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Clarins Beauty Flash Balm

Clarins Beauty Flash Balm

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Light and pleasant moisturiser

If beauty companies had to rely on me, they would all be broke. I absolutely hate putting any kind of cream or moisturiser on my face, because it makes my skin feel claustrophobic and oily. I can barely tolerate sunscreen, and wash it off the second I get inside. That said, my skin is on the oily side so luckily I rarely need to moisturise.

However, Beauty Flash Balm is different. It is the only luxury-branded toiletry item I ever buy. I don't believe any of the hype that they sell it with, but as an occasional facial moisturiser it suits me perfectly.

I was introduced to it when my high-school best friend's sister worked on the Clarins counter at Myer. She was so glamorous and kind to us daggy school girls, and I think gave me a tester of this.

It is a lightweight, non-oily preparation that actually feels nice on my skin. It has a pleasant, mild smell (I also hate scented products so you can be sure this is unobtrusive). It is somewhere between a gel and a light cream. It is a pale apricot colour in the tube but colourless on application. A little goes a long way, which is just as well because it is pricey. Any dry patches instantly feel better and look less noticeable. I would say it leaves my face looking and feeling nice.

If you hate putting stuff on your face, but need occasional moisturising for mild dry skin, or want your skin to look nice for a special occasion, give it a try.

Purchased in February 1990.

Value for Money
Ease of Application
Causes Irritation No
Skin TypeCombination Skin
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Just wanted to add - because I hate putting stuff on my face, I do not wear foundation etc. So I can't comment on how the product performs under make-up. The only thing I put on my face is a little pressed powder. I just let the BFB sink in for a few minutes and then dust the powder over it.


Got this in a trial pack of Clarins products. It is actually amazing. If it wasn't so expensive, I would be wearing as a base for my foundation everyday. It primes my skin so well.

The texture and smell is so luxurious.

I love this cream!

It makes my skin feel super smooth and silky. It is pricey, which is why I asked for it for Xmas, but it does seem to do the job. Also really like the Clarins hand cream

Love it!

Tightens brightens and make you look stunning in an instant! It's an old classics that keeps on delivering. I use it when I fly and put an extra thick layer on to avoid getting my skin dry and it works! It's pricy but it last for a long time. Try it!

Brilliant product

A little bit of luxury. My skin feels fantastic when I use this. It illuminates the face and helps make up stay on longer. I find if you pat it into your skin, rather than rub it just smooths your skin out and makes a perfect base. No need for primer with this. You can also mix it with liquid foundation or bb cream. This is especially good in winter too. What a great product.


I am now 60 years of age. Among my other quals, I am a fully qualified beauty therapist. I have been using Clarins Beauty Flash ever since it came on the market. I have also recommended it to many clients. As the directions state, Beauty Flash can be used several different ways, but I find if I mix a small half pea size 'dab' of Beauty Flash in the palm of my hand and then put my liquid foundation on this as well and mix both together with the tip of my finger and then apply to my face that my makeup/face 'glows' all day, making skin appear smoother and makeup 'lighter'. It also helps to 'set' the foundation and it lasts much longer throughout the day or special evening outing. I then lightly 'dab' a tiny bit of Beauty Flash under eyes on top of foundation, there are NO wrinkles at all. Amazing product and I couldn't live without it. I do not look my age and thankfully, have no wrinkles yet apart from tiny lines under eyes without this product. Another great Clarins tip..... Clarins Bust Firming gel (small amount)...very lightly applied under eyes (not too close) BEFORE beauty flash/makeup, 'irons out' ANY wrinkles and last all day. Another sensational use for a Clarins product. Try and these methods and I hope they work as well for you as they have done for me.

Really works for tired skin!

Before I had a baby, I used this product once in a while when I didn't have enough sleep. Usually when you don't have enough sleep, your skin will "refuse" make up. Your makeup will look patchy and blotchy. This product helps to instantly brighten up complexions and helps to smooth your makeup. The effect is a lot more noticeable when you are tired. You could really see the difference it makes to your tired skin. Skin looks instantly brighter, and smoother, and no patchy blotchy makeup.
Life after baby means not enough sleep everyday. So now I use this product every time I go out to apply under makeup. People commented on how good my skin looks (and that says a lot especially if you are a new mother).
The only issue I have with this product other than the price is actually the feel of it the first time you put it on. It feels sticky and thick (thankfully this gross feeling disappears after a few seconds).
When you put it on, make sure you DO NOT RUB. You should apply it by patting it on your skin and apply make up straight away for a smooth application. Then apply your concealer and your foundation (by the way, may I suggest you look into buying "beauty blender" sponge for applying foundation or your mineral powder? It works beautifully to create a dewy look and great for applying makeup on tired skin). You can get the sponge on beauty blender website. Anyway, I highly recommend Flash Balm for anyone looking to improve tired skin. It works. I always get compliment for my skin anywhere I go. Even from strangers.


A product that makes a great hydrating mask, a very effective skin primer for makeup or a firming and tightening cream without makeup. I love that it is multi-purpose and also that it works. It's a great product to throw in your travel bag if going on holidays because I then have a multi-purpose product in one tube. A luxurious-feeling product that I've used for years and would recommend it.
Great multi-purpose product with a lovely texture and does what it says it will do.
The price and the fact that it isn't all natural ingredients.

Over 50? This is great

I used to use this product BC (before children); when I had an income that I could spend on myself.
I recently decided to treat myself and bought a tube. It is still the same great product.
I am now 51 and getting a bit wrinkly and saggy. It worked fantastically - especially around my eyes - combine that with the Revlon age foundation and my face looked years younger - for a while at least.
It makes the foundation go on dewy and smooth.
You must not rub it in - this makes in blotchy and lumpy - but pat a small pea size amount on to your face and around eyes and then put on your fav moisturiser or tinted moisturiser or foundation and you are gorgeous for about 6 hours; (or a thicker coating as a face mask for 15-20 minutes). A tube lasts about 80 applications (2 and a half months on a daily basis) or a year of average use. At $60 a tube that is 7.5 cents a use. How many of you spend money on clothes etc and never get the full wear out of them (ie. 1c per wear). I think Beauty Flash is great. Buy it as a treat to yourself.
Instant effect, smells nice
Initially pricy but worth it over time of use.


One of my all time favourite face creams is the Clarins Beauty Flash Balm. This cream is ideal for using under your foundation. It's really important to remember to dab it on rather than rub it into your skin. If you dab the Clarins Beauty Flash Balm onto your skin and then immediately apply your foundation it helps to cover blemishes and adds moisture to skin that like mine is a bit dry. I highly recommend this product to anyone who likes a primer type mosituriser under their foundation.
It smells great, feels refreshing on your skin and a little goes a long way.


I like this - a little bit of luxury. Looks good, smells good and feels good. Suitable for all skin types as I definately didn't find this to be one of those heacy, greasy creams.
This product absolutely glides onto your skin leaving it feeling like silk. It gives a nice base for your make up and I think a nice glow to your skin.
Cost. It's no 'miracle' - I'd love it if it could get rid of all wrinkles and freckles!


I often find my make up doesn’t stay on very well when I use beauty flash balm under neath my makeup which defeats the main purpose of the product. I read in a bridal magazine that beauty flash balm is used by many brides as it helps to keep your make up in place all day. I have to say I found it to be the complete opposite. Also the instructions on how to apply are not very clear and often the product goes all bitty on my face. The product is very expensive and I personally think there are better things to spend your money on.
smells nice
Expensive and not very clear instuctions on how to use

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Are you a guy? I ask because many males don't read instructions prior to using a product!! If not, use ring finger to PAT a small amount around your eyes and into any frown lines and above top lip. Let it penetrate for a few minutes then apply your usual moisturier followed by a Foundation to suit your skin type. you will then look fabulous all day, rarely needing "a touch-up." Enjoy using this fabulous product and the compliments you will soon be receiving!


This is a great product! I've tried Napolean and Natio's primers and Beauty Flash Balm beats them both hands down. It is worth spending the money - about $58 when Clarins have specials on as it is usually a free gift or includes other products.
Last time I bought this 2 people in my office commented that I was glowing and looked really healthy. Gives me a great base under my foundation. My complexion looks more even and wrinkles appear diminished.
Is expensive but worth it. Sometimes can be a bit drying, and I find my make up doesn't stick all day.


I bought this based on the reviews from this site and am so pleased I did. As a new mum I have not had a decent sleep in weeks. After using this for a couple of days, a friend actually commented that I looked a lot better than I did the previous week - she said I didn't look as tired. You don't need to use much so the price per use is probably not much. Good under make up - helps it last all day. Feels lovely on my skin.
It does what it says it will
Bit pricey


I've been using beauty flash balm for years and it still it delivers.
I only use this now and again when I have been partying too much or if my skin needs a little pick-me-up under my make-up. I find it works bast if you don't rub it into you skin but rather smooth a thin layer over your skin and then apply your make up. I have even used it as a mask by putting a thicker layer over the skin, leave it on for 15-20 minutes then rinse off. Makes the skin really soft and subtle.
It really does work!
Clarins products overall are not suited to my skin but the Beauty flash works wonders as long as I don't use it too often as it tends to make my skin break out.


This beautiful Clarins product is a wonderful primer for use under make-up. It literally feels like velvet when applied and 'sets' your make up for the day or night. The consistency is a little thick, but that just means you don't need to use much of it, consequently,the tube seems to last for ages. Can be used all over the face and neck including eyes and lip area. Lipstick seems to last longer when this product is applied. It is definitely worth the money.
Gives amazing results, lovely to apply,
Cost - but you get what you pay for!


THis is a prduct that is really a must have for naymake up kit. a little goes a long away and really can wake up a tired complexion. I'm a mum with 3 kids so i don't have a lot of time to apply makeup but I can wear Beauty Flash instead of foundation and my skin looks great.
I love this product. Makes my makeup look amazing!!and gives my skin a healthy glow.


I have been using this product for years and am never without it. It gives a lifted appearance in just a few minutes and seems to last all day. Easy application. Can also be used as a mask, which is nice and seems to help, but given the price I would rather use a separate mask. I especially like it when you can get the sample size packs because they are great for travelling.
Reliable lift and refreshing product


I started using Clarins products about 25 years ago, and I am never without them. Beauty Flash is one product that does everything that it proports to do. It gives a great cover over your moisturiser, you can go with it naturally or under any foundation. It has the most beautfil feel, and it just glides over your skin. It does cost a fair bit, but it lasts a long time and you don't have to use a lot at one time. My 16 year daughter is already pinching my beauty flash because she can also see what it does her her skin too..it gives you a genuine radiance!


I was introduced to this product by a man who swore by it! I have been using it for over 15 years now off & on. It gives you the feeling of indulgence, like you really have spoiled your skin and it makes you feel revitalised & fresh. You can feel it actually being absorbed rather than just covering your skin.It is also great under foundation as it acts as a setting agent. I have no hesitation in recommending this product to anyone, I simply love it!
Purely refreshing!A product once applied immediately gives you the dew your skin is screaming for!It's an instant uplift!
Only the price but still worthwhile!

Questions & Answers

I don't understand how to use Beauty Flash Balm. Some was given to me and I find the instructions confusing
2 answers
HI Julie, I wash my face and then put a small amount on my fingers - don't rub your fingers together, just pat to spread the balm! - then pat it onto my face and around the eyes too. I then immediately pat on my normal moisturizer. Then make up (if it is a work day) as usual. Hope this helps. cheers SanjaJust pat or dab on a small amount using your ring finger. I put it under my eyes and on any dry patches on my face. A little goes a long way. You can also use it as a moisturising mask, although I personally don't do that. In that case, apply a bit more product all over your face and leave it on for a while (say half an hour). Rinse off excess if needed.


Beauty Flash Balm
Price (RRP) $60
Skin TypesNormal, Dry, Combination, Oily
Release dateJul 2007

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