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Medela Contact Nipple Shields

Medela Contact Nipple Shields

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Saved me from emotional stress and unnecessary pain.

I was beginnjng to think I would be stuck expressing since my baby's latch was too painful for me. I finally tried this and my 1 week old is now feeding like a champ. I cant rate this highly enough.

Purchased in June 2019 at Chemist Warehouse.

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Hi Amy Louise Thank you so much for your review, it is always great to hear from satisfied customers. Kind regards Pauline

Pathetic: Waste of money and time

Donot trust good reviews, i did. And wasted my $26 on a plastic shield which doesnt helped my wife. Seriously, why Medela is charging $25-$30 for a simple plastic shield? which doesnt work. There is no rocket science behind it. I wont buy it for $1. Pathetic!!

Purchased in February 2019 at Chemist Warehouse for $26.00.

A lifesaver!

These shields have allowed me to breastfeed despite having flat nipples. My baby struggled to latch without, but using these means he gets the milk with no trouble & doesn’t damage my nipple. It comes with a small case if you need to take out with you. Easy product to maintain. For $30 for 2 shields it’s well worth the money in my opinion.

Made life so much easier

My midwife gave me one of these when my son was a couple weeks old. As he had a tongue and lip tie it really helped him learn how to breastfeed well before and after we had the procedure to correct this. Without it my nipples would have continued to be pinched and saw.
They stay on fairly well and are easily cleaned. Definitely would recommend to friends and family who are having issues with breastfeeding.

Without this I would not have been able to breastfeed.

This product literally saved my first few months with my newborn. Initially my baby had an incorrect latch and she had hurt my nipples so badly that they were totally cracked and I couldnt feed her without crying with pain the whole time. I tried Medela Nipple Shields for a week and they were a LIFESAVER! It didn't hurt my sore nipples as much and they had time to recover from the previous trauma. I am now back to breastfeeding without shields but if I hadn't had them I wouldve given up on something I longed to do. I would recommend these too all.


I highly recommend these particular shields because they are amazing especially for use with preemies learning to latch onto the nipple. This was introduced to me while my baby was in the NICU. He was only born at 31 weeks so when he was ready for the bottle we would try to latch him on my nipple with little success. Decided to use the shield and he latched right on! Now he's at 40 weeks gestation (over 2 months old) and nursing without the shield like a champ! Thank goodness for the shield!

No Help With Sore Nipples - Made Baby's Behaviours Worse.

I want to be fair - I bought these on advice to try addressing a very specific problem (see below) and it didn't help any with that - would get zero stars but the product itself seems good quality (if ludicrously expensive for what it is) and my reasons have nothing to do with latch problems or other things that many people find them great for. So I've given it two stars.

Ok, so I bought them because my baby was "pulling away" on my nipple, overstretching it and making it very sore. The shield actually made the problem worse, because it seemed to make it more effort for him to nurse, so he sucked harder and pulled harder. That was when he was around 3 months old.

Later, at 9 months old, I tried them again because he had accidentally bitten me and broken skin, which was sore when he nursed. Again, the shield made the situation worse as he felt the plastic texture and bit down on it, like he would on a teething ring. So now the shields are $30 worth of product I'll be throwing out!

Now, bear in mind that I never had any difficulty breastfeeding from the start. My son has never known anything other than the feel of a nipple in his mouth and the shield just seemed to confuse him. If your baby has latch issues and gets used to the shield from the start, that's probably very different. I ended up toughing out both soreness situations until healing. I tried a shield because a health professional recommended to but I think it was a waste of money in my situation and made things worse.

Avant brand better

I use these because my bubs has a tongue tie. It doesn't always stop the pain but it makes it easier to feed. This outer edge tends to flip inside out sometimes when bubs is feeding. I prefer the avant brand, which has 2 cutouts, one for his nose, one for his chin.

Excellent Saved My Breast Feeding!!!

I'd just given up after 7 weeks of expressing my premature baby and trying every day to get her on my thrush laden nipples! My sister-in-law said to try the Medela shields after the Avent ones were not helpful! First go the contact ones worked a treat! Thank God for Medela!

Hard to find the large size in shops

They are the reason I can still breastfeed my baby!

Easy to use and quick to clean. I had trouble breastfeeding my baby when she was first born due to swelling and the lactation nurse at the hospital gave me one of these to use. I found it allowed my baby to attach properly for feeding. I used it for around 3weeks until my swelling had gone down. Would recommend it to anyone having trouble with breastfeeding as a result of inverted nipples. The yellow storage container that comes with them is also great for taking them out and about in.

Very good product as well as useful

I started using this nipple shield after I came home from the hospital. My first week breastfeeding experience was so difficult since my baby would not latch on easily. Until I've tried this nipple shield and I loved it. It's great for sore nipples, especially if you have problems with the baby latching on right at the beginning. It soothes immediately, and is safe for the baby. I like everything of this product. I would recommend it to all breastfeeding mums.

Saved our Breastfeeding relationship!

I have flat nipples which caused endless problems with attachment with my first daughter. I wish I had used these with her because it has totally been a godsend with my now 8week old son!! They are thin, flexible and easy to use. If it wasn't for these little babies, I wouldn't be breastfeeding now. A little on the pricey side (especially if you aren't careful and tend to lose some like I do!) but well worth the money. I tried avent ones and they just didn't come close to Medela. I'm not sue if we are going to be able to wean off them at this point, but if I have to use them for our whole breastfeeding time, I'll be happy and grateful. Hasn't effected my supply at all (my son is gaining weight like a champ) so I really can't fault them.
Thin; stick well to the skin; hasn't effected supply at all
A bit expensive, but all good products are.

Saved my breast feeding!

my son had a tongue tie and breast feeding was hard work, after reading all the reviews I went straight out and bought a set. These saved my breast feeding, I found them easy to use, the box convenient and we had no issues with leakage, slipping or bub's attachment. As his tongue tie improved we were able to stop using these - so no issues of nipple confusion for us - but I would not have minded if we needed to continue with this great product.
We found them much cheaper at a chemist,, which was good because on of the dogs stole a few and I had to buy new ones. The cost was not an issue considering the result, and much cheaper than the many cans of formula we would have had to use otherwise.
great product, easy use and discreet

Saved breast feeding!

I have now used this shield with both of my children it saved our breast feeding relationship both times. My son had a shallow latch and no real interest in sucking but took the shied no problems. With my daughter I didn't need the shield at first but after becoming engorged cracked and developing mastitis then finding out she had tounge tie and this shield got us through it all. The cheaper shields don't compare at all so it is well worth being more expensive. Easy to use.
Let's me give my kids breast milk
Wish it had a bit of color sometimes hard to see if you drop it

Soft, flexible, good size 'nipple'

I tried this after trying the Avent Nipple Shield and much preferred it. Admittedly was double the price, but I realised why after trying the hideous Avent version. It was soft and fairly pliable and I liked the cut-out shape so my baby's nose was on my skin, not the silicon. To be honest she didn't take to this either, but I think that was just her. I have heard and read many good reviews and would still recommend this product.
Soft, pliable, sticks to skin better than other brands, cut-out shape for baby's nose
Didn't work for me, but much better than another brand I tried


My daughter was born tongue tied and feeding her was very painful.. I sent my hubby out to get them on day 2! I already had cracked and bleeding nipples, i feared feeding my daughter!!! I slapped these on and it was bliss! I could continue to feed my daughter!!! without them i would have given up feeding her and put her on the bottle!
Comfortable, easy to stick and stay in place. 3 different sizes.
They are so good yet shops unfortunately dont restock them fast enough! had to go to a few shops before i found any in stock i could purchase!


I have flat nipples and would never have been able to breast feed without them. I have a fab milk supply - not affected by using shields and have used for 6 months last baby and 4.5 this baby so far. Seriously if you have any breast feeding issues try them. Make your own mind up - don't feel pressured to get rid of them. Breast is best!
Easy to use.

Saved my nipples !! Best ever invention !!

Awesome product - after a painful few weeks of feeding I discovered this nipple shield and once I read the instructions and applied properly on my breast my baby was able to feed again and even though I had sore nipples it didnt even hurt with the nipple shield and this one protects all around and leaves air for baby to breathe at the top.
Works really well and feel comfortable


I have tried so many different shields and these are the BEST! Yes, they are more expensive but you really do get what you pay for. I have wasted money on other shields and don't want others to make the same mistake.
They stay positioned where they are put! They are really durable and have lasted longer than any other shields I have used. My bub finds it easier to attach with these shields compared to others I have tried.


I started using this product at hospital when my newborn would latch on but not suck - my flat nipple shape was too hard for him to manage whilst he was so small. The nipple shield helped him to suckle well straight away and meant that we could breast feed together and enjoy the experience until he could be weaned off the shield.
The nipple shield is made from very thin, soft, transparent silicone which imparts no taste for bub. It is comfortable to wear during feeding. Cleaning is simple, with some liquid soap or detergent and hot water sufficient.
If you use a nipple cream such as a lanolin-based one, you need to carefully clean the inside of the shield as it builds up.

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Where can I purchase these from?
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My health nurse gave me mine .. Try contacting Medela for your nearest distributor. http://www.medela.com/AU/en.htmlHi there, I found these in Baby Bunting.

How much does it cost?
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Athey cost approx. $20-25 from memory.


Medela Contact Nipple Shields
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