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Poor customer service

Poor customer service and the guy on the phone didn't have the decency to say good bye, he just hung up. Glad the contract is over and i can get rid of the bin.

Customer Service

Whole place is disgrace.

website is non functional. Can't change anything on it. Waste of time going to it. Staff non helpful. Rep is just a liar. Would not recommend at all a load of crap bsiness

Customer Service
Job Satisfaction

Incompetent customer service

I have been trying to get a hard waste pick up for 4 weeks and still unable to have it completed even after paying for it. I have asked for a refund for not picking it up and I get another excuse why they can’t refund the payment. They couldn’t organise to put toilet paper on the roll.

Dodgy company, please don't trap in contract

Very Dodgy company, please don't sign contract with them, otherwise have to wait for few years to get rid of this company, bad staff servive, eventhough when you finish contract with them they still get you $150 to remove a bin

Cleanaway are dodgy, please avoid.

Cleanaway are dodgy, please avoid. They charge extra, extend contracts for 5 years without your knowledge,(check the fine print) and the drivers pretend to visit sites and they really don't, and you still get either charged for, or the drivers say that the gates are locked etc and they aren't. Took nearly 3 months to get even my key back and I had to threaten police action to get it back. If you are having problems resolving anything with Cleanaway, there is a clause to allow your contract to be cancelled if the problem has not been resolved within 14 days. This needs to be in writing and is how we got out of our contract. Mind you, we were still charged also $150 for them to pick up their own bin. Cleanaway are also with customer service and operations team. STAY AWAY!!

Never ever use this company!!!!

They lock you in contracts - and will never let you out
Charge you an environmental fee - which isn't inc in quote
Ignore all contact via email
On hold for hrs at a time - than suddenly cut off - I reckon on purpose
Very rude staff
A rip off compared to other prices
We use suez now - they are so much better and cheaper, and so much efficient customer service.
So because cleanaway wouldn't cancel our contract they keep their bin on our work site, however we never have it serviced or emptied, so we get a bill for $2 per week for hire and $5 per month for environmental fee - anyone would think they'd let a business out of a contract and place the bin at a site where it will actually be used.
So once again never ever use this company!! - you will regret it, if read this review and went on a contract with cleanaway.

Don't trust Cleanaway for hard waste removal

Cleanaway workers removed two items of furniture, a lot of timber and expensive beehive boxes with frames from our front verandah despite signs clearly showing what items should be taken (off the verandah) and items that should not be taken (on the verandah). These items have been crushed and gone to landfill. No one bothered to knock on the front door. The City of Maribyrnong should not be outsourcing hard waste to such incompetent operators.

Pakman Waste Management

Pakman Waste Management have been increasing their fees every 6 to 12 months they have charged us on many occasions for bins that had no rubbish in them and recently charged us for 4 bins when only one bin had rubbish in it I contacted them and asked them to credit us for the empty bins but was told they have a 3 bin limit but would still be charging me for the four bins when only one bin had rubbish because the driver doesn't look to see if bins are full or empty this company is getting really expensive and are ripping people off

Terrible customer reps, company are full of lying staff

Avoid this company like a dangerous virus. I am extremely angry at this company, their garbage collectors are liars saying the bin wasn't out for collection when it clearly was. Customer reps are full of lying criminals who wants to charge you extra for collection and will not side with the customer but trust the driver asking you the customer for evidence the bin was out eg photo. You have been warned!!!!! Avoid!!!!

Very poor and Dodgey Accounting Practices!!!

I use Cleanaway from time to time all around the country. They have some good services, but they also have some very dodgey practices. The worst of all is the Environmental fee which auto magically appears on invoices even though they don't mention it when you ask for a quote. The other issue I dislike is that they quote prices including GST then add it a second time. Between these charges you could be charged an extra 10 to 20% which is outrageous.


Unfortunately we've been dealing with Cleanaway for over 3 years due to a contract. This is by far the worst waste management company I have ever dealt with. They frequently miss services and any request is never done as arranged. There are better options in the market, avoid Cleanaway.

Customers service

I been with Cleanaway for the last 2 yrs but too many problems when ring the office, every time the customer service so so bad which I never have been experience before anywhere and also sometime they tried to argued over the right but they not right at all. I still have to stick around because my contract still not end yet.

Let's litter Australia

Cleanaway is littering or streets them self ,as quit a few times around our local area if they pick up you bin even if no over full an some falls out you just leave it on road an go to next bin. they need to be fined for littering Australia

The worse supplier i have met

one of our site the waste bin not been emptied more than two months , they still charge from us and the reason is our bin not out , but our waste bin never moved,we have ask for credit for this overcharge few weeks and not get any reply until now , no one help with this and no account manager available , each time we call their customer service we have to explain again this situation , very disappoint with their service but we cannot change supplier as we still have 2 years contract left .


The absolute worse company I have ever dealt with. After finally cancelling our contract after 3 years I can't get anyone to remove the bin. Letter, emails, phone calls - no one assists or returns calls. Bin still sitting there 3 weeks after request - so frustrating !!

I’m over bringing my bins back in not emptied

I’m over bringing my bins back in not emptied probably the last three weeks the bins have come in still with bags of rubbish in them or boxes I do my part so why can’t you do yours

Unbelievably bad

Our local Council outsourced our red bin collection to this company. They regularly just don't empty the bins. We are a large block of apartments, with the summer heat you can imagine the result. Contacting Cleanaway is the pinnacle of useless. It is so incredibly frustrating. The Council has washed their hands of the issue as the contract is outsourced. They are not interested in the problems Cleanaway is causing. The Cleanaway staff are unspeakably rude. Do not deal with these people. PLEASE NOTE: I have given one star because I have to in order to post this review. If it was an option, I would leave none at all.

Is this company Australian?

I have never in my 35 years of working come across a supplier who could not give a damn about their customers. We had been with Cleanaway for over 14 years but have now changed over to JJ Richards who offer a better service for less than half the price. Cleanaway locks you into contract, overcharge and make errors on their logs and will not budge with their stance. I cant explain how frustrated I feel having had to deal with them and as I leave their 3 year contract that we were locked into they still have incorrectly invoiced me but I had to pay it because otherwise they will bill me a late fee. I cannot wait to be free of cleanaway. They literally make me feel sick.

Never ever use this company!!

Lock you in contracts - for a commercial bin. (not just a 6-12 month contract but a 36 month contract)
All customer service personnel are RUDE!! never reply to emails, every invoice is different & never consistent.
Keep you on hold for 1hr, then hang up on you!

Shop else where!!!

Terrible is not enough to describe how bad the customer "service" is

They do not even deserve 1 star. Most un reliable and un helpfull company I have ever dealt with! I have been a customer for over 10 years and the past 12 months have been aweful. For the 6th time in a few months they have not bothered to empty our commercial bin which is full of food waste. Phoned to complain today and was told they cant empty it now until Mid January. Gave me all the talk about how busy they are and how there is simply nothing that could be done. Asked to speak to a supervisor but no one was available - asked to speak to my account manager but they can only take a message and wont provide a contact number. Asked to speak to operations - response was that they are not taking calls now because they are busy - asked to file a complaint and requested the complaints number but they advise they do not have one (later found on google 1800 213 753 but they are a call service and just send an email) We will now have the pleasure of storing our food waste for 17 days over summer. If you want service DONT BOTHER WITH CLEANAWAY!

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