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Coles Anti Bacterial Wipes

Coles Anti Bacterial Wipes

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Unlike other reviewers, i found these to be quite strong & moist, the problem for me was they seemed to leave a slightly sticky residue on surfaces, so if anything they have too much liquid in them. For me that makes them quite useless as I don't want to have to use another cloth to clean off the residue.

Very disappointed - product has been replaced

Really cranky that Coles have replaced a once quality product for something so clearly inferior. The active ingredient is now 60% less, the cloths are no longer as moist and smell vile and do not clean at all. New and improved they claim. I will be returning this product. It is not improved by any stretch of the imagination. I would rather pay $5 dollars for 100 wipes than now pay $4 for such a an inferior, horrible product. Very disappointed customer. Bring back the original please.

These once excellent AUSTRALIA MADE wIpes have been replaced by nasty, inferior, MADE IN CHINA wipes

Coles have changed from their once excellent MADE IN AUSTRALIA wipes in the green packet to cheap, nasty, interior MADE IN CHINA wipes that have massive 60% less of the active ingredient.

It is amazing that Chinese people pay huge amounts of money to buy quality products from Australia yet companies like Coles replace high quality Australian made products with cheap, nasty, interior products that are made in China. All in the name of more profits.

China are not known for using safe chemicals, they are well known for using unsafe banned chemicals in their products hence why Chinese people want products from countries like Australia as they know Chinese made products can't be trusted.

I for one won't risk using any cleaning wipes that are made in China, who knows what god awful horrific chemicals they have put in there.

Inferior New Product Line Alert !

Coles has introduced a 'NEW Look' antibacterial wipe which is completely inferior to the original product. The paper quality is rough and far less absorbent. The dimensions are smaller. Even the active ingredient has been reduced and it retails for the same price!
Shame on you Coles

Love them

These wipes have a lovely strong citrus aroma, are antibacterial and a fair price. They aren't so thin that they tear either. Only complaint is the packaging. The seal quickly loses it's stickiness so they're more liable to drying out. If only they provided a snap plastic seal like other brands, they'd be flawless.
Great citrus smell, fair price, strong, antibacterial
Packaging makes keeping the wipes wet a pain.

Coles Antibacterial wipes

I was looking for a gentle product to clean my new caesarstone benchtops
without leaving residue or streaking.I found and tried this product and was really happy with the results.I also use these in the bathrooms to wipe down the sinks, toilets and and taps.The smell is nice,not overpowering for sensitive noses or asthmatics. I'm yet to try them on windows or showerscreens.
cheap,effective,easy to use.

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