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Cocoon Nest 4 in 1

Cocoon Nest 4 in 1

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Proven to be perfect


We purchased a Nest cot for our first child 3 years ago and he is now in the toddler bed stage and the cot has been amazing. From day one the bassinet was very handy as it is on wheels and moving it around the house was easy. The toddler bed is also a generouse size for his age as we did not want to move him into a single or double bed straight away. Now with our second child we have also purchased another cocoon cot but the evoke which is also a 4 in 1 and the bassinet is also on wheels and the design and look is great. We haved loved our 2 cots and always recomend this brand for great value for money.


EllePerth, WA



Great idea that it converts and looks gorgeous however not very practical.

The bassinet is great on wheels to able to move around the house or rock baby to sleep however very small and short, our baby outgrew this by 2-3mths.

The cot has been great up until now when our baby can roll and move around (5mths old). He has had his leg stuck between the bars and it was really difficult to get him out, even caused bruising to his thigh. The spaces between the bars seem to be a lot narrower than other cots?

There are also very limited fitted sheets available, I still have been unable to find round flannelette sheets however found that standard cot sheets fit ok.

Purchased in December 2015.

Cristina M.

Cristina M.Sydney, NSW

Love the practicality and beautiful design!


My little baby is 6 months now and I can't wait for her to start using the nest.
Love the product and the ingenious design. Great value for money from a basinet to a table and chairs set.
I will highly recommend this product and I look forward to the years to come with our beautiful cocoon.

Purchased in March 2019 at Baby Kingdom for $999.00.


sebiPerth, WA

Future value


I have loved using this cot with my 2 children! We have been using the nest cot for 4.5 years and we have now just converted it to table and chairs and I must say what an ingenious design. It still feels sturdy and looks great as the natural timber has only ever needed a damp cloth to clean. As I work from home the design being on wheels has made life so easy as I can move it from room to room. Smart design and very practical for long term use and value

Purchased in January 2014.



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Nice cot with some disadvantages


Purchased in October 2017 for $1,099.00.



Best idea ever


We’ve been so happy with our nest. Great long term value as we’ve been using it since our boy was a newborn and know we are using it as a cot 2 years on. Looking forward to the table and chairs, love that it’s all open an easy to move around. The mattress is also very good quality and the cot has height adjustable option. Love it,


AllySydney, NSW

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Not as good as hoped


We liked this cot a lot initially and bought the second one for our second kid. We liked the shape and look of this cot.
The biggest issue we now face is even we lowered the bed, our 16 months boy still managed to climb out of the cot.....now we have to consider buy another bed as he is not old enough to sleep in this cot with side open but is able to climb out!!!

Happy mum

Happy mumsydney

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Mothers Group Recommendation


I purchased my cocoon nest cot after a few of the mums at my mothers group recommended it to me. I have to say the advice was spot on! The workmanship is remarkable, the bassinet on wheels is very smart and the timber look is exactly what I wanted. I highly recommend the cocoon nest now to other mums.



Not sure about quality of change table


We have both the cot and change table. Although we are happy with the cot, we have already had a broken draw on the change table after two months use!!!! We called up to ask about the warranty, only to have them say that it wasn't covered! They said it was wear and tear, but considering the price we paid, we question the quality of these products if they are to break on us after a mere two months of normal use. And they told us it would last a lifetime......very disappointed!



Liking this cot


The Cocoon nest bassinet has been terrific and the construction is very sturdy which makes me very confident and safe using it with our bubs. The bassinet on wheels is handy as we move it around the house as we need. The bassinet is also a generous size and sleep time for bub has been good.
The quality of the 2 mattresses that came with the cot are exceptional quality and I like that they are Australian made.
So far the bassinet part of this cot has been very useful, I'm now looking forward to converting to the cot.

Loved our first Nest & bought another 2


We bought the Nest for our first child 3 years ago and its been terrific. We are now having twins so its another 2 Nest cots but in different colours this time. Now that our eldest is ready for a big bed we are converting her cot to the junior bed. We've had almost 3 years of use from our first one and the quality and durability of the Cocoon nest is great. The junior bed will most likely see our child through till 4 or 5 so its probably one of the best value baby purchases we've made! We have been very happy with the cocoon cot and the best thing is the multiple uses the cot offers



So practical


Wow, this is genuinely a long term investment. I bought it when my baby was 4 months old and now she is almost one year old. We used bassinet for 4 months and now she beautifully sleeps on her cot and it feels very comfortable. I simply loved the quality of Cocoon Cot.

Stacey S

Stacey SMelbourne

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Perfect bassinet- minimal storage


Having been using the cocoon bassinet for 2 months and its perfect easy to move around the house and good height that bubs is at for me to lean in and pick him up! Love that I can have close to my bed at night or in the kitchen during the day!! Great that I Also don't have to store a bassinet somewhere when I'm done with it!! Having wheels is a life saver!



Great value for money!


We have just put our cocoon bassinet together and I'm in love! I've been working on our nursery for weeks now and the Cocoon bassinet has just added that wow factor for me.
The natural wood is really beautiful and I'm loving that it is on wheels. Our friends had this cot before us and really sold us on the 4 in 1 feature and the hard wood timber.



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Genius design


This product is such a great idea and a long term investment. My little one is now 3 and growing so quick. We have just moved her into the junior bed and the cocoon nest is still like new. We decided to go with the timber colour and the look is sensational. Such a versatile cot that has really worked well for us.



So pleased with our Cocoon cot


Our baby stayed in the bassinet for 5 months and now in the cot for 2 months and we love it. I was able to co-sleep for the first 3-4 months and moving the bassinet from room to room had made things so easy for me, as I have an office where I work from at home. The design is exceptional and the quality of the timber is worth every dollar we spent. The transition from bassinet to cot was also so comforting for bubs as it was a familiar environment for him.
This was a purchase we put a lot of thought in to, and am I am so happy we did.

Don't get it if your baby moves a lot!




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Simply Beautiful


We have just put or nest bassinet together and it was really easy. Thank god cause hubby and I are no good with tools.
I really like the beech wood and our maternal health nurse gave it the tick of approval at our home visit due to the generous airflow design.
The fact that we can also change it from a bassinet to a cot really sold us and the 5 year warranty was the deal closer. Love it.



Smart and Sturdy design


We have purchased two Cocoon Nests, one for each of our kids and we love it. They were easy to convert from bassinets to cots and now we are using one as a junior bed. They have proven to be great quality and a substantial cost saving when you consider I got 4 items from the one buy! I recommend Cocoon to anyone wanting to purchase a quality cot. Great customer service over the phone as well & prompt service.



Great Great & Great!


I purchased the natural cot and I can not fault it at all.
We have just moved our baby into the cot from the bassinet after about 6 months and it looks amazing.
The bassinet on wheels made life so much easier and it is a very generous size.
We really couldn't go past this cot when we were out looking at furniture, it offers all options you need and the price is amazing for a beech wood product.

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Questions & Answers



My daughter has bought and is using this cot, but she has problems that the mattress is getting very damp and because of this is getting mouldy. She had to buy a second mattress because the first one was ruined. She has had this cot for approximately 6 weeks. She has been trying to get answers form the shop she has bought it from and the manufacturer but the last one never answers or rings back and the shop is not too much help either.

Can anyone advise on this matter please? For ventilation purposes we have even resorted to drill some holes in the base. But really we think that the manufacturer should come up with some answers. Anyone out there with a similar problem or experience?

5 answers

We are having the exact same problem! The mould is on the padded outside of the mattress but not the actual mattress. Tried cleaning it and hasn't helped so now considering buying another mattress! My hubby is going to have to drill holes as well! Weird!!!


Wondering if you had any success with this. My first mattress went mouldy after about 1 yr. my second mattress is showing some minor issues too. It’s on the outer washable part as well. Always have a mattress protector on. No idea what’s going on. Really don’t want to have to keep buying mattresses


I’ve been using my mattress for 17 months and do not have this problem. I used Aden & Anais muslin mattress cover which is much more breathable than the cocoon cover that I bought from the manufacturer. Not sure if this would help.

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