try and it worked!

Pretty Baby Non-Spill

Latest review: This is the 5th cup I have bought and finally one that works for my now 7 month old!! Previous cups have included hard spouts and a sippy straw. I think it is the soft spout and the absence of a

Weil Baby Tritan Sippy Cup

Latest review: I had tried just about every cup there is before i tried this one and it is the best by far. It is like a cross between a bottle and a cup so perfect for in between.it can in fact be used as a

Playtex Sipster

Latest review: We tried many brands and styles and had varying results. This is the only one that didn't leak in the cot even after years of use with several kids. After around 3-4 years some valves did start to

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