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Clinique Anti-Blemish

Clinique Anti-Blemish

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don't use if you have dry skin

I used for a week and it cleared my skin quickly. but now after use my skin feels tight and dry. my skin became irritated and itchy, making more spots break out :(

Only product that consistently works

The clarifying lotion is my favourite I mainly just use this on its own after cleaning my face thoroughly. I normally can see a dramatic difference the next morning. Love this product so worth the money if you use it on cleansed skin already it lasts forever. Clears up spots and keeps them away.

My face is plagued with acne because of Clinique

Since high school I have had trouble with acne, having combination skin can often be hard to work with. I’ve been using the 3-step anti-blemish care for about a month now, and my zits SHINE through the Clinique foundation. Clearisal wipes and moisturiser will be my go-to after this.


I Don't really have spots but I suffer with sensitive and oily skin. I tried this system only in the evenings as it was quite potent for me but I kept getting spots so I stopped using the cream at the end. Since I've stopped using the cream my spots have cleared up.
I find the cream increases my oilyness so don't use the last step if you have oily skin - just do the first 2 steps and leave it to airdry and breath overnight.You will see a difference.

Made my skin much worse! Don't waste your money

I have had acne problems ever since I was a teenager (its been about 14 years now) and none of the over the counter 'miracle' treatments have ever worked. This one actually made my skin a lot worse in a matter of 2 weeks - and I don't believe the nonsense about the "purge". Some medication does have that effect on acne, but in that case usually the complexion of the skin gets a lot better while you may get more pimples. I had some small pimples on my forehead and chin due to oiliness, this treatment made my skin look irritated and dull as it usually does before a big breakout and sure enough after 2 weeks of using it I have large pimples all over my face - especially the cheeks which were clear before I started using the Clinique blemish treatment. I have stopped using it and had to go back to my GP to get proper treatment again. My sister-in-law used the treatment a few years ago for 6 months and it made her acne way worse as well. If you are struggling with adult acne and actual cystic pimples as well stay away from this crap!

Stay away from it if you love yourself!!!!

Ladies if you love yourself, even with the zits then stay away from these expensive for nothing products. The so called purging before seeing the benefits is a total nightmare. I used clinique for about 6 weeks and saw nothing but a bad flare up of my acne. I have vowed to never use it again. Still trying to recover from the so called purge!!!!

Love this product, it's transformed my skin!

I purchased the 3 step starter pack about 6 months ago. It's fast become my go-to cleanser system and has helped to clear my skin to the best it's been in years!! I cannot recommend this product enough!! After trying almost every acne system I could find I finally found a product that is gently on skin, fast acting, quick and simple, affordable, and most importantly without a chemical smell! The size of the 3 step system is perfect for travelling and I now purchase the starter pack instead of the full size bottles.


I have a bit of an oily skin, don't have acne issues, but did have some blemishes and reddish skin in some parts of my face. I started using it and saw the effects since day one. It took a while to actually act over the red spots, but with the help of a normal face brush to exfoliate when using the soap (use it daily), it got even better! I would only ask for a bit more explanation or recommendation over the use of each product, for example to use it twice a day, or only in the mornings, etc.

Super great and effective!!!!!

I'm 15 yrs old and i worry because of my face, it has been sun damage and also damage because of acne that spreads althrough my face as well as the blemishes/scars.This product is a must-buy product for those who wants to get a clearer skin.It is worth buying for eventhough it's expensivei just started using this, the first day was wow! The redness of my acne decreases and it feels smooth and refreshing.On the next(2nd) day using this, i've notice that acne dried up and it became smaller and less noticable. Looking forward for the result after 4-6 weeks using this! I recommend this for you!!!, teens and adults :)))))))))))))

Worked after a couple of weeks

I bought this combined with the toner and the anti blemish moisturiser. It took about 2-3 weeks of consistent every day use to notice a difference. I now only get pimples if I've been lazy and not gone to bed without using it.

Negatives are that the cost is quite high for what it is - salicylic acid in the cleaner and toner and benzyl in the moisturiser. You can buy products with those chemicals in them for a lot cheaper than what clinique sell these for.

Its a really great product!!

I love this product. Only used it for one night my acne already getting better. I have acne prone skin. Ive tried hundres of products and this is so far the best i ve tried. Will keep using it. People who don't like it it may because its strong and not suit combination or dry skin...but its perfect for acne skin


I don't have terrible acne, but I usually have one or two blemishes at any given time. The sales lady assured me that this would keep my skin clear.

First week: no result. Second week: slightly worse skin. Third week: significantly worse with about six painful blemishes covering my chin and my forehead looking a bit red (at this stage, i thought it might be the 'drawing action' that had been described to me and it would improve soon). Fourth week: chin still covered in sore blemishes but they didn't seem to be healing at all, cheeks began to break out (never happened before in my life). Fifth week: Instead of the one or two blemishes that i normally had, my face was now Covered in big, swollen, red blemishes that were not healing.

Every day I woke up, there was two more. I honestly think I would've been better off washing my face with soap. The cleansing foam felt nice and clean, the clarifying lotion was very good at removing dirt, and the moisturiser was ok. But obviously, it doesn't work.
Clean and refreshing, easy to use.
Expensive, did not deliver results. Made skin significantly worse.


I've tried many face washes and this is the only one that ticks my two requirements. It makes my skin feel nice (not oily at all) and manages my breakouts&pimples. I paid $26 for mine overseas and it's definitely worth it for me. I Would definitely recommend it for everyone.
Effective, feels great
Tad pricey

This is perfect! Couldn't live without it!!

I love this product! I use it every day - morning and night, and don't have a single pimple or blemish. My skin is extremely soft and moisturised - not atall dried out like other blemish fighting products. As a 16 year old girl my skin normally had one or two fairly large pimples and almost always had many small pimples scattered across my face, but after using the Clinique 3 step anti blemish regime my skin as been spotless. Not at anytime do I have pimples. only time I have had a lot of pimples lately was when I was out of step 3 - the clearing moisturizer. But as soon as I re stocked my face was clear in under 12 hours.. so don't just use steps 1 and 2 and not use the moisturizer. it's oil free and the actuall product that fights the blemishes. I love this product! I recommend it to any one looking to clear there skin crazy fast!!!
clears skin from pimples and redness in just hours. easy to use and if you use the bar of soap rather than the pump of step 1 lasts for ages. very little of each product required for each use.
kinda expensive but worth it!!!

100% useless

I used this product in the Anti Blemish 3 Step System for 2 months. At worst my skin problems are mild but still irritating, and this product did nothing for me. At first I was hopeful as it made my skin feel clean but after weeks of use and nothing to show for it I began to feel as if I just set fire to my money. This product is definitely not cheap, and for such a price I'd expect amazing results - Instead I got none.

I also ordered it online to avoid giving my local Clinique sales woman the satisfaction of a commission sale, she was judgemental, rude and generally unpleasant. Definitely tainted my opinion of Clinique in general.
Clean feeling, good online sales
Expensive, poor customer service, no results


I bought this set for my partner and I 2 months ago. We are both 25. REVIEW 1: He works in a kitchen (lots of oil and grease in the air), his skin frequently breaks out in larger pimples & blackheads and gets oily enough to be shiny. His skin is like this in Winter as well as Summer, though in Summer the breakouts and shine are worse. The Anti Blemish regime didn't visibly dry out his skin and make it flaky, or dry it out where it looks fine but feels uncomfortable and tight. It really helped get rid of existing blemishes while preventing new ones. He has broken out in a few new pimples due to stress but has not developed any blackheads, which I would say is a good sign that this regime is working. He currently uses this twice a day (once in the morning before work, once when he gets home in the afternoon) but will bump it up to 3 times. Between showering in the afternoon and going to bed at night, his face gets shiny again. We are hoping that cleansing a third time will completely eliminate the pimples. REVIEW 2: I work in an office (dry air conditioned atmosphere), my skin infrequently breaks out in smaller pimples & blackheads and doesn't get oily enough to be shiny. My skin is dryer in Winter (not dry enough to get flaky) and I have less breakouts. In Summer the breakouts are worse but there is still no shine. The AB regime visibly dried out my skin and make it very uncomfortable and flaky. I'm certain this was more to do with the toner rather than the cleanser and moisturiser. In week 2 I started layering another moisturiser on top but my skin was still really dry. In week 3, I bought a trial skincare pack for skin type 2 (dry combination). I had been using the mild liquid facial soap and toner type 2, but found the Dramatically Different Moisturising Lotion too heavy and have returned to the AB moisturiser. I continued to break out in small pimples while using the milder cleanser, but the toner felt great and didn't dry out my skin like the AB toner did. I have since gone back to the AB cleanser. My current regime is AB cleanser, type 2 toner and AB moisturiser. I have stopped breaking out and my skin is no longer uncomfortably dry and visibly flaky. SUMMARY: If your skin is oily enough to get shiny, use the 3 step Anti Blemish regime. If your skin is dryer in Winter, oiler in Summer, and year-round doesn't get shiny, use step 1 and 3 of the AB regime and use a milder toner.
Cleared up pimples and blackheads as promised
Can be quite drying on skin that isn't oily enough to get shiny


definatley not one of their best products, i usually love clinique products but i feel this one lets them down, if you are after something to treat acne or for oily skin your better off shopping at the chemist or supermarket
clears up the acne
clears up the acne but skin is left feeling really dry and i feel that my skin seems to be more oily a few hours later because of that dry feeling that it gives not sure what the ingredients are

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i only got the first step in the sequence, the cleansing gel. will it achieve the same effect? I have combination skin and I am 13 years old (f).
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