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Chux Magic Eraser Bathroom

Chux Magic Eraser Bathroom

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No chemicals needed, works great!

This little sponge is does a great job of cleaning your shower without chemicals. They don't last terribly long, but not having to breathe in or buy chemicals makes up for it. I have friends who have used other magic erasers on outdoor items and they have also been impressed.

Simple yet very effective....and WORKS!

I was a little sceptical at first, thinking that these "magic" erasers are just another nasty gimmick. Gee, was I wrong! Here are some alternative uses not only for the bathroom but around the house (& car) as well:
- remove coffee & tea stains from mugs;
- clean stains left inside crockpot;
- clean pet & child vomit from carpet or clothing (test spot first);
- remove grass stains from shoes after mowing lawn;
- clean outdoor furniture & toys, like white resin, plastic toys or white painted furniture (scrub lightly on painted furniture);
- clean pool liners;
- clean vinyl surfaces (bike seats);
- clean creosote build-up from fireplace glass;
- clean playing cards;
- clean car dress rims;
- clean the built-up gunk from inside the fridge;
- clean inside dishwasher;
- remove rust from most surfaces;
- clean your computer, including keyboard & mouse. Wipe lightly;
- remove cooked-on stains in pots & pans;
- clean sticky/dusty range hood;
- remove nail polish spills or stains;
- clean gutters;
- clean mirrors & windows to a streak-free shine;
- remove mildew from tents, vinyl canopies, awnings, fibreglass items etc;
- remove paint over spray that has dried;
- remove food stains inside plastic food containers;
- remove fingerprints & dirt on light-coloured kitchen cabinets;
- clean grout & tile;
- remove dried paint from door hinges;
- remove tarnish from silver;
- remove adhesive residue after removing stickers;
- remove hair dye from counter tops;
- clean plastic coolers inside & out;
- clean oven shelves & grates;
- remove melted plastic from the side of toaster oven;
- remove green algae from concrete (bird baths, steps, ponds etc);
- remove toilet bowl rings;
- clean stained caulking along the kitchen sink & counter top;
- remove stains on the underside of the toilet seat.

I have found these useful, inexpensive cleaning tools to be the best discovery I have ever made. The best part is that they're chemical-free & easy to activate with water.

I received a trail size one of these

I used these as directed tried on different areas in my kitchen and they seemed ok not fantastic but ok, however I must have rubbed a little too hard on my acrylic splash back on my windowsill as it has left streak like marks that wont come off, also in two areas on my sink behind the tap and in a corner look bluey watermarks again wont come off, my question is how hard is too hard? the rest of my areas are ok tap wear shiny all good there, benches and the rest of my splash back all good there, anyone else had this happen?

Fantastic couldn't believe it! Sceptic converted!

Great great great product! I'm going to purchase the whole range. I was so impressed with the clean it did in my bathroom!! Practically no effort. It even removed a rust stain! Only wish I'd taken before and after shots. Give it a go you'll be amazed.

Omg, can't believe what just happened

I just used the kitchen cleaning cloths and kitchen magic eraser, and I can't believe how it removed every little bit of grease, with very little effort. I can't wait to clean my bathroom :)

Great product

Love this sponge bathroom cleaner use it in the shower,bath and on the tiles in the bathroom does a great job in all areas but needs to be bigger in size. Do not need any other chemical cleaners. It wipes away grime and scum with little effort but is too small
Cleans brilliantly
Way too small please make it bigger four times will pay so brilliant a cleaning aid

Truely magic!!

My shower tiles were getting quite soap scummy and weren't looking very nice at all. I had tried lots of other chemical cleaning agents and bleach which just seem to leave them streaky looking. I was considering buying a steamer to do the job, but spotted these little Chux Bathroom Erasers in the supermaket and thought I'd give them a go. Absolutely brilliant....and chemical free. Forget the steamer..I will continue to buy these to do the job in future.
Easy to Use...no chemicals....and they actually work.
Could be a little bigger.

Best Shower Cleaning Product Ever

I was sceptical when I bought this product yesterday but our shower screens were looking very soap scummy and I had to do something about cleaning them. I used the Chux Magic Eraser Bathroom yesterday afternoon and it works brilliantly! So easy to use, no chemicals needed. I love it and I will tell everyone to buy this as well. It does exactly what it says it will do and it does it so well. Thank you for making this amazing product. I will always have one in the house.
Easy to use, no chemicals needed and it works!

Not as good as the Chux Magic Eraser Hard Surface Cleaner

I didn't really think this was magic like the ones for the walls, that most definitely are! But good size in comparison.


Does a great clean in the bathroom on glass, tiles, bath, sink and taps. Really a time saver as well, don't have to mess around with other cleaning products nearly as much. I'm really happy with this product and would recommend it.
I use this product all the time in our bathroom. I only use product once a week to help with cleaning, otherwise this is it. One side cleans the surface and the other acts like wipes down the surface so it is relatively streak free when it drys. We use them to death before we get another one so price is worth it when you think that you limit the cleaning products you use.
None I can think of

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I was very sceptical about this product when I bought it yesterday but our shower screens were looking very soap scummy and I had to do something about them. Well! This product worked beautifully and now the glass is clear and clean. And it was so easy to use. I am so thrilled that I want to tell everyone to buy this product. Another plus is not having to use any chemicals to get the shower clean. Thank you for making this product. I love it!

Questions & Answers

I have a glass panel and a glass door in my shower. Can I use the Magic Eraser without scratching the surface? Thanks.
3 answers
Hi when I called the company to tell them their product had scratched my new kitchen back splash and made marks on my new sink, they said: The sponge must be wet at all times when in use, must not be used to harshly ie no scrubbing, used very gently first increasing pressure if dirt and grime remain, oh and if it picks up surface dust or grit already on your surface it might be that that scratched your surface!, so at the end of it all I concluded never to use the product again to be on the safe sideIt is recommended to always test the product on a small inconspicuous area first before using on an entire area. I have never had any problems using it on glass or tiled areas to remove soap scum. I even use mine to wash drinking glasses with & the results are amazing! As long the ME is constantly kept wet whilst using it, you shouldn't have any issues with surface scratching. Hope this helps!I have some lime build up to remove on the glass. I've tried a few things like lemon juice, vinegar and even C.L.R. I'll try the inconspicuous area test first and will post a further response.


Chux Magic Eraser Bathroom
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