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Pigeon Premium

Pigeon Premium

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The best!

I have tried so many different breast pad brands, and the Pigeon brand is by far my favourite. The pads stick, they’re absorbent, they’re soft and very comfortable. They shape well to the chest, too. I even like the packaging - it’s also soft and really easy to open, especially when you’re in a rush or only have one hand free!

Every Breastfeeding mother's friend.

I have a huge problem with milk stains on my shirt while breastfeeding my son. I was not aware of breast pads before. LOL. I would stop myself going out of the house because of this. Then a friend came by and gifted me with this product, and I never looked back ever since. Super absorbent, very convenient to use and soft and comfortable to use. Definitely, recommends to anyone who's going through breast feeding journey.

By far my favorite

Comfortable, super absorbent and little to no odour. May not be the cheapest on the market but you certainly get what you pay for! No skin reactions and has never shown sign of leakage! You can go all day feeling fresh. Quality product by a reliable brand. Used the regular pads 11 years ago and these are a marked improvement!

Super soft & great shape but difficult to find

I've tried a lot of brands of breast pads, but these are the softest (not itchy) I've found & the molded shape meant that they weren't visible, giving me the comfort I needed when I needed it. Unfortunately, I have searched high & low for them in various supermarkets & pharmacies but have not been able to find them since.

Never leak and the best in the market

I have tried few brands from the cheapest one to the most expensive one. Pigeon always give me the best result.
With pigeon, during "let down" it really absorbs the breast milk. Never leak and when it dried, the pad didn't stick on the breast.
With double sticker, it makes sure, the pad is on it's position all the time.

Pretty good but had a few blow outs.

I bought these on special at the supermarket, they were pretty good. I like the shape and how they feel but i did have a few big blow outs. Bubby sleeps through so they tend to fill up pretty quick. Maybe if they were a bit bigger i wouldn't have that problem.

Very good

I would really recommend these breast pads highly, having been through a few other brands already. These fit really nicely and would seem to me to be the most absorbent. They are priced at the higher end but it is well worth that extra little bit. Very happy with them.
super absorbent

Try the other style of pigeon breast pads

Yes I agree that these are not great but Pigeon sells another style called "Ultra-slim Breast pads that come in a 24 pack which only have one adhesive strip. They are much better than this style being reviewed here. They don't bunch up, are super thin yet really absorbant, very discreet under tight tops and are individually wrapped for better hygiene. Well worth a try....5 stars.
Thin, hygienic, absorbant, secure

The best there is in leakage :)

I definitely recommend Pigeon over any other breast pad..It is super absorbent and gives you confidence that it wont overflow. A must buy!!!! Worth the extra $.
Great absorption, soft and great mould to breast
More expensive than other


Very easy to apply and are comfortable to wear, I would reccommend this product. They absorb alot of milk and makes you feel confidant you won't wet your shirt.
They stick onto your bra really well, They are very absorbent and mask any smells
Would be great if they came in a really large box

By far the best disposable breast pads

Have tried so many different breast pads in the last couple of months (Johnsons & Johnsons, Pigeon NURSING pads, Swisspers, Rite Aid) and the Pigeon Premium Breast Pads are by far the most comfortable and aborbent. They are super soft against the skin, don't pill (unlike the J&J's and my baby was getting cotton fluff in her mouth) and so absorbent. Yes they are more expensive but are well worth it. I found they are cheapest online either from Chemist Warehouse or when Baby Village have a sale and I stock up. They are harder to find in stores and chemists especially as they are sometimes called "Premium Breast Pads" or "Dispoable Breast Pads". Just look for the 3D countouring shape on the box and you know you have the right ones.

Won't use any other breast pads, especially when I leak so much!
Super soft, absorbent and doesn't irritate my skin
More expensive but worth it, harder to find in store, labelling on box isn't always the same


These are the best breast pads I've used on the market, at a good price. No fussing with washing and no leaks. They are also very comfortable, although if you have really sore raw nipples, I'd recommended using the avent washable ones as often as necessary until the soreness settles, even though the washable aren't as absorbent.
Very very absorbent, no leaks. Comfortable to use and hygienic. Affordable and good quality.
trimming/border is a little wide and I often trim these off to fit into my bra a little better as I was only a B cup.

The best!

Being large busted I tried many breast pads that were too small & could not adsorb the volume of leakage I was having. Except for these, they were the only breast pad I could use that allowed me to know I was not going to leak in public & would take all the leakage from an extended sleep..The only downside is they are a little on the expensive side however using less of them due to quality & absorbency then other cheaper brands, the cost was comparative.
Absorbent, good adhesive, larger size & fantastic quality.
A little costly compared with others.


These are fabulous breast pads - I have tried almost every brand available and nothing compares to Pigeon Premium. While it is somewhat annoying having to unwrap each individual breast pad, this is useful when you are out and about as it ensures that they are kept clean and hygienic in the nappy bag. The sticky tapes on the back ensure that the pad stays exactly where it is put. Milk does not leak through, even when the pad is very full. They are more costly than other breast pads, but worth it if you need a breast pad to absorb leaking milk.
Very absorbent, stay in place, thin but extremely effective.
They are quite pricey.


I have used these for both of my children. They are more expensive then other breast pads, but are definitely worth it. I only had to change them once a day (twice if I had major leakage). But overall would definitely recommend.
- Comfortable
- Soft
- Hygenic seperate packaging
- Thick and absorbent
- Sticks very well for a long time
- Cost


I found these to be the best disposable breast pads on the market. Although they are more expensive than the others I found that they only needed changing once a day, whereas others I had to change every hour or two.
Slim line and they stayed in place. I often just placed them on my breast without using the sticky pieces and they stayed in place and were easy to remove during breastfeeding. They have by far the best absorbency of any of the other breast pads on the market, and they didn't smell after you had been wearing them a few hours like other brands.
More expensive than other brands, however this was more than adequately made up for in quality.


I think this is the best breast pad as it is both slim & soft. The double tape definitely helps to keep it in place. The individual wrapping also keeps them hygenic. Whilst more expensive than other breast pads it is definitely worth it.
Slim and soft
Double tape adhesive
Can get a bit scrunchy on the sides


i have also tried the slim pigeon ones, but feel these are a lot more comfortable. i find they also fit well. i have found it hard to find decent breast pads to fit properly. i'm a 14DD. i would like to find a washable pair but can't find anything big enough!
double tape strips are great to keep it in place. sit well & comfortable.
seems a touch bulky although i'm sure this may become a pro when my milk comes through. just leaking a little now at 28 weeks pregnant.


I leaked a lot when breastfeeding and needed to wear breastpads until I weaned. I loved the Pigeon premium breastpads and they were so absorbent, especially during the let down. I felt that I needed to the 2 pieces of adhesive to hold them in place or else they would move around and look lumpy under my bra. Once I started using Pigeon Premium I didn't go back to another brand as they just didn't compare and were worth the money.
2 sections of tape help hold them in place
Very absorbent
They can scrunch up and look lumpy under your bra


I breast fed my boy for ten months, then he decided he was no longer interested. For the duration of breast feeding I was always leaky during the let down so I had to wear breast pads all the time. These ones were great for allowing me to feed him without ending up with a milky wet outfit.
These are my preferred brand of breast pads. They are very absorbent and comfortable to wear.
I have found that with lighter coloured tight clothing they can be seen through the fabric. This is more from their shape and thickness than the colour of them. I am yet to find a breast pad that doesn't have this issue though.

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Pigeon Premium
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