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Childcare Snuggle Time Co Sleeping Bassinet

Childcare Snuggle Time Co Sleeping Bassinet

3.2 from 5 reviews

This is a great product

My baby boy did so well in this bassinet being close to me at night in a safe way it can also be folded down for travel or storage it’s easy to clean and easy to move from room to room I was not as worried about him in this as I have been with my other kids in bassinets in the past

Quite woobly

Pros: Easy to build and compact. The materials is good and is a lot cheaper than other competitors.

Cons: The co sleeper is quite flimsy and wobbles even with the mounts. The legs would be better if it can go higher. As it didn't reach my king bed at all and I still had to bend to get my baby.

Not Recommended

The bassinet (used in bassinet mode) is leaning towards the co sleeping mesh opening, my 3week old (who is wrapped up) ended up squashed nose up against the bassinet wall. Unable to use it in co sleeping mode as I believe it is unsafe. Received a replacement and the same issue occurred. Received a credit note from the store as the product does not live up to expectations. Poor quality.

Great bassinet

Easy to assemble. Comes with carry bag so you can take it with you. Looks nice and modern. Can adjust the height and make it tilt if you have a reflux baby. Really easy to get baby in and out at night time especially if you attach it to your bed.

Do not buy - poor quality and rusted inside

Purchased this item from Baby Bunting for the first time. When I went to open the box and assemble it I noticed that inside both the metal legs had been rusted through. It was disgusting to say the least, as this is a product made for babies. We decided to go back to the store and either get a replacement or refund in case it was just ours that was faulty. Luckily they had another on display and we checked it to see if it was also the same problem, however, it had also been rusted on the inside, not to the extent of ours but still quite bad. The staff were nice enough to offer a refund, and later we found out that they had been told by the manufacturer to throw the item out.
Instructions were also poorly written.
Do not buy this product.

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