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Oates Contractor Microfibre Glass Cloths MF-022

Latest review: Oats microfiber cloths are fantastic what a great idea the person who invented those should be knighted they clean dont leave streaks on mirrors and talk about money saving i used to send a lot of

Ha-Ra Green Glove Dirt DHG120

Latest review: My sister in law and I bought both the gloves and SURPRISE, SURPRISE !!!!! I never thought water only would clean the grease off the Range Hood. What a fantastic product. Lyn and I also washed our

Selleys Super Cloth

Latest review: The Selleys "Super Cloth" is truly high quality, does a far superior job compared with other kitchen wipes and lasts much longer. It absorbs and wipes down without leaving those annoying blotches

Oates DuraClean Thick Microfibre Glass Cloth MF-033

Latest review: I have bought so many if these and have them everywhere. They are by far the best glass cleaning cloths out there, I get consistently perfect results every time. Fully

Chux Non-Scratch Scourer

Latest review: I have bought this product for quite a few years and have been happy. Recently it was on special at the supermarket so I bought extras. As soon as I started washing a plate the scourer started to

Selleys Oven Wipes

Latest review: Had a new oven and tried using these wipes instead of old way of using bicarb paste for the fortnightly clean. Truly they were no better than before and unable to get any spatters off that were older

Sabco Duex Bathroom Sponge

Latest review: The ‘power mesh’ side of this 2 sided sponge is too harsh & abrasive to use on the surfaces Sabco recommend. After using it, my shower screen is now covered in very deep scratches which I cannot rem