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Coles Dark Chocolate Coated Licorice

Coles Dark Chocolate Coated Licorice

2.4 from 23 reviews

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What chocolate is this?

Most terrible chocolate ever!! I just want to vomit after consuming them, a waste of my money. Unbelievable, how can they possibly sell this product.

Not too bad

I find this licorice too soft and for me the chocolate too dark, it would be nice if it was firmer and have a milk/dark chocolate varieties.

Newer isn't always better

I used to love the old recipe and would buy 3 bags at a time: a cheap, good quality product. I even drove to my local coles servo once at 12pm to satisfy my cravings... (yes major fan). the new product is so disappointing: hard, lacking flavour and most importantly lacking sweetness. Tastes like it's been left in granny's cupboard for 3 years and brought out at Christmas. Such a smack in the face Coles....

Uh Oh

The new recipe tastes like jelly aniseed rings not liquorice at all. It's an entirely different texture & the coating seems to be more milk chocolate than dark chocolate & is thinner. As a huge fan of the old recipe I was disappointed when it finally arrived back on the shelves.

Soooo disappointed

After waiting 5 weeks for this delicious treat to come back on the shelves we immediately stocked up our bags only to find the recipe has changed and the chocolate coating not nearly as good . It certainly does not have the rich chocolate taste and seems to be a very thin coating.I guess we won't be filling our suitcase to take home after all.

New Recipe is awful

I used to love this licorice. Calling it licorice now is false advertising. It is not even licorice flavoured jelly confectionary. So disappointing from a product that was one good quality and now is just the cheapest imitation possible.

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I bought this again last week, and it would seem they have reverted to the old recipe or a variation of it anyway. Well done Coles for listening

If It Ain't Broke, Don't Fix It!!

The title says it all....if it ain't broke, don't fix it!
The new little circle on the packaging that says (almost embarrassingly) "New Recipe" should in fact say "Made by our accounts department" because it was certainly not made by any confectionery chef worth their while.
It's now rubbish, an absolute joke calling it licorice, at best it's only licorice flavoured jelly with a farsically thin covering of dark chocolate.
Coles, read all the reviews that have been published since the "genius decision" was made to change the recipe of one of Australia's favourite treats! Now go and find the person/persons responsible and ask them..."what the f*#! were you thinking?"

Terrible new recipe

The original recipe was one of our favourite products from coles but it appears the new recipe is more about making the product cheaper to manufacture. The chocolate coating is thinner and the liquorice is more like jelly with less taste.

Awful New Recipee!

I used to love Coles brand dark chocolate coated liquorice. I use to buy it every single day not joking! Then this new recepee - yukkk!!! Why would you do that Coles? Bring back the old recipee!!It was so yum - everyone i shared it with loved it!!!

Bring back the old recipe!!!!!!!!!!

Why did u change something that was already so perfect???!!!!!! Please please bring back the old choc coated licorice!!!!! This new recipe is awful, the texture and the taste is wrong!!! I was buying a bag a day of this for my sugar fix. I can't eat this new stuff!!!! It's horrible!!!!!

Bring back the Old licorice

I loved coles licorice.. then it disappeared for a little while.. Saw it today with a new packet saying "New recipe"..How disappointing, Please bring back the old flavour!!! Has such an odd taste the first bite.. not very happy.

It was better before it was changed . The chocolate previously was thicker and tasted better.

This was one of my favourite products. I questioned staff when it wasn't on the shelves . I very disappointed that it has changed -I've since stopped buying it and am buying the Aldi equivalent.

Coles what have you done!!

Why change what was so perfect to this horrible new recipe!! Disgusting!! So disappointed!! I was buying 4 packets a week for a sugar fix. Will have to try something else. Please go back to old taste!!

Coles. What have you done!!!

I was initially elated when I saw the Coles Dark Chocolate Coated Licorice back on the shelves after a short absence. Eagerly bought a pack to satisfy my addiction only to be sorely disappointed. Nothing like the original and nowhere near as tasty. I can see why the pack only says 'new recipe' and not 'new and improved'. Won't be buying it anymore. Well that's one way of forcing me to cut back on sweets. As Donald Trump would say "Sad."

Why change it?

This product was my favourite better than anything else on the market - now it tastes weird and fake - horrible!

Not happy

I used to love the Coles Dark chocolate coated licorice and for some reason they have changed it. Since this new receipt it does not even taste like licorice or chocolate. Wont be buying it anymore.

coles dark chocolate coated liquorice - new recipe

I used to love these dark coated liquorice chocolates....not anymore....doesn't taste like chocolate since new recipe was introduced........they need to bring back old recipe .....used to buy at least 4 packs a week....wont be buying them anymore....terrible terrible flavour.


I bought these as they were very well priced but due to this I did not really expect much to be honest. Boy, was I wrong. These are so yummy. I am now addicted and these are my go to snack!

The best choc coated licorice ever!

My favorite by far and I have tried many choc coated licorice! Soft and chewy and the chocolate coating is fab, very addictive, hard to stop at just a few.... highly recommended and very affordable at just $2 a pack! Well done Coles, top quality product!

Addicted after one piece ....melt in your mouth amazing

Even if your not a huge licorice fan the combination of these two exquisite taste sensations will have you hooked . Delectable soft licorice covered in rich dark chocolate that just melts In your mouth .....or hand if you're not quick enough . Enjoy at room temperature.( on your own when the kids go to bed )They're too good to share !!!!!

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