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Pigeon Mag Mag Step 2 Spout

Pigeon Mag Mag Step 2 Spout

4.1 from 30 reviews

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  • 2 reviews

Great product but replacement spout impossible to get


The spout damages easily with a chewing baby, and it's impossible to buy just the spout on its own. Not available anywhere - always so sold out. It's just ridiculous that I have to buy a whole new magma cup just to get a replacement spout!

Purchased in February 2019 for $15.00.


K VVictor harbor

  • 7 reviews

My sons love it


Got one for my first baby he loved it n used it until he was two . Recently I got another one for my second , he started using it for drinking water . It comes with different teats for different age . It's s good product . High recommended n good price

Jane Lee

Jane LeeMelbourne

  • 8 reviews

Leaks out the side


I bought the three in one set to start training my baby. She held onto he handles well but then I noticed milk spilling all over her. I checked the spout was screwed on correctly and tried again. Still spilled. I then changed to he tear and tried that. Still spilled. I thought ok I'll try the straw at least she can use that, spilt everywhere. I will be returning this product to coles and getting a full refund and buying he tomee tipee one instead.



  • 11 reviews
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Excellent for training


Easy to clean and assemble.
Doesn't leak.
Silicon is very soft my toddler used the baby's cup and wrecked 2 with his teeth easily. I understand it's not for toddler use but expensive and hard to find replacement instore for step 2 part.
The wide pp teat is brilliant, really love it on my bottles and straw system has been a success, if you buy this as the 3 step cup. All the items are interchangeable, except straw to bottle.


WeiweiPerth, WA

  • 30 reviews

Great intro to sippy cups


We have been using the pigeon range of bottles and thought I would try the pigeon sippy cup at 5 months. He took to the sippy cup with no problem at all - I was pleasantly surprised! However after probably 10 uses I noticed he kept leaking milk at the mouth and checked the spout and it had split!! :(
The other thing is, the bottle has to be tipped quite high to get the milk in the spout.. and bubs is not able to hold the bottle high enough for that at the moment so I usually end up holding the bottle for him.
There are a few parts to wash but I like how it can be interchangeably used with the teats as well, and then eventually the straw.


AtaiGreater Melbourne (Metropolitan), VIC

  • 3 reviews

Tried everything - this worked!


My daughter had serious bottle refusal and refused to drink anything out of a bottle from the age of about 14 weeks of age. We bought every bottle and tried this and that but nothing worked. It was incredibly stressful as I had to go back to work and she would not take formula or even EBM from a bottle. Finally, when she was 11 months old, we decided to try this bottle to get her to drink formula - and it worked! Sucking from this spout is probably closer to sucking breast milk from mum than any of the other bottles that I have tried.

Nurse cas

Nurse casWollongong

  • 3 reviews

Hard to suck


We had pigeon nipples for our bottles and loved them however this spout cup isn't great.
It is super hard to suck anything out of it, I tried after seeing my son struggle with it and I almost sprained my tongue! I checked the splits in the top and the vent to make sure it was all functioning okay, loosened the top thinking perhaps it was done up too tight to allow the pressure to equalise, but then it just leaked everywhere.



  • 5 reviews

LOVE - Tried a few, this one is the best


LOVE this sippy cup, so easy to use... I went straight to the soft spout after trying a few other hard spout options... this is the only one that worked for us. Just need to make sure that the spout is all lined up with you screw it on the top of the handles and 100% no leaking. Can totally boil up the whole cup, spout and all for sterilisation. I haven't tried the straw yet, i hear mixed reviews on that... but the soft spout step 2 Mag Mag is the business.

Manuel Peiris

Manuel PeirisGreater Melbourne (Outer), VIC

  • 3 reviews

Great product!!!!


My daughter is 7 months and I wanted to train her for a cup. She was so slow to get used to the bottle but with this cup she started drinking immediately. It's a great design and easy for baby to drink. I bought this because it had good reviews in product review and I'm extremely happy with it!!!


SarahMDaviesSydney, NSW

  • 4 reviews

I love this sippy cup - great for bubs learning to drink water


We were using another sippy cup when i first introduced water for my 7 months old - but after a bit i decided it wasn't working well, and after hearing good things about Pigeon I thought to try this one! Well after only a little it of convincing bub drank from it MUCH better, and now is a pro. It really has made such a difference with him drinking water. Its easy to carry around and he is learning how to tip it up to drink from although he still needs mummy's assistance most times.

Its not too difficult to clean but there are a few pieces, however most sippy cups have this problem so i dont consider it a reason to not buy it.

The important thing though is my baby now drinks water really well and that makes mummy happy.



  • 6 reviews

Great cup, but spout teat cross splits too easily.


I love this cup as it makes life so much easier. The kids love drinking out of it, easy to clean but the spout teat crosses split to easily, even when they are cleaned to the manufacturers instructions. Which means I have to buy replacement teats quite frequently. It is a great product, and the only one the kids will drink independently out of. It's just unfortunate that the teats are not strong enough.
easy to drink out of for the babies
expensive when forever buying replacement teats.



  • 6 reviews

Great spout cup but don't bother with straw top


Second bub didn't take to teat bottles like my first one so gave this a go and she loved it. Managed to get 60 ml down no problem. Don't bother with new straw top adaptor (next stage after this one) though as it is hard to suck anything out of. See Pigeon straw cup reviews. Old design for both cups were alot better.
Soft spout, easy to hold, doesn't leak
Expensive, too many parts - fiddly

Toby Clift

Toby CliftBANDIANA VIC 3694

  • 3 reviews

All-time saver!


I love this sippy cup because my bubba loves it too. I introduced this to him when he was 6th month old and now, anyone can hardly take it away from him. He is 8th month old by the way. I’m a working mom and I can’t look after him every sec. I am so happy with this a cup because he was able to drink his milk independently that even he’s crawling he’s still holding it. I bought the Mag Mag 3 Straw Cup but he still chose this one. I posted a video on youtube on how my bubba was so inclined with it that when his daddy took it away from him, he really cried so hard. That clip was timeless and I can’t wait to see he grows older and see his expression on his video.
reliable, addictive to kids

R Jones

R JonesLyndhurst

  • 2 reviews

Best Sippy Cup Ever Made


I cannot thank Pigeon enough for creating such a fabulous spout cup that I've successfully weaned both my children from the breast on at 5 and 6 months. The spout is soft and so easy for fussy babies to latch onto and drink from. I love the fact that I didn't have to try wean from bottle I was able to go straight to using a Sippy cup meaning its cost effective. You can buy replacement spouts individually. Dishwasher safe and they have easy to grip handles for your baby to learn to drink themselves. Thank you Pigeon mag mag best Sippy cup ever!
Easy to use, easy to clean and clear measurements on side of cup
Nothing I cannot fault this cup.

Love this sippy cup


How old is your bubba? I am desperately looking for something my nearly 5 months old daughter will drink from... i have tried so many bottles and a nuby sippy cup and nothing helps yet... i'm thinking about trying this one.


Hi Kala, i'm sorry for the delayed replay. My bubba was 8 months old then and now she is drinking from the cup fine! Although I still have to hold the cup for her. I am now thinking of changing the top into a straw top.


kazm76Southwest, VIC

  • 45 reviews

Great little sippy cup


This sippy cup is great for babies starting out as the spout is really easy to use. A lot of other sippy cups I struggled to even get water out. Unfortunately my baby will only drink out of a cup with no lid so he didn't get any use from this but the girls in my mothers group all use one and it works well for them
Easy to use spout and great size
You have to be really careful screwing the handle and the caps as if not done properly it will leak



  • 5 reviews
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Fabulous brand - highly recommend it!


When it was time to wean my baby away from her bottles to a cup for her milk feeds, I decided to give this brand a go. She took to the spout cup for milk feeds instantly! All my concerns were put to rest, as she instantly took to the soft spout, loves holding the cup and it does not leak. Just fabulous.
My baby also loves the straw version for her water drinking, so overall it is a great product.
Nothing, love it!

Pigeon Mag Mag


This is the best sippy cup out all of the sippy cups I have tried. My son has been using this cup from about 5 months. He has been able to hold it himself from about 7 months. He enjoys the independence of being able to do it. The flow of the teat isn't too fast and it is almost non drip (the most non drip sippy cup for sure.) Only if he chews on it will it leak. I have bought the set which has two more stages but haven't moved on to these yet. I think it's great value as the additional stages mean it's going to last him a very long time.
Easy for baby to use. Good value for money.
You have to be really careful screwing the handle and the caps (easy to not notice they have not been screwed on properly) as it will obviously leak.



  • 6 reviews





  • 2 reviews



Fantastic, I can not complain about this product, I am also quite pleased that this cup can grow with him.
my 3 month old son was refusing bottles point blank, I had tried a number of different bottles, and then I found the Mag Mag, and he took a full feed from it, without any issues.
I haven't found any negatives about this product

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Questions & Answers

Jessica Z

Jessica Zasked

Hi, I bought magmag spout cup for my baby as training cup. After I washed it with pigeon wash liquid and sterilised, the cup smells, smells like plastic or rubber. Is it normal? Can I still use it?

No answers

Patricia Trinder

Patricia Trinderasked

I have a disabled daughter who drinks with the spout and. Can hold by the handles. I find it hard to buy.is there a way I can buy others than at Coles. As they are not always in stock?

No answers



Can I use this a cup as a bottle?

3 answers

What do you mean as a bottle?

Manuel Peiris
Manuel Peiris

Hi Chloe yes you can. I give my daughter her formula in this and she prefer it than the normal bottle. The spout in this is very steady, easy suction and very less wearing. I bought 2 more last week so i can replace the bottle. Also its better for their teeth.


My little one has never taken the bottel so I thought I give this a go

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