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Childcare Lullabye

Childcare Lullabye

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Excellent product

I've used this for my son for the last 3 months and it's been great. Easy to wheel around and the rocking capability is a great feature when trying to settle the baby. Also looks quite nice too and keeps the baby safe. Highly recommend this product. Wish I'd had one with my eldest son


Great cradle & lasts longer than alot of other bassinets etc. White colour is easy to match with other nursery furniture. Good if you want to have baby in parents' room when newborn.
Great rocking motion. Large size cradle, allowed baby to sleep in this until 5.5 months. Can easily fit through doorways.
The included matress is very firm, but baby seemed happy enough


We had intended to buy the Boori Matilda cradle but the saleswoman said the childcare was just as good but cheaper. I was happy to save some money and it's been a great cradle. I was so sad to move her into her big cot but had to when we stopped swaddling at five months because she sleeps with her arms flung out and they stuck out the bars. If she was still swaddled she could easily have slept in it for much longer.
Easy to push around on carpet and hard floors. Relatively long and wide for longer use. Easily rockable (yes you can lie in bed and rock it gently with your foot!). White colour is hardwearing - no chips. Can easily attach mobiles to ends or sides of cradle.
Had to stop using it when baby was 5 months because her hands hit the sides when we stopped swaddling her.


Excellent purchase, I have to say one of my most usefull purchases I had made for my baby, I had a c/section and it was much easier for me to rock the baby rather than carrying, and no, I didn't have problem transferring to normal cot, and he wasn't used being rocked either, I only rocked him when it was hard to settle or resettle, not as a routine to make him fall asleep. He used to have, and still has a bit of a reflux, and I think the rocking helped with that as well.
And after all, the price is definitely cheaper than other brands.
Great to rock baby to sleep.
Fits easily through standard door size, transferrable from room to room.
Lockable castor wheels.
Solid timber.
Baby can sleep in it easily till 6-7 months, or as soon as they start climbing out.
High barriers
Glides gently side to side and no tilting or sliding.

Questions & Answers

Does anyone know the dimensions of this lullabye cradle?
No answers

Could someone let me know what size mattress is needed? I have the cradle but no mattress. Thanks in Advance.
1 answer
Hi Melanie, Thank you for enquiry about the Childcare Lullabye Crib. The customer service team at CNP Brands would be happy to help you with your enquiry. If you give them a call on 1300 667 137 or alternatively email them on info@cnpbrands.com.au, they will be able to help you out with your request. Thank You Childcare Official

Have been given the Cradle 2nd hand. Still in very good condition. Unfortunately, it did not come with instructions and has been pulled apart. Any idea on where I can get the instructional Manual from?
1 answer
Maybe try a google search for a manual, or go direct through their website if they have one and maybe contact them? See what they say

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