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Real-u Cleanse

Real-u Cleanse

4.0 from 95 reviews

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Most amazing cleanser ever!!!

I have been using real u since October last year and the results are amazing. Since becoming a teen I have had the worst skin but real u changed that. It leaves the skin feeling clean and soft and got rid of my acne without drying my skin with harsh chemicals. I have no scarring on my face and feel more confident than ever

Purchased in October 2018.

Value for Money
Ease of Application
Causes Irritation No
Skin TypeOily Skin

3 step control+

This stuff is amazing! When i first purchased the control+ starter kit i had no real expectations on how it would help my skin. That mentality comes from spending thousands on medication, face washes and moisterisers that have in the long run made my skin worse. I was staying home as much as possible, hated going to work and the shops and wouldnt leave the house without make up on. In under 6 weeks this starter kit has made my skin 100% better, less oily, itchy and red. My face is less painful when applying makeup, i've been able to ditch the primers and concealers because the moisteriser is perfect and im more confident about going out without it.This stuff is the best thing ever put on this earth!

Purchased in March 2019 for $95.00.

Value for Money
Ease of Application
Causes Irritation No
Skin TypeOily Skin

Real u 3 step system

Was really excited to try this and was hoping for the best. Unfortunately it made my skin worse. I suffer from moderately bad hormonal breakouts, and ended up with full blown cysts after using the 3 step system. Some of them still haven't gone down. And because I believed it would work I continued to use it thinking my skin was just purging. But it got worse and worse over the month I used it. Pretty disappointed.

Purchased in February 2019 for $105.00.

Value for Money
Ease of Application
Causes Irritation Yes
Skin TypeCombination Skin

NOT FOR SENSITIVE SKIN. It made my skin worse.

I purchased the Real-U 3 step system and began using it, I was really hoping it would work but it didn't.
It flared up my skin and i got more angry pimples than I had when I started! I'm so disappointed! I dont know what to do with these almost new tubes, but I'm too scared to use it again!

I contacted Real-U, but they didn't offer a refund, simply told me that this is normal and to keep using the product. (I'm not going to keep using something that makes my skin that irritated!)

If you have sensitive skin, don't risk damaging it further by using Real-U! Save your money and your face. I wish I'd read the reviews on productreview before buying!

After I stopped using real-u, I used a simple gentle vitamin foaming cleanser from Coles and it was lovely, no irritating on my skin, just calm, good cleansing.

Pretty disappointing

I started using this about 3 months ago... there was no real noticeable difference. As it got to the three month mark, my face started to break out in massive amounts. I’d never had that much acne before, and my skin was more oily then it had ever been. So I stopped using it, and just used micellar cleansing water and the real-u moisturiser. My skin cleared up in a day. Their moisturiser is good, everything else.

Amazing products

I have been using the 3 step skincare for over a month now. I’m so impressed with how the products control my pimples, but never leaves my skin feeling dry. These products have also improved the overall complexion of my skin, my husband even commented that the redness of my skin has improved. I still wear make up every day, but my make up is so much easier to apply as my skin has less pimples and is hydrated. I look forward to using these products every day and will definitely continue using this skincare regimen.

Lifesaver, I’ve finally regained my confidence.

I’ve suffered with cystic acne for nearly 2 years. From never even having a pimple to having not just acne but cystic acne that looked like welts on my face, I’d honestly prefer to show up at work with a paper bag. I couldn’t wear makeup I couldn’t do anything but just buy products after products praying they’d work. After trying maybe 7 different products I was skepticle when I came across real-U because of how amazing the results were it almost looked staged. I bought it Just to see and I noticed after one day my face had a glow to it. I had all my friends notice also saying my skin looked amazing and asking what I was using and got all of them into it. Real-u is probably my life now I could not and refuse to live without. Hands down 10/10 product !!!

Not worth the hype, made my skin worse

After suffering with adult acne for the past 3 years I had finally got my skin right and after running out of the normal skincare I would use daily I had seen this all over Facebook and it looked so amazing I just had to try! Well what waste of money, my skin has never been so oily and I had new breakouts poping up each day. I would not recommend this product to anyone and it’s definitely not worth the hype.

Best product I’ve ever used!!!

This product has changed my life!! I use all the Real-u products and am now able to walk out the door with no make-up on! The prices are reasonable and the products last a minimum of 3 months! I have recommended this product to several friends as they have all noticed how great my skin looks now! This product is the reason I don’t cry when I see myself in the mirror anymore. When I first saw this company I was skeptical as like a lot of people I’ve tried so many different things and get no results, so I spent a month researching the company and looking at reviews and decided it was worth a try and since purchasing the products for the first time in January I’ve never looked back!

This product chnaged my life

My skin shifted from being inflamed and painful, to smooth and clear. I had no reaction to the product which is extremely rare because I react to every skin care product and have very sensitive skin. After my acne went down I noticed some scarring, however the cleanser is now assisting in reducing that too. This product is so amazing and I can’t recommend it enough!

What a real waste...

Been using for a month as directed 2xdaily, changing pillow cases, fresh washers ect, I really cant see any difference in my acne. Major changes are my skin always feels like its too oily from the products, like sweating from not soaking in which is horrible and is my main reason for discontinuing. I emailed for help, never got a reply which is misleading for a company that proclaims to be about community and helping.

For what you pay i really don't think its worth it.

Its a magic

Its a magical product i feel amazing after using this product no reaction at all i just love this its change my life it gave my confidancs back to me thank you real u love you

Big waste of money

This product is very misrepresented. I bought it as I was looking for a good quality cleanser and moisturizer for sensitive skin. I had no acne, but was told that it would be perfect as a nice natural skin care routine. When I first used it, I was surprised at how low of quality it seemed to be (especially for the price). It’s advertised as being made of natural ingredients, however, it’s full of chemicals! It made my face red and irritated after using it a couple times so I stopped. I emailed them asking for my money back and they refused. $90 lesson learned. Don’t buy this.

Give me to confident go to make up free!

I've NEVER stuck to one brand of make up cleanser or moisture, nothing ever works for me the way real-U has. Other products were always more of to remove my makeup never to replenish my skin but, I’ve just ordered another more of the green control products. Its absolute amazing for my skin!!! I’m 25 and finally have the confident to go make up free for days on end. The moisture is used 3 times a day to make me skin extra smooth! Thank you Real-U team


I gave it a 3 star because usually when I cleanse my face, it turns red however with this cleanser it didn’t meaning it’s great for sensitive skin BUT because it foams it dries your face and I didn’t like that. The whole real-u regime didn’t work for me. It actually made my acne worse and left me with a LOT of scarring which my skin never did before.

L I F E C H A N G I N G !!!!!!!

Absolutely love this product and all the real-u products they have seriously changed my life ! They have given my back my confidence and changed the way I see myself ❤️

My all time favourite cleanser

I use to have multiple breakouts on my skin especially during that time of the month, however this cleanser helped with unclogging my pores and doesnt leave my skin feeling squeeky clean unlinke other cleansers-which is a good thing, my skin still feels hydrated after being cleanse. It also reudced the redness on my skin eapecially the areas around the breakouts! Have been using this for over 2 years now!!!

Perfect product!

After buying several brands of acne creams to try and clear up my skin I am so glad I have came across this. Within 2 weeks of using this product it has cleared up my horrible hormonal acne. Highly recommend!!

Works on all skin types

I have been trying to find the right product for my skin for years. A friend told me about real-u after seeing it online and trying it for herself. She’s a chef and her skin is exposed to fatty oil while cooking in the kitchen causing break-outs. I was using an expensive regime that didn’t seem to fit with my skin. I tried the real-u and after around 8 weeks my skin was healthier over-all. My break-outs have diminished over time and it’s the first product I am happy to stick with long term. It’s priced well, easy to order and a simple regime to follow. There is no lock in contract, you simply order as needed!


This product did wonders for my skin! Before I started using this cleanser, my skin would breakout nearly everyday! Now I hardly get any breakouts and my skin is so soft. It’s amazing!

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Questions & Answers

I have been using for over a month and instead of pimples going away they are getting bigger and i have increasingly more blackheads than ever before. this works probably for most people but I’m unfortunately not one of those people. Any ideas?
1 answer
Habe you tried Avene ?

Hi! Does Real-U test on animals and are the products vegan? (I’m not vegan just cruelty-free conscious with my beauty products)
1 answer
Hi Beauty, Thanks for getting in touch. Animals are way too cute and cuddly, real-u products are not tested on animals and contain no animal ingredients. Our products are hypoallergenic and vegan. Kindness The real-u team xx

I do have normal skin but my skin is very sensitive with some breakouts can I use this product as my skin is really sensitive?
1 answer
Hi Beauty, Thanks for getting in touch. We'd love to help you with your skin. As our products don’t contain the 2 common nasties found in most acne products they are great to use on sensitive skin. It is impossible to say how your skin will react with any given product, however as our products are hypoallergenic it has proved to be very effective with any given skin including sensitive skin. You may find the best option for you is to try our Travel Pack to see how your skin likes real-u. Found here: https://real-u.com/r/products-bp14 Kindness the real-u team xx


Price (RRP) $20
Skin TypeOily

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