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Cherub Baby Natribreathe Washable Nursing Pads

Cherub Baby Natribreathe Washable Nursing Pads

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So disappointed!

After reading the good reviews, I decided to buy 3 packs (12) of these but I had the same experience as ifloss, they leaked and they got stuck to my nipples which was painful to take them off. I was so devastated! I thought they would be good to get as I go through heaps of disposable nursing pads. Do not buy, they are not worth it.

Just what I was looking for!

I have tried most brands of nursing pads, which wasted alot of money as they come in huge packs of 20 + , difficult until you fond the right one. I ended up using them to wipe up spills around the house, hate waste. So I finally decided to try reusables nursing pads and oh my goodness I should have brought these from the beginning. I hated how some disposable pads didnt even absorb or dry the area after, some started to fluff and the WORSE the pads got stuck ... OUCH. This is super absorbent, breathable and comfortable and best of all I have never got stuck and had to gently peel to get them off . I will admit that these are the first brand I've tried but since they are doing the job so well why would I look for another.

Comfortable and Durable

I was given one by a friend during a breastfeeding group session. It feels soft and comfortable. I love the idea that it is washable. I am able to use it for eight months now thinking twice before disposing it because they are very durable compared to the one-time disposable ones that I previously used. I never experienced any leaks because it is super absorbent cotton with the inner layer absorbing most of the moisture. It lets the skin breathe which I like because I had rashes during my previous use of the disposable breast pads. What I don’t like about it the time consuming factor to wash the pads and when I have the time to wash it, the milk stains have already been hard to wash-off. But when I have the time to immediately wash and rinse it, the washing process takes less than a minute. I am recommending it to fellow mums in our office who would love to save a few dollars to buy other important stuff for their babies.

Waist of money!

I was reading at reviews for washable pads and came across the Cherub Baby ones on the Baby Centre website, so I thought I might give it a go.
Silly me, I bought 3 packs (2 pairs on each) as I tend to change them a few times a day to avoid getting an infection. When I received it I've noticed one pack had being previously opened and had one pad missing. I called the company, which send me the placement after I sent the faulty one back.
I tried to wear them a few times and they leak through most of the time (I change the pads at every feed, so it's not that I live it sitting there all day). I also noticed that the pads would stuck to the nipple which was slightly painful to remove when the nipples were tender. When that happened, the cotton lining would leave some lint stuck on the nipple which again was uncomfortable to remove.
Overall I didn't find this product good at all.
Cheaper than other washable pads brands.
Not absorbent, the milk sips straight through and onto my top. The cotton lining leaves lints stuck on the nipple which can be tender when trying to remove it.

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Hello, We are really sorry to hear you didnt have a good experience with the pads. The pads are designed with a triple layer, the middel being an absorbent layer and inside layer of breathable natural cotton as we preferred to steer clear of the synthetic fibres of disposable pads that can cause irritiation. Many mums recommened a bio oil or similar as this stickiness can occur and the oil prevents it. In regards to the absorbency we'll look into this immediately. We have tested the absobency and proven them to be of the same level of other major brands. Please contact us via phone or website so we can discuss where they were purchased from and what can be done. Your feedback is highly valuable and much appreciated. Kind Regards Cherub Baby

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