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Cherub Baby On the Go Baby Food Pouches

Cherub Baby On the Go Baby Food Pouches

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Filling up these pouches is a breeze

These are great and practical baby food pouches. I did a lot of research before buying these pouches. They hold a good size baby meal portion and freeze homemade baby food well. I love the zipper being on the top and that they are free standing which means they are easy to fill. I also found them really easy to clean. Well thought out and well made.

Purchased in March 2019.

Can’t live without products!

When my boy started eating solids I didn’t know this would because a go to!
They are a perfect size, great material and well made! Never had an issue with these pouches. Also go easy to clean!

Purchased in April 2019.

fit for mums who prep bub's food on their own.

I’ve always made my own baby food, so these reusable baby food pouches have been a great find. They are so easy to fill and recycle – less mess and less trash! I love the fact that they are microwave and freezer friendly, so there are fewer dishes too! They’ve really made cooking and feeding my baby much easier, thank you.

switching to this product

While I’ve always been a tupperware fan, I have recently been converted to these reusable baby food pouches. I was a bit unsure about the quality at first, but after receiving a set as a gift and using them again and again I’m now convinced. Plus they take up less space than traditional tupperware! I can really recommend these pouches.

Does what it says

Bough their pouches couple of weeks ago. Have been good so far..my baby loves sucking purees out of these pouches. Bit hard to clean but we soak them in hot water which does the trick. Plastic will last few months I would say. I don't microwave these nor put in dishwasher as it would probably shorten their life.

Hard to clean and reuse - ok for food storage/freezing

Good budget option for freezing homemade purees (or things like tomato paste) like another review said anything slightly chunky will block up the spout. However they are hard to clean and made of thinner material compared to others we tried (Kai Carrier, Sinchies, Mashies) which meant they needed to be thrown out after a handful of uses. They do also stain and absorb odours so red (tomato based foods) and anything with garlic, onion or leek are single use. Yoghurt was also very hard to clean out of the crease at the bottle of the bag. Would recommend if you're using to store/freeze purees, however if you want something that can be reused many times would recommend investing in one of the brand's with a thicker bag or a silicone squeezy.

Hi AW, Thanks for the feedback. We checked your profile and noted you haven't left reviews for any other brands, just 2 and 3 star reviews for our brand, which we found a little strange... given you are comparing this product to others on the market? We have samples of the other brand pouches and have tested them ourselves but we found them to be the same in as far as re-usability so your comments come as a surprise. The main difference is the price, we charge less and provide more value to our customers. To clean the pouches simply use a bottle brush which gets into any nooks... Thanks for your feedbackHi! Thank you for the response and reminder. I had meant to come back and review a few other products but got distracted. I have now added those reviews, they are currently in the process of being verified. While I agree with your comment that you charge less, you are indeed cheaper than your competitors (which I acknowledge in my review), I disagree that your product is of the same durability/quality as other options we considered/tried. We assessed many options and purchased several varieties over the last few months and only after using them for some time did I provide my feedback (weighing both the positives and negatives of the products). In response to your comment about the bottle brush, I did use a bottle brush (actually I used a few different ones) and was still not able to get the yoghurt 100% out of the crease at the bottom. Contrary to the insinuation in your comment, I have nothing against your brand, in fact I'm a repeat customer of yours (purchasing different products thru your website and also in-store with your stockists). I have not however reviewed every product I have purchased for my child (babies need so much stuff!!), only those that I had either a wonderful or a disappointing experience with.

Perfect way to freeze about any liquid

We got these as a gift so I decided to try them out using home made soups and they froze great apart from don't put anything larger than 5mm or it get stuck. Making baby food and storing in these is simple too just make the baby food in a processor then pour in and freeze!

Ok does what it says!

These are a bit hard to clean can grow mouldy quickly if anything left inside for the cost u would just buy the pre packed food pouches alot of effort needed to use these usefully. However they are good if you want to open a jar of food an divide it for two seperate meals but obviously you would need to use the two meals two days in a row or the food will go off.

Really Good

I found these pouches to be really good, handy to take places. The zip lock is great for if we need to top it up, and the best thing is it's reusable! Would recommend this product to other mummies out there although it still has alot of room for improvement.

storing food has always been so easy, thanks to this product!

There are moments when I have to make to make food in advance and the food pouches has been my companion in keeping them free from any bacteria/spoilage. The food pouches are made of tough plastic which makes it perfect for dishwasher cleaning. I also would love to check out other products from the same brand, I think they sell food warmers, baby bottles, too.

Food pouches that are awesome.

I bought this product at a recent expo. They sometimes sell their products at a lower price during an expo. The food pouches are awesome. I have thrown this in and out of the dishwasher and the pouches are still intact, I saw that there are no any signs of discoloration and damage. They are so handy and great value.

Durable food pouches and are easy to use

The food pouches made my life easier than ever, as I can store the food I made in advance and just cook in large batches to be consumed later. It has a double ziplockand so far its proven to not leak. I’ve taken then with me on plenty of trips and holidays and even on the plane with no issue of them leaking. They are super handy and the spoon that they sell works really well. Recommend!

Could do with some improvement

This is a quality product however the side port makes filling and dispensing messy and difficult would probably suit a toddler or child.
I have young twins and usually use a spoon attachment when out for feeding however the side port makes this akward and messy as apposed to top port. Also very hard find equipment to fill these pouches

Fantastic product

I received this item as a sample from the baby expo. So I went and purchased them and the pouch warmer and cooler. This product is fantastic before I used them I use to plan my trips around lunch time so I could be home to feed my son his lunch but now I just fill them up and can be out all times of the day. Definitely recommend it

love this product

cherub baby on the go baby food pouches are very good buying and very convenient if you want to take food for kids somewhere outside.
once my husband had an emergency with the zip lock opened itself and all hot meal ended up on his pants while we were at the High Tea Birthday celebration.It is memorable.

best food pouches

These food pouches are the best. I was a little hesitant to buy myself a pack this because I’ve had a terrible experience with the food pouches I once had. Some of them were made of cheap plastic and tear up easily. However after giving this one a try, this product has restored my trust to food pouches back. The food pouches are made of highly-durable plastic ,I’ve ran them through the dishwasher/microwave countless of times. The zip lock that it comes has been completely leak proof so far.

high quality and safe food pouches

Love the quality of these pouches, they feel strong and sturdy and I have re-used them well over 20 times now. I just wash them with a bottle brush and use a teat brush for the spout and rinse them I bought mine here at the website and never regretted. It doesn’t tear like how one would imagine. It’s worth the buy.

Alright but I've used better food pouches

I bought these pouches because I forgot my other ones at a restaurant. When I first opened these pouches I smelt a distinct plastic smell, after washing it the smell was still there. After filling it up with purée the twist lid was super lose and did not contain the purée. Must keep pouch upright

Leaks and baby finds it difficult to move the puree up

My baby can eat from pouches by herself but this one was no success...plus it leaked from top making me clean up heaps of mess. I thought I could make my own purees and use this, unfortunately wastage of money. I wish I could return them... Complete wastage.. Don't waste your money

Great concept

I like the concept that can feed on the go..but it's still so messy to feed a 7 month old out of it that I have to feed him at home which defeats the purpose of on the go. Says microwavable, but food expands and leaked out, and not sure if I like microwaving plastics. And it's really hard to get the last bits out of it so you never get the right quantity, my baby is usually very good at scraping the bowl clean so I don't like how little bits are wasted from using this. The cap is definitely a choking hazard (I wish it can be permanently attached to the pouch somehow so u don't lose it and get paranoid that baby swallowed it) and the ring around the cap (the seal) can be very hard to get off, so kind of annoyingly dangles half on half off. But again, I like the concept of it all and hope that I'd get more use out of it later.

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Questions & Answers

How on earth do I open the ziplock seal? I'm about to throw the whole pack away in total frustration!
1 answer
Hi Imogen, It should be quite easy! Please contact us via our website or call us (phone on website) and we can assist further. Kind Regards The Cherub Baby Team

How do I open these for the first time? The ziplock is super stubborn, not even my hubby had any luck prying one open
1 answer
Hi Candie, It should unzip quite easily. Please call via 0390051734 and we can assist further. Kind Regards The Cherub Baby Team

How long can you use a cherub pouch?
1 answer
Hello Arash, Thank you for your enquiry. The On The Go Food Pouches are reusable. We suggest using them 5-6 times. They are BPA and PVC Free so it won't hurt at all to heat/ wash/ reuse them! Just wash them in warm soapy water, rinse and dry upside down. You can also use a bottle brush for the tricky corners if you need to. Kind Regards, Cherub Baby :)


Cherub Baby On the Go Baby Food Pouches
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