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Philips Avent Comfort Breast Shell

Philips Avent Comfort Breast Shell

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So great, comfortable and a help for sore nipples

I exclusively express breast fed for 8 months and these were a lifesaver for catching excess milk and for helping air circulation for sore nipples, these are so comfortable and easy to use, they are quite noticeable so you can't really wear them outside the house but are a great staple for Mums while breast feeding


I worn it for less than 10 min and started itching around my niple. Not sure if it's cause of the lamps on the product or the material.
Was really looking forward, but not really happy with it.
If the shell was slightly bigger it probably will fit better on breast

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Hi Mamis, thanks for contacting us about this as that should not just happen. We've sent you private message (in response to the question you sent us earlier) to see how we can help you out en prevent this from happening again. Hope to hear from you, thank you. Kind regards, The Philips Australia Team

Excellent Concept but failed miserably

This product is helpful while nursing. It also protects irritated nipples from rubbing against articles of clothing. Besides those two things this product is not worth the investment. I don't recommend wearing them out because they leak terribly!!! In addition to losing A LOT of milk using this product, my clothes were soked!

How long do your nipples have to be for this to work?

No matter how I positioned these cups, or how tight my bra was, my nipples never really made it into the shell. The result of such poor fit is that my milk would just soak my clothes. I never managed to collect more than a dribble in the cups, but my shirt managed to collect it much better...

I'm confused about all the positive reviews here, do most women have quite long nipples to make it over the lip, and mind are just very short? They're not inverted or anything...

If anyone with 'shorter' nipples has had any success with these things I'd love to hear about it.
Good concept
It didn't work

Hi, We would recommend you to follow these steps. Leaning too far forward or backward, while using the breast pump can result in leakage around the rim between the pump and the bottle. In order to prevent this, position yourself comfortably and somewhat upright (no leaning forward or lying down backwards). It will bring you more comfort, and prevent the breast pump from leaking. Using the glass bottle with the breast pump can sometimes cause leaking. Switch to other containers to express the milk, and feed your baby with the glass bottle if this occurs. We would suggest you to access the following link for more information. http://goo.gl/MvNfAJ. Kind Regards The Philips Australia Team.This isn't a pump, it's your nipple shell.If the previous answer was not helpful, please feel free to contact us 1300 364 474.

1 word- FANTASTIC!

These shells r the bomb! Easy to use rather than trying to keep a cup or other items on ur leaking breast while feeding. The Shell Doesn't leak and is easily transferred to a bottle to feed bub later. Worth the money! I only use while feeding. Easily cleaned also.
Easy to use, reasonably priced.

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Hi TruckerChick, Thank you for your great review of the Philips AVENT Comfort Breast Shells. We are really happy that they helped support your breast feeding experience.

Good product to have

I read the reviews about advent breast shell in this site and straight away went and bought it and I wasn't disappointed.
It is the best product and I wish I bought it earlier.
During breastfeeding my other boob leaks, so this product collects all the milk which I then put in a bottle and feed my baby. Each time I breastfeed or express I collect at least 10-20mls of milk which otherwise would have been wasted. By the end of the day I have collected at least 50mls.
It saves my precious milk which otherwise would be wasted


After 10 years of nanying and 6 years of motherhood, i swear by the whole avent range. I have 4 kids and have used the avent range with all of them. These last for ages without any sign of wear and tear. I have washed everything in the dishwasher and then sterilize them with no problems. I didn't have any nipple problems (like one of the other reviews mentioned) but i used them to collect milk as i was feeding from the bother breast. Then i froze the milk in one of the avent milk containers. Expensive but worth every cent.


Absolutely brilliant in the ealy days my 3 5 pound 11 babies used to have trouble staying awake to feed so I found these great as they didn't tire themselves out trying to draw the squashed nipple out as it was already out. No ongoing cost was also appreciated by my husband. It can be good to collect the other sides let down in the feed after sterilizing (however told by maternal child and health nurse that this is not the best to feed baby with except in emergencies as it is only the foremilk and not the filling fat filled hind milk),
Reusable, easy to wash in the shower and steralise in the microwave, no ongoing costs, when nipples are sore it provides good relief as there is no pressure on them
Can show 2 nipple like protusions through clothes (I guess to help them stay in place, however I got rid of them with sandpaper and they still didn't move but looked a lot better). If I used the ones with the holes in (to allow air to circulate) whenever I leaned forward I got large wet patches on my clothes - simple solution only use the solid ones, air still circulates no problems

Fantastic product

I have used these shells every day since buying them. I suffered from very sore nipples for 3 months straight and these were the only way I could wear bras comfortably! I also found them great for collecting milk off the other breast whilst feeding, I found by putting a disposable breast pad under them, if they leaked, I didn't get wet bras/clothes. I have been able to collect up to 40ml in one, brilliant if you have a low milk supply and have to top up your baby like I have had to.
Helps sore nipples, collects milk from other breast whilst feeding.
Bit hot and sweaty to wear in hot climates, can leak (I found wearing them upside down with drainage lip to top helped).

Do the job but not for public wear

I used these when my baby was a newborn to help with an overactive letdown and to collect the milk from the opposite side when feeding.
Not too expensive; relieve engorgement (the ones with the holes); allow you to collect the milk that lets down on the opposite side when you start feeding; this can also help if you have an overactive letdown without having the hassle of hand expressing.
You couldn't wear these in public due to the shape so I'm not sure they'd be that much help if you needed to wear them all of the time.


I personally think they are fantastic especially in the early weeks when your nipples are quite sore and when your boobs are engorged from milk coming in. I think they are very usefull and make the tranision into breastfeeding that bit easier.
I thought these were great as they stop sore nipples from rubbing on clothes. I wore them alot in the first week when I had sore cracked nipples and also found them quite helpful for relieving engorgment. They allow the nipples to get air without rubbing on anything which helps them heal alot quicker. Aslo you can collect breast milk during a feed/expressing, which is really helpful to top up the expressed bottle or if you need some to add to his/her food if your baby is onto solids.
The pressure they create gets uncomfortable if worn for too long at a time. You can really see them through your clothes so you can't wear them out. Other than that nothing.


My husband thinks this was one of the best investments we made in the early days and I agree. It was great to be able to 'save' the let down, instead of it going to waste into a nursing pad.
A great product to collect the let down when feeding on the other side. In the early days when I was trying to collect extra milk for top ups, I could sometimes collect 30mls from one side's let down alone.
I had to sit up very straight when feeding, and even lean a little forward or when the shell collected a small amount it would leak all over me. You can only collect about 30mls from each side before it will leak, waste milk and necessitate a change of clothes.

Questions & Answers

How do you avoid them leaking? I find the milk often comes out the bottom. Seems like the seal is not fitting well on the shell.
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Hi there, Lisa. Thanks for asking. Please ensure the breast shells are fitted together securely, and fitted comfortably on the breast, and the shells are not over filled to avoid a leak. If the issue still remains we advise you to contact our colleagues directly here: https://www.philips.com.au/c-w/support-home/support-contact-page.html#n62Contact=MOTHER_AND_CHILD_CARE_GR Kind regards, The Philips Australia Team

Anyone else had an allergy around to areola?
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Hi Mamis, thanks for reaching out about this. First of all we hope you are doing okay, as an allergy should not just happen when using the breast shell. We'd like to hear more about it to see how we can help and would like to make sure this does not happen again. That's why we've sent you a private message to ask for your contact details. Hope to hear from you. Kind regards, The Philips Australia Team

Hi, Are these "Avent" breast shells BPA free? Thank you
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Hi Julija, thanks for asking. We kindly advise you to call us on 1300 363 391 (if you are based in Australia) for further assistance. Mondays to Fridays: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm EST Kind regards, The Philips Australia TeamWe are based in New Zealand. It is an easy question though - yes or no? : )


Philips Avent Comfort Breast Shell
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